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German Alarmist Web-Portal ‘CO2-Handel’ To Discontinue, Citing “Lack Of Financing”

CO2 Handel here, a leading German web portal promoting climate alarmism, renewable energy and climate protection, today has announced it is “forced to discontinue operating effective the end of this month“, citing they were unable to secure financing. The CO2-Handel site is operated by “KlimAktiv® Consulting GmbH“, an “independent consulting company in the field of energy […]

MISSING: Global Warming! Anyone With Information Urged To Call Climate Authorities

MISSING: Global Warming! Anyone With Information Urged To Call Climate Authorities

Despite all the claims of lots of signs and evidence of man-made global warming, no one has yet to find it. Stefan Rahmstorf, German alarmist scientist and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research claims that it was briefly sighted by GISS last month. Yet upon closer inspection no global warming has been seen since way […]

Germany’s FOCUS Magazine Calls 400 PPM CO2 Concentration “A Critical Threshhold” With “Palpable Impacts”

Only a short post today due to time constraints. The German catastrophists-in-a-hurry media already see the earth being beyond the tipping point and every weather anomaly as a sign of human sin. Geologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Professor of Chemistry Fritz Vahrenholt write about a prime example of media climate propaganda that one often finds […]

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