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EU Enviro-Totalitarians Impose Restrictions On Woodstoves…Vacuum Cleaners Limited To 900 Watts In 2017!

Green totalitarian encroachment into people’s private lives in Europe is moving rapidly. Already this fall new measures aimed at private households go into effect. “Seasonal ban on wood burning stoves thinkable” First, soon humans will have to say good bye to one of their oldest friends: an open fire. Germany’s version of the EPA, the […]

Shock! Leading Climate Institute Just Discovers That Ice Age Climate Behaves Differently Than Today’s!

Germany’s once prestigious Alfred Wegener Institute has just issued a stunning press release informing the whole world about a new ground-breaking study showing that we do not need to expect the same climate change today that the earth saw during the last ICE AGE – because, you see, the pre-conditions back then were different. Really! […]

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