Good Luck Getting Kyoto II Ratified In The Senate Now! US Voters Deliver Massive Blow To Global Climate Treaty

UPDATE: Read Carbon Brief here for implications of GOP victory

When it comes to climate change policymaking, the proposed so-called global treaty designed to protect climate (i.e. the global temperature, precipitation amounts, pressures, relative humidities, wind speeds, etc.) now faces a formidable obstacle: a US Congress now in the hands of the GOP Party.

DRUDGE writes:

Republicans Take Congress
+7 +8? +9? Senate
The Dem Disaster

Germany’s Spiegel writes:

Debacle for Democrats in US Congress Elections
Goodbye, Mr. President

My understanding is the USA needs the consent of the US Senate before it can ratify any international treaty.

Of course President Obama could attempt circumventing Congress to enact a treaty, but that would merely confirm why voters punished his party in the first place: abuse of power.

Why Obama did not pass a climate treaty back in 2009 when he had the chance remains a mystery to me. Worse, in my view, President Obama squandered the chance to work together with the opposition and accept compromise on every issue, which is the way democracies are designed to work. Instead he obstinately stuck to ideological lines and, using Chocago style political tactics, tried to muscle his policy onto the entire country.


Let’s hope lessons are learned here.


11 responses to “Good Luck Getting Kyoto II Ratified In The Senate Now! US Voters Deliver Massive Blow To Global Climate Treaty”

  1. DirkH

    Well, the millenials took their sweet time.

    This will of course not stop the EU commissioners from committing a futile but therefore even more tragic(omic) Climate Seppuku all by themselves.

  2. Stephen Richards

    The Republican’s biggest problems still remain. Oblarny’s agencies.

  3. Herve D

    What just occurred in US is symptomatic of degraded democracy: Obama’s policy has just been officially rebuffed by population. Population is the only ruler of a democracy, elected persons shall implement voters’ choices. Nobody could believe that obamanian teams were ignoring the population and actual Obama policy divorce, obvious for several years. He should have changed his targets; Instead, as told here above, he followed the ideas of a small non-elected group of persons !! THIS IS NOT DEMOCRACY, it is an abuse of power which shall lead to empeachment.
    Like in EU, population is under democratic rules only 1 minute every 4-5 years, the time to vote. Immediately after, elected people neglect population desires (which are the Law) and return to their interests, hobbies, ideologies and so on…
    Such a behaviour could not have built US as a great democracy; It will destroy the entire US (and many other “democracies”) stone by stone until tragic events – outcome of which is unknown- occur and destroy everything.

    1. DirkH

      Herve, the EU is not a democracy at all. Only the EU parliament gets elected – but votes have different weight depending on the country you belong to. In a democracy, all votes are supposed to be equal. Also, the EU parliament still has only one power, the power to block a draft law. Not the power to draft own laws.
      And separation of powers? One big jumbled mess. Decision making happens behind closed doors by unelected councils (the english word for council is soviet).

      1. DirkH

        Thinking about it, the EU is in fact not the first entity that assimilates democratic nation states and puts a nondemocratic system on top; neither was the USSR.

        The USA is.

  4. ItsFairComment

    Obama has always lead from behind, and after first getting elected in 2008, he set his goal in getting a second term then enacting his most dangerous policies by the back door. he is a man of the far far left who has only revealed his true colours after his second term began. The voters have finally noticed his policies hurt them noteably the ‘green’ ones the most for no gain whatsoever.

  5. BobW in NC

    “Let’s hope lessons are learned here.” Indeed.

    However, I’m a more than a little skeptical that the Republicans will understand that the individual they’re dealing with will disrespect, disregard, ignore, obfuscate and do anything other than insist on his own way.

    This post on Breibart is consistent with several I’ve read: “[Headline] ‘Obama Aide: ‘He Doesn’t Feel Repudiated’ [Text] President Barack Obama’s inner circle says he remains defiant and unwilling to face the seismic post-election reality.”

    Others have noted that the next 2 years will be the most dangerous in US history as a result of Obama’s misuse of his office in a near dictatorial fashion through Executive Orders. (e.g.,

    Kyoto cannot now pass, yes and thank God for that; but the battle here in the US is far from over and may intensify over every issue you can imagine.

  6. Ron C.

    Liberals tried to use climate change as a wedge issue in these midterm elections, thinking it would mobilize their environmentalist base while exposing unbelieving conservatives as anti-science.

    The spectacular failure of this tactic suggests that the electorate is about as sensitive to alarmist scare stories as the climate is sensitive to CO2.

  7. KuhnKat

    I would suggest that Barry’s regime has been a resounding SUCCESS for his true backers. The two HUGE points are:

    1) Barrycare. This traps the Federal Gubmint in excessive spending permanently. The party that tries to take away people’s health care will be wiped out. It is a 2 sided sword. The party out of power will be able to excoriate the party in power for the abuses and lacks of health care. the party in power will be able to buy votes by improving the care for privileged classes they need votes from. It will be a huge conduit to feed CA$H to supporters!!

    2) bringing a huge number of Islamic supporters into all branches of government especially into positions of power where they can influence hiring and policy!!!

    3) open borders. We effectively have open borders and amnesty. The Republicraps will be able to make small improvements to mollify their base while NOT fixing the problem. In fact they have been touting passing “immigration reform” after the election!! We don’t need reform. We need our laws enforced!!

    At this time the Republicrap Leadership has not shown any interest in fixing any of these problems, only making them WORSE!!

  8. Mervyn

    Václav Klaus, second president of the Czeck Republic, has been a vocal critic of the man-made global warming doctrine.

    He has voiced concerns about the flawed global warming doctrine embraced by governments around the world. He has explained why the largest threat to freedom, democracy, the market economy, and prosperity is no longer socialism or communism but, rather, the ambitious, arrogant, unscrupulous ideology of environmentalism.

    Under Obama, the unscrupulous ideology of environmentalism has been killing America.

    Well, it seems the American people have woken up to this, and the mid-term election results reflected their utter distaste for Obama and his green agenda. God bless America for doing this.

  9. Mervyn

    One could be excused for thinking Obama is a puppet of “foreign interests” determined to destroy or weaken America.

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