60-Hour Blizzard Paralyzes Northern China, Russian Orient: 90 cm Snow, 105 km/hr Winds, Minus 20°C!

The main media often avoid reporting catastrophes involving bitter cold winter conditions, as it may cause the public to doubt global warming. So it’s little wonder that they have opted not to report on an ongoing massive blizzard pounding the Russian Orient, northern parts of China and extending to northern Japan.

However, the smaller media outlets are picking up where the mainstream media is slacking off.

The French language www.catnet.net reports here on “a very powerful snowstorm” that has hit the Russian Orient and Northern China and pumped very cold Arctic air into the region. It writes:

The storm in particular hit the Khabarovsk and dell’Amnur regions with heavy snowfalls and icy winds in the sector of North-North East that have reached speeds of 120-130 km/hr over the Okhotsk Sea.”

catnet.net writes of widespread power outages and winds of 105 km/hr and 72 cm of snow in the region of Khabarovsk. The region of d’ell’Amnur also saw 50 cm of snow with winds of over 105 km/hr. The catnet.net reports that the city of Komsomolsk has been “completely paralyzed“.

The English-language news.xinhuanet.com writes of an “ongoing blizzard” that continues “pelting the region with snow” and temperatures falling to -17°C.

China’s CCTV News presents a video of the conditions here and reports, “Strong winds with heavy snow reduced visibility in Fuyuan to less than 50 meters, affecting local traffic.”

CCTV News here also reports of a 60-hour blizzard pounding China’s Heilongjiang province and continuing even today: “Outdoor temperatures reached as low as minus 20 degree Celsius and the accumulated snow is up to 90 cm deep, leaving residents struggling to open doors.


15 responses to “60-Hour Blizzard Paralyzes Northern China, Russian Orient: 90 cm Snow, 105 km/hr Winds, Minus 20°C!”

  1. Colorado Wellington

    Endangered Pacific islanders should buy Khabarovsk while the locals are depressed and relocate there. The Russians need the money and nobody would have to read another article about the Maldives again.

  2. Mindert Eiting

    Pierre, perhaps you missed something, but a few years ago carbon dioxide began to cause climate disruption. So these events are fully in accordance with the prophesies. You should better focus on very calm and average weather which should now be a thing of the past.

    1. Robert Morton

      Mindert, Perhaps you missed something, “Snow will be a thing of the past and our children will not see snow” ? The earth is a dynamic system, Carbon dioxide has risen 25% over the past 27 years, yet Temperatures have not, in fact the temperatures have a clear correlation to our Sun god and he is resting at present and may go into a deep sleep. Us puney humans have little effect and cannot change the climate. However you are right, they are “prophesies” AGW is a “theory” that is quickly being dispelled. I prophesise that you should stock up on Coal.

    2. nightspore

      Is this said tongue-in-cheek? The “prophesies” are just that, they’re certainly not predictions, since a warming world has fewer extreme weather events. Now, since the world, or at least the Northern Hemisphere has begun to cool, the frequency of extreme events should start to increase.

      Some of this reminds me of H. H. Lamb’s discussion of the onset of the LIA – signalled by storms and flooding.

  3. Loodt Pretorius

    Nothing like a good down-filled jacket to help you withstand the effects of Global Warming. Here in the UK, in one of the hottest, if not the hottest, years of recorded history, I am ever so thankful that I listened to the IPCC and went out and bought a proper Arctic rated Jacket, and did not feel the cold today.

    1. M E Wood

      The same in New Zealand! Even the National Radio tells us it was very cold because of Southerly gales, frequently with hail
      you can check it here


  4. John F. Hultquist

    Meanwhile “global warming” has begun to solidify on North America’s Great Lakes.
    Ice is already starting to develop on Michigan’s Great Lakes. This is the earliest ice on some of the Great Lakes in at least 40 years.

  5. Realist

    “The main media often avoid reporting catastrophes involving bitter cold winter conditions, as it may cause the public to doubt global warming.”

    The so-called “main media” aka “mainstream media” is neither of those things and should not be referred to as such. What they really are is Big Media, or perhaps more accurately, Big Money Media that is owned and controlled by Ruling Class schmuks who are eager for the little peeps to sacrifice everything so they, the all-important Ruling Class, need sacrifice nothing. Just don’t expect Big Money Media to ever report anything about the sybarites and narcissists of the Ruling Class who live as Royalty but insist that the little peep serfs live like, well, serfs.

  6. DirkH

    Good news: Spiegel editors (of the weekly print edition) fire their boss (they can, because they collectively own 50.5% of the shares); war with the online editors breaks out.

    This will drive majority owner of the remaining shares – globalist tax-evading foundation Bertelsmann – nuts.

    1. yonason

      Good can and will ultimately triumph over evil. One hopes and prays that it’s sooner, rather than later.

  7. Curious George

    This is merely weather. Only warm events qualify as climate.

  8. DICK R

    Any fool knows that global warming is making it colder, are you all barking mad ??????

    1. John F. Hultquist

      Not “barking.” I think that we are, like Margaret Thatcher, 3 stops past Barking; that would be Dagenham or ‘Daggers’.
      Thus, Daggers Mad.

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