Marc Morano On EPA Action “Once You Give Them This Expanded Bureaucratic Power, There Is No Limit”

morano-150x150_CFACT TVMarc Morano appeared on Al Jazeera America for a discussion round about whether the EPA bureaucratic power grab to regulate coal will have impacts on the economy and environment.

Photo: CFACT

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Morano compares CO2 reductions to an insurance policy, one where the premiums are far more costly than anything you’ll ever get out of it.

Ideology-driven policy

He also reminds that coal power plants are far more efficient and cleaner today then they used to be. Morano also warned that the underlying drive behind the Obama policy is to make energy far more expensive and that it is driven by ideology, and not science.

Democrats “running very scared”

On the political front, Morano adds that the only climate that is going to change is the political climate, with many Democrats “running very scared of this“, saying it “could be devastating for them politically because the American public is not going to like an unelected bureaucracy taking over energy goals…” On the EPA, Morano warns:

Once you give them this expanded bureaucratic power, there is no limit.”

The other two guests on the show were fans of the EPA, and seemed to be saying: C’mon, give big government the chance to have unlimited, unchecked regulatory power, and you’ll see that it can do something good. History certainly has heard it before. Do we really want to repeat that?


2 responses to “Marc Morano On EPA Action “Once You Give Them This Expanded Bureaucratic Power, There Is No Limit””

  1. DirkH

    The democrats have one mighty weapon: EBT et. al. Their electorate wants more freebies. Plays out in Germany the same way of course. By its freebies a welfare state establishes a positive feedback loop to complete bankruptcy. There are counteracting feedbacks as well so it’s a precarious balance. Large parts of the EU have already fallen prey to the welfare feedback loop though; that’s how Greece got its debt to start with. Oh and in the US, Detroit (and soon other municipalities).

    In other news a Bundesbank banker just claimed US was recovering faster than the EU; cited lower US unemployment. Guy didn’t mention labor force participation rate which has crashed to Carter era levels in the US. I think the Bundesbanker is very wrong. There’s no recovery. Higher energy prices will not stop the recovery but accelerate the decline.

    There’s a model in there waiting to be written.

  2. Spetzer86

    Why anyone would take the EPA at face value is beyond me. This organization is past its use-by date and needs to be shut down.

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