NOAA Devolving To An Orwellian Political Farce…Veteran Meteorologist: “Fox Is Guarding The Henhouse”

The NOAA recently declared several months of this year as being the hottest on record, standing out in stark contrast to other datasets and observed reality.

The NOAA claims seem to be so odd that it has become the target of heavy criticism and ridicule (see here, here, here and here), especially with the backdrop of the cold winters the northern hemisphere has recently experienced and the growing global sea ice levels.

The latest condemnation comes from senior meteorologist Joe Bastardi at his latest Saturday Summary, where he called the seemingly rogue institute a “fox guarding the henhouse“. To back up his claim Bastardi presents charts contradicting the NOAA’s Orwellian hottest August claim. According to the veteran meteorologist other datasets such as UAH and NCEP (under +0.20°C) disagree with the NOAA’s outlier figure of +0.75°C.

Bastardi believes the NOAA is no longer a credible source: “I don’t believe it anymore.” To explain why he thinks the NOAA is fudging a heat record, Bastardi shows the following NCEP chart:

SatSumNCEP chart

He asks how can 0.165°C be the warmest ever when other months in the past, like May 1998, were far warmer?

Probably his most compelling piece of evidence pointing to NOAA deception is the next NCEP chart, which depicts a global cooling taking place over the last years, with the current year among the coolest:


Bastardi, no longer able to hold back his laughter at the NOAA’s claim, asks how the NOAA could possibly say 2014 is the hottest when NCEP uses NOAA data? Looking at ocean cycles, Bastardi believes the planet will see cooler conditions like those in the 1970s by 2030.

NOAA claim “seems to be an outlier”

Dr. Roy Spencer here is less harsh with his assessment of the NOAA’s claim, writing that “the ‘record warm’ SST month of August, 2014 seems to be an outlier, with the SSTs being too warm (or the tropospheric temperatures too cool) compared to the usual behavior”.

For the general citizen observer, if August has set a record at anything, it’s probably the discrepancy magnitude between the NOAA claims and reality itself. With a “record hot planet” sea ice does not grow. Right now, especially at the South Pole, the sea ice is telling us a whole different story. Sea ice doesn’t lie.

Also read Steve Goddard’s

10 responses to “NOAA Devolving To An Orwellian Political Farce…Veteran Meteorologist: “Fox Is Guarding The Henhouse””

  1. DirkH

    O/T Employees of the ZDF’s “Heute Show”, their imitation of the Daily Show, which has been cited favorably here for comparing renewable madness to religion, have physically attacked the only Bundestag MP who participated in a pro Life March.
    Mr. Hüppe tried to inform other participants that the ZDF team that interviewed them was there not for reporting, but to put the pro Life march through the agitprop meatgrinder of the Heute Shows Welke. As this torpedoed the intentions of the agitprop team, they physically attacked him to get rid of him.

  2. Edward.

    NOAA, I long stopped caring about what they say or project.

    NOAA, is an agency of warmist advocacy, there are NO scientists working in NOAA – just political science.

  3. David A

    It is interesting to compare August RSS 1998 to August RSS 2014.

  4. John F. Hultquist

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This applies to a map, also. The map view for this post is designed to exaggerate the area at high latitudes – the polar regions. Look for the fine black line across the entire lower part between 60S – 90S. That’s the Antarctica coast. Or note the top of the map. The actually small Arctic Ocean stretches across the entire map while the great Pacific Ocean, at the Equator, only goes about 1/3 of the way across.
    Because the map expands the area where the red colors are the impression of a hot Earth is likewise exaggerated. This is information out of a geography 100 level class – and often found in “how to lie with statistics” summaries. It has also been used to portray the USSR as the “red menace” because much of that land area is also at high latitude. See the map here:
    (I use this only because it is such a well known and often used example.)

    Joe B. & Ryan M. could be more effective if they would correct this projection distortion by using an equal-area map, and making an issue of it. They should not uncritically use the Government’s propaganda maps.

  5. DirkH

    Geologist Axel Bojanovski reports about Royal Society Global Warming snail extinction blunder (very accurately as always); gets insulted by Spiegel Online commenters as “journalist” and “intern”. My, warmist Spiegel Online commenters don’t even know the name of the only quality writer at Der Spiegel.

  6. Hugh Eaven

    But NCEP CFSv2 is not a dataset one can just straighforward compare with NOAA observational records: it’s a reanalysis, it’s model output and remains model output even when updated with (NOAA) measurements in retrospect. So that explains why NCEP shows NOAA’s “own data” differently.

    This doesn’t mean there’s no fudging going on but the question remains if NCEP CFSv2 is the best evidence to show that. It depends on your faith in the model.

    1. DirkH

      Well, thanks; for some weird reason all the journalists proclaiming that the last month was the hottest ever always seem to forget to add “in the reanalysis model”. So it’s not a lie-lie, only a model-lie.

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