Germany’s Leading Late Night Comedy Show Harshly Mocks Germany’s Energiewende!

Awhile back I wrote about a harsh German late night parody of the country’s failed transition to renewable energy.

Now the video appears on Youtube and is accompanied by English subtitles. Hat-tip

Enjoy (and share it!):

Now you can send the video to your lawmakers so that they can think again about following Germany’s lead.

Note: “GroKo” is short for Große Koalition, i.e. Germany’s ruling grand coalition government.


13 responses to “Germany’s Leading Late Night Comedy Show Harshly Mocks Germany’s Energiewende!”

  1. Loodt Pretorius

    Now that you have posted the sub-titles we can see that this really very funny and almost unbelievable that it was broadcasted in Germany of all places. It must have resulted in lots of complaints to the TV station for allowing such seditious ideas to be aired.

  2. Jeff Wood

    Superb. I was fascinated to see that the audience loved it.

  3. Craig King

    What fabulous satire. Thanks for posting it up Pierre.

    There was me thinking that all of Germany was behind the silly windmills.

  4. Mike Haseler (Scottish Sceptic)
  5. Mike Haseler (Scottish Sceptic)
  6. Graeme No.3

    Harsh? Deserved is a better description.

  7. stephen richards

    brilliant Pierre, laughed til I cried. Am in the wonderful /sarc UK at the moment and I see the mad coalition here is about to spend another £ several billions on more windmills. Crazy polis everywhere.
    Come on you brits vote UKIP

  8. Richard Evans

    Absolutely brilliant. I have tears from laughing so much. Made my day.

  9. Hilary Ostrov (aka hro001)

    Pierre, that was absolutely brilliant! Haven’t laughed so much for ages!

  10. DirkH

    Now, via Breitbart even the Americans noticed that a German state broadcaster has for the first time ever shown a very mild critique of the lunacy of German policies.

    Which made me look for market share. As a reminder, Germans get forced by a mafia-style organisation to pay the pizzo for the state broadcasters, 18 EUR a household a month; which BTW is of questionable legality. So how many people does the propaganda network actually reach?

    The important part is: Whole year, 14-49 years old. Last graphic: The two state networks ARD and ZDF reach 6.8 resp. 6.3 % of all potential viewers in that cohort.

  11. Val Martin

    Con with the wind. Send this round to everyone . Note that while the Germans are laughing at this they still voted for the culprits who are doing it . The German sense of honour is no laughing matter !

    1. DirkH

      Val, it’s not a sense of honour. Rather, our bloc parties on left and right are committed to the exact same policies, and squabble only over irrelevant details. That’s why a non-aligned party, the AfD was able to go from non-existent to 4.8% in the last election. At the moment all our media throw dirt at the AfD hoping to destroy them. This will not do anything. It is a beginning collapse of a ruling elite made up of the media and the prevalent parties. Both will die.

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