EU Enviro-Totalitarians Impose Restrictions On Woodstoves…Vacuum Cleaners Limited To 900 Watts In 2017!

Green totalitarian encroachment into people’s private lives in Europe is moving rapidly. Already this fall new measures aimed at private households go into effect.

“Seasonal ban on wood burning stoves thinkable”

First, soon humans will have to say good bye to one of their oldest friends: an open fire. Germany’s version of the EPA, the Umweltbundesamt (UBA), is moving the strictly regulate emissions of fine particulates from wood burning stoves and fireplaces.

UBA President Maria Krautzberger on Tuesday announced that she plans to implement stricter limits for fine particulate emissions in 2015, even going so far as to announce: “Theoretically a seasonal ban on wood stoves is thinkable.”

BildThe dark lines show fine particulate emissions by traffic, the greenish lines show emissions for different types of burning wood in kilotonnes annually. (Source: UBA)

Ms. Krautzberger insists the measures are necessary because: “The health burdens on the citizens from fine particulates and NO2 are too great.” The UBA report states that “Fine particulates can cause inflammation of the respiratory system and increase the risk of heart attacks.”

Absolute rubbish. We are talking about banning a fundamental pleasure in exchange for a health improvement that is statistically imperceptible.

I’ve been living in Germany over 20 years and I can tell anyone that the air even in urban areas in Germany is pretty darn clean by any standard. This is needless government oppression and a restriction of a fundamental pleasure that humans have enjoyed for a hundreds of thousands of years: the direct warmth of an open fire. Green wackoism is out of control.

Vacuum cleaners limited to 1600 watts
Only 900 watts allowed in 2017

Secondly, if that weren’t intrusion enough, the EU is going after vacuum cleaners. They aren’t energy-efficient enough, they say, and they are simply wasting energy.

Along with a number of media outlets, the online is reporting that if you want to buy a higher-powered vacuum cleaner, you’d better hurry up.

Beginning September 2014 a new EU Ecodesign Directive goes into effect. In the future it will need to don the EU Energy label and fulfill more stringent minimum requirements with regards to energy efficiency. The practical household appliance will be throttled down and allowed to have a maximum rated power of 1600 Watts. Beginning September 2017 only 900 watts will be allowed.”

Get ready to be sucking and licking the floor yourself shortly thereafter.

Critics have blasted the new regulation, noting that people will end up spending more time doing the chore will a small appliance to get the same result, and thus save little energy in total, if any at all.

Recall that electricity is product that humans purchase and then own, and thus they alone should decide how to use the product. Not so in Europe. Not only are European citizens being forced to pay an exorbitant price for their electricity today, but they are also being told how, when and how much to use – and for what.

The right of ownership and private property is rapidly being eroded.


13 responses to “EU Enviro-Totalitarians Impose Restrictions On Woodstoves…Vacuum Cleaners Limited To 900 Watts In 2017!”

  1. Moose

    Geez what morons.. If the vacuum cleaner has less power I need to vacuum LONGER to clean the floor. In the end I will use the SAME amount of energy.
    (everything else being equal: floor area, amount of dust)

  2. John Silver

    Less particles in the atmosphere means warmer climate, global warming! I thought they didn’t like that.
    Less sucking power (Watts) means longer sucking times (Watthours = energy)! I thought they didn’t like that.

  3. lemiere jacques

    they have no choice if they want to ban diesel for health “reason” they must ban wood stoves… poor poor people!

  4. Kevin R. Lohse

    First make the cost of domestic power prohibitive, then outlaw the use of natural resources for heating. I can’t think of a better way to start reducing the population to the ecoloon’s preferred level of 10%.

  5. Anything is possible
  6. DirkH

    What fun would it be being a Eurocrat if you couldn’t terrorize the people?
    I mean there are 50,000 of them and that’s all the prohibitions they can come up with? At this speed it’ll take them forever to erect checkpoints at every street crossing.

  7. Jeff Todd

    Typical EU ECO Stupidity:

    Cut down trees in USA, ship across Atlantic Ocean, burn in Power Stations, is called using Biomass = good

    Chop up deadfalls or driftwood from beach and burn in stove = bad

    And they wonder why we think they are stupid

  8. Fred

    The EU is a gigantic failure and must be disbanded !

    The population needs to rise up and crush this traitorous anti human group of people once and for all !

    1. Henning Nielsen

      As a citizen of a non-member state, I wonder why you don’t rise up and crush the EU. It should not be difficult, if a great majority of the people is against membership. Let us see if UK can have the nerve to back up all their brave Brussel-fighting words, or if they will fold like a compliant Swiss Army knife, when it comes to the crunch of a plebicite.

      Dear oh dear have terrible it must be to live in an EU-state, I do so pity my Scanadinavian brothers and sisters who are prisoners of this totalitarian system! Or mybe not?

      What do Germans think? Are they massively in favour of quitting the union?

      1. DirkH

        Keep your smugness to yourself and enjoy your stay in the rape capital of Norway.

  9. Henning Nielsen

    Yes, yes, it is easy to get upset by this. But do they say anything about banning wood fires outright, or banning the emission of fine particles? Here in Oslo, particles from old fireplaces make up a substantial part of the polluting particles that can be a very real health problem in periodes of inversion, at least for a city with a cauldron-shaped landscape like we have. However, there are very many and quite reasonably priced wood-burning stoves that burn in a clean and also firewood-efficient way, removing the pollution at source.

    It would be a pity to take away the joy of a fireplace, but is this really the case here?

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