WeatherBell “Saturday Summary” Debunks 6 Climate Alarmism Falsehoods In Less Than 10 Minutes!

If you don’t have the truth, then some folks rely on lies and hope others will be fooled and stay so. Such is the case with global warming climate science. Almost every measure of global warming has stopped cooperating with the alarmists over the last 10 years. Now they have to make things up.

At Weatherbell Analytics Joe Bastardi has another outstanding Saturday Summary, which every week I look forward to like I looked forward to the Saturday morning cartoons when I was 8 years old.

This week I was fascinated by the number of falsehoods coming from the global warming industry that Joe debunked, and how he did it so quickly. The veteran meteorologist exposes all of them for what they are – in less than 10 minutes!

The string of debunking begins at about the 4-minute mark with the so-called claimed “record drought” that is supposedly gripping Texas and America’s heartland. Joe calls that claim “a lie”. With charts he clearly shows that the recent drought was not even close to being the worst, and that the drought of the 1950s was considerably more intense.

Weatherbell_2014_06_21Secondly at the 7:55 mark, he debunks the claims of the upcoming “super El Niño” that the “Church of Super El Niño”, who want to see high temperatures, were ballyhooing earlier this year.

Chart right: Weatherbell

Again Joe presents charts that show the current development resembles nothing you’d expect from a super El Niño and that the current situation looks more similar to 2002/03 or 2009/10. All models have long since downgraded their forecasts. The missing heat remains missing.

Thirdly at the 10:00 mark Joe shows how the leading weather services are diametrically opposed when it comes to their forecasts using the Madden Julian Oscillation. While the European model shows the MJO will be in Phase 6, meaning US temps will be cool in July, the US models show that it will be in Phase 1, which means it will be warm over the US in July.

Fourthly, at the 10:55 mark, Joe shows that although tornado activity in the US has risen over the last weeks, the overall activity is still well below normal. How is that “extreme”?

Fifthly at the 11:15 mark, Joe tells the real story about wildfires, whose seemingly increased intensity is claimed to be yet another ominous of climate disaster. Here too we see that wildfire activity is being wildly exaggerated and is well below normal. Currently this year there have been 24,124 wild fires, normal is 31,758. As far as acreage is concerned, things are even less worse look worse for the warmist extremers. Normal acres burned is 1,777,552 acres. So far it is only 826,471 acres. Joe emphasizes, “We’re way the heck below the average.”

Weatherbell_2014_06_21_2Finally at the 12:00 mark, Joe debunks falsehood Number 6 by presenting global sea ice for 2014 so far, and here we see that it is not even close to the ice-free conditions some were predicting some years ago.

Chart right: Weatherbell

In the Arctic sea ice is now headed toward normal levels. Around Antarctic sea ice remains stubbornly close to record levels.

Joe adds, “It may break the all-time record, let alone the daily record“.


5 responses to “WeatherBell “Saturday Summary” Debunks 6 Climate Alarmism Falsehoods In Less Than 10 Minutes!”

  1. DirkH

    Non-existent Global Warming notwithstanding, Berlin government wants to make Berlin carbon-neutral by 2050. This entails a reduction of CO2 emissions from 6 tons per person and year to 1 ton. And this makes modernizations of old houses necessary. The cost for these modernizations justifies rent increases even in the tightly regulated German market.

    So the rent for one woman in Berlin Reinickendorf will go up from 340 EUR/month to about 1670 EUR…

    The Berlin Left constantly protests against such rent increases , calling it “gentrification” – conveniently ignoring that their very own Leftist government is so climate obsessed that these unneeded uneconomic “modernizations” can even be done.

    Berlin is such an amusing place to watch (if you don’t live there).

    1. Bernd Felsche

      I smell something rotten going on. Looks like the new owners have decided to de facto evict old tennants because they want more lucrative customers for their speculative investment.

      Climate protection my @rse!!

      I bet that Berlin’s real-estate speculator’s backsides are still hurting from the spanking that they got when Berlin-Tegel’s closure was indefinitely postponed.

      1. DirkH

        Sure they’ll use it. A hyper-regulative socialist government; what’s not to like; just use their senseless agendas to your advantage. The socialists are still the enablers (and likely corrupt – see the eternal construction at the new airport BER. They just fired a guy who constructed a (unworkable) ventilation system there; it turned out he wasn’t an engineer as he had proclaimed to be!)

  2. Brian H

    Yeah, psychopaths are disproportionately attracted to surgery, where their talent for impostiture and quick study (imitation) is buffered by natural self-repair and death. Engineering, not so much.

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