German Alarmist Web-Portal ‘CO2-Handel’ To Discontinue, Citing “Lack Of Financing”

CO2 Handel here, a leading German web portal promoting climate alarmism, renewable energy and climate protection, today has announced it is “forced to discontinue operating effective the end of this month“, citing they were unable to secure financing.

The CO2-Handel site is operated by “KlimAktiv® Consulting GmbH“, an “independent consulting company in the field of energy and emissions management“.

According to its website, KlimAktiv is “supported by the Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Protection, Construction And Reactor Safety (BMUB) and is an UNFCCC approved NGO and observer of the World climate negotiations.” A number of the KlimaAktiv partners are listed here.

Not surprisingly the CO2 Handel site almost always presented reports promoting alarmism, the virtues of renewable energy, and the evils of fossil fuels.

Norbert Schmid und Stephan Schunkert of CO2 Handel write that the web portal began in 2005 as an “indefatigable fellow campaigner for climate protection” and that they “confidently look ahead, however, to the coming year and a global climate treaty in Paris“.

But the optimism seems to end there. Schmid und Schunkert write that in the early days they had been confident that CO2 emissions trading would play “an important role in national and international climate protection”, but reluctantly admit today: “These developments are taking place very slowly, if at all. Emissions trading in Europe is ailing.”

The end of CO2-Handel may be a sign that hard times are in the pipeline for the financing of global warming activism in Germany.


6 responses to “German Alarmist Web-Portal ‘CO2-Handel’ To Discontinue, Citing “Lack Of Financing””

  1. A C Osborn


  2. yonason

    I’m not so sure reports of carbon-trading demise are entirely accurate.

    See here, and here.

    There’s just too much money at stake (Trillion$) for them to walk away without resorting to some treachery or other.

    1. DirkH

      I would have loved to give you the current quote for the EU carbon credit but the URL’s keep dying – and for the life of me I don’t find the current one.

      The EU Total State OTOH keeps promoting a drastically reduced standard of living via other means in the meantime.

      It’s all about the boot into the face of the proletariat every day, each day.

      1. yonason

        From 5 years ago…

        Estimated 90% of carbon trading is crooked back in 2009.

        Of course it’s really a 100% criminal enterprise, but with 90% being stolen from govt thieves by private sector crooks. 😉

        As to why you can’t get a quote? Maybe this explains it? “‘Carbon-trading activity is stopped’, Bikker said from Amsterdam. ‘Our results from market activity have been under pressure for a while’.” Yes, it’s been “under pressure,” i.e., a disaster in progress for a while now.

  3. Jeff

    I guess the “negative feedback” was too much for them…(sorry)…

    It’s really amazing how the tide is turning here in Germany. The comments on many of the online magazine alarmist articles (e.g. Focus, Spiegel, T-Online (Spiegel?), etc.) have really shifted to skepticism in the last year or so.

    Now if only energy prices would go back down…sigh…

  4. John F. Hultquist

    “Lack of Financing”
    Right. This has the same character of truth as did the statement “I did not have sex with that young woman.”

    Check your wallet. They think they have found a better way of making huge wads of cash. You are still the target.

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