Alexander Zaitchik Of Media Matters Completely Botches Story, Gets Every Fact Wrong

By Die kalte Sonne
(Translated/edited by P Gosselin)

On July 7, 2014, at the blog ‘Media Matters for America‘ appeared an article by Alexander Zaitchik on the 9th International Climate Conference in Las Vegas titled: Climate Denial Goes Vegas.

Among other things, the focus was to shine a bad light on the speakers and to portray them as paid hacks of the coal industry. But this flopped. Just take a look at Zaitchik’s part on Sebastian Lüning:

Sebastian Luning

Day Job: Senior geologist with the oil and gas company RWE Dea in Hamburg; Co-author of Die Kalte Sonne (The Cold Sun), which argued climate change is the result of solar flares and cycles.

Industry Ties: Heartland Institute. His co-author on The Cold Sun was Fritz Vahrenholt, CEO of his energy firm.

Climate Expertise: None

(1) Lüning has been not been working for RWE Dea since 2012.

(2) In our book Die kalte Sonne / The Neglected Sun, we argue that also CO2 plays a role, but has a significantly lower climate sensitivity than what is claimed by the IPCC. This “complexity” likely was too much for Alexander Zaitchik to grasp.

(3) Lüning did not receive any speaking fee from the Heartland Institute for his presentation in Las Vegas. Moreover the speakers who came to Vegas did so because they saw deficits in the public climate discussions and wished to bring the debate back onto a scientifically sound basis. Lüning also does not receive any financial compensation for his time-consuming daily blog work. Here asserting the “paid hack” theory is absurd.

(4) Zaitchik completely left out the fact that Vahrenholt was the CEO for a RENEWABLE energy company.

(5) Lüning has no climate expertise? Dr. Lüning is a geologist, a field that is an integral component of the climate science and that unifies a number of natural sciences. Moreover, Lüning has published a number of papers that examined sea level rise, the oxygen content of the oceans, and biological productivity, among other topics.

With such a sloppily researched essay, Alexander Zaitchik would not have received a grade at a University. The personal veil hiding that he is an IPCC spear carrier is so thin that obviously untalented activists from the very back rows are leading the cause.


7 responses to “Alexander Zaitchik Of Media Matters Completely Botches Story, Gets Every Fact Wrong”

  1. DirkH

    Well and Vahrenholt kicked off a big chunk of the Green movement with his 1978 book Seveso Ist Ueberall, warning of the dangers of man made dioxins after the Seveso catastrophy. English wikipedia conveniently doesn’t mention that BTW.

    Goes to show how quickly the Enviro-Left ostracizes its own people once they deviate one inch from Political Correctness.

    Another deviator – Austrian mountaineer and ex Green MP Reinhold Messner – criticizes rushed nuclear exit by Germany – saying “We now know that renewables don’t work that well” (Well genius, Reinhold; WE TOLD YOU SO FOR LIKE FOREVER – it was obvious from the specs!!! You don’t actually have to build a broken machine when you can see in the plans already that it’s broken.)

    Cue the Red-Green outrage brigade in 3..2..1..

    1. DirkH

      “English wikipedia conveniently doesn’t mention that BTW. ”

      …German wikipedia only has it in the footnotes, so if you don’t already know what you’re looking for you won’t learn it from the text in the page. The enviro-Left censors of the wikipedia doing what they do best; constantly rewriting history. In a few weeks I guess Vahrenholt will be a satanist in their version of history.

  2. Mervyn

    Zaitchik’s article says more about Zaitchik than anything else. It shows the desperation shown by climate change charlatans like him, who can only defend the false AGW supposition by resorting to personal attacks on scientists who expose the false AGW supposition.

    Why didn’t Zaitchik point out flaws in Luning’s work?

  3. DirkH

    We have been honored by His Excellency, Mubarak Hussein Obama; in the Economist. He’s not sure whether we are deniers or denialists; but thinks denialists has a certain ring to it.
    or directly to L’Economiste

  4. Jeff

    Media Matters is funded/owned (discreetly) by George Soros…more of a
    “watermelon mouthpiece” if you will…

    Kind of sad that they took an excellent name (and pun) and turned it into a trash journalism organization. Propagandists at best…

    has some more detail…a bit like watch the watchers watching the watchers…

    In other words, media matters, accuracy/truth doesn’t…

  5. bit chilly

    when several climate scientists appear to have trouble with truth and honesty,it is no surprise the alarmist press that supports them is incapable of truth and honesty.

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