Dear Americans…Europe Climate Policy And Social Engineering ARE COMING To USA, Like It Or Not!

Marc Morano was interviewed by Stuart Varney at FOX where they discuss how the city of Madrid’s is launching new parking tariffs for large vehicles. The target is to punish people who drive larger, safer vehicles.

Fox News

Marc Morano interviewed at FOX. Image cropped from Fox video.

The question they bring up is: “Is this coming to the USA?”

The answer: Of course!

And very likely much sooner than you think. Marc’s warnings are well founded.

Almost every energy policy that Europe has imposed on its citizens here is in the process of being or about to be exported to the USA. The USA is a little behind on this because of the “unsophisticated cowboys” and “climate deniers” resisting it.

For example many places are already forcing Germany’s renewable energy feed-in model. Never mind that Germans every year are paying more than 25 billion dollars for electricity that has only 2.5 billion dollars value on the market and that the system in Germany has become an abject failure. The power grid has lost its once impeccable stability.

It’s not my intention to be the bearer of bad news, but unless Americans wake up from their apathy and send a clear and loud rejection, they are going to wake up one morning soon and realize that the government has taken control of private life. Having lived in Europe for a number of years, and observing from a distance, I’m amazed at how fast this is happening. Next on the agenda is what we eat.

The time is approaching for Declaration of Independence 2.0.

This time it needs to be sent to Washington.


13 responses to “Dear Americans…Europe Climate Policy And Social Engineering ARE COMING To USA, Like It Or Not!”

  1. johnb

    Apathy vs. empathy

    …wake up from their apathy

  2. DirkH

    “Never mind that Germans every year are paying more than 25 billion dollars for electricity that has only 2.5 billion dollars value on the market”

    In 2013, 24 billion Euros, at today’s quote of 1.40 that’s 33.6 bn USD; or, at about 80million people, 420 USD per capita – or 300EUR per capita per year.

    This amount grows by 20% per year. Current plans indicate a continuation of this exponential curve.

    1. DirkH

      and here’s a quote that describes the consequences very well
      “There is always an opportunity cost to any such subsidy: what else could have been done with that money? In general, subsidies are mal-investments that siphon money from productive sectors to prop up politically powerful unproductive sectors. Economies that enforce mal-investment eventually decline, as years of under-investment hollow out the parts of the economy that are propping up all the parasitic sectors.”

      taken from here

  3. Ed Caryl

    I really hate to disagree with Pierre, but I see a rising tide of resistance. We will see how effective it is in November.

    1. Bernd Felsche


      There are increasing calls for California to secede from the Union.

      From Nevada and Arizona. 😉

      Seriously though, much of the nut-baggery in the USA is of Californian origins; focused around the “celebs” of Hollywood as promoters and it seems avidly supported by the sheltered workshops of governments throughout the State.

      In a nation whose directions are set by people who need a script to earn a living, is it any wonder that the country has a President who cannot function without a teleprompter?

  4. Harry Dale Huffman

    Just as the climate alarmism is not about science but politics, the agenda of the Insane Left (what I have known them as, since about the time Obama received the Nobel Prize in early 2009, for his “Hope and Change” rhetoric alone) is not about politics–it is war, a coup d’etat (what they call “transformation”, and we with open eyes to see call “destruction”). Everyone in the world, not just we Americans (but particularly us, insofar as we believe in our inalienable rights as individuals, over the state), needs to realize that. Mass civil disobedience is called for, in Europe as well as America, until sanity is restored to our governments and we have leaders who work for us, not against us.

    1. Mike

      I think you are right, but it is surprising since he got the forces out of various deserts. What perplexes me is that whatever is going one now, we can hear the machinery and see the propaganda from east and west, and I guess we all know that what we see is not real, and somehow are satisfied that it is about hegemony (seen from the East) or (Expansionism when seen from the west), but it doesn’t add up. Much that is happening in the east west conflict doesn’t make sense, even when all the commentators give their opinions on RT, BBC and CNN. It is as though no one actually knows what is going on except to say it is odd. The same feelings as the “chemical weapons” invasion of Iraq, it was obviously never really about such weapons even before it starte, and many said so at the time.

      I have wondered if the new aggression from the west is somehow connected with the demise of the climate scam. Clearly the scam is still propped up by the IPCC and many institutions who depend on it for a living, but it is clear that a large minority of the informed population do not accept any significant man made CO2 contribution to it. Can it be that the end of one scam leads to another?

      1. DirkH

        8. Mai 2014 at 22:03 | Permalink | Reply
        “I think you are right, but it is surprising since he got the forces out of various deserts.”

        Skynet war is cheaper.
        Much can be explained by incompetence – or, as I would call it, madness. A mad system forces opressed as well as opressor into mad ways of acting. Example: Exporting frozen milk and reimporting it when thawed is mad but was profitable under EU rules that rewarded export of milk “in solid form” – by which the Eurocrats had milk powder in mind.

        The mindset of American liberals is irrational; therefore they must produce a mad system; and can only act madly in it. Even a cunning macchiavellian / game theorist like say Zbigniew Brzizinsky will necessarily come to the conclusion that an objectively mad way of acting is optimal.

  5. Peter Whale

    If you think the taking of money is going to be stopped very easily you are mistaken. The energy game ie “global warming scam” is a massive amount of funds taken from the poor to the rich, this will not be halted with words, it will take direct and indirect action and it will not be without cost. The sooner action starts the less consequences for the masses. Until the domination agenda is stopped it will become ever more violent in its manner. That is the nature of control. Socialism Conservatism. liberalism, they have the same agenda. The way is less centralism that is the hallmark of what is right.

  6. AJ Virgo

    European societies exert an enourmous amount of political power in the US through Churches and Universities though they have no end of people insisting that “it’s not true”.
    Every other country on Earth has thrown them out, why not America ?

  7. layne

    The US is in a life or death struggle. I believe that Americans DID overcome apathy enough to rid ourselves of the beast in 2012. But I think the Oligarchs succeeded in stealing the election from them.

    This suggests they will steal all of them going forward. They don’t control all states, but enough of them.

    I suspect only the military could stop this now.

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