Global Warming Consensus? 58 Experts Who Aren’t Afraid To Show Up For a Public Debate

The Heartland Institute here has available a poster with 58 experts who don’t believe there is a man-made climate crisis, and who aren’t afraid to show up for a little debate in public.

58 Experts

Of course there are many other experts who could be added.

Next time you run into an alarmist who insists there’s a consensus, send him or her a copy of this poster. Better yet, send a poster to your local, state or national political representatives.


5 responses to “Global Warming Consensus? 58 Experts Who Aren’t Afraid To Show Up For a Public Debate”

  1. mwhite

    If there is a return to little ice age conditions in a few years, I suspect the 97% will evaporate and any survey would find it difficult to get 97 individuals.

    Even one J. Hansen will probably claim he always had doubts.

    As with the banking crises many of the Politicians will blame others instead of looking to their own incompetant laws and regulations.

  2. mike restin

    Heartland’s web page continually goes up and down while I’m trying to read.
    I left…a bother and a PITA

    1. DirkH

      Maybe they’re under attack. Happens all the time to certain dissident blogs in Germany, they constantly get attacked by the AntiFa hackers/state services. Use the save feature of your browser to copy it to your harddisk and read it from there.

  3. Kurt in Switzerland

    Unfortunately, a poster of “Willing Debaters” won’t gain too much traction. Believers will pass them off as cranks.

    How about a poster of the “Chickens” — comprised of the loudest Warmists who refuse to subject their “settled science” to debate?

    Kurt in Switzerland

  4. Dean Christiansen

    So much debate on either we are speaking about a crisis or not. I think that it’s important for all the people to know that climate change is a reality, is happening now and it’s influenced by our activities, from industrialization to war and so on. And, more important, let’s not forget that some experts still have problem in finding a proper explaining for the term “climate”. I think that the definition offered by it’s one of the best and, in the same time, one offered by a man of science….. Am I right or not?

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