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Divergence Between Model Temperature And Reality Reaches Record High...And Is Now Accelerating!

Divergence Between Model Temperature And Reality Reaches Record High…And Is Now Accelerating!

When it comes to the climate debate, everyone knows that it really all boils down to how much is man’s impact. It has nothing to do with whether climate is changing or not. It always has. The core question is how accurate are the climate models and are they really accurate enough to use for policymaking? […]

Climate False-Alarmism Reaches New High…Australian Met Institute Confirms “Chance Of El Niño In 2014 Has Clearly Eased”!

Earlier this year the media were overflowing with reports about how a “super El Niño” was shaping up and that it could be a powerful one, so powerful in fact that it would make 2015 “very likely to become the hottest year on record by far.” Read for example posts by noted climate end-of-world theorists/cheerleaders Joe […]

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