Teutonic Power Grab…Schellnhuber & Co. Tell World To Do As They Say, Or Globe Gets 230-Foot Sea Level Rise!

They’re back.

Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber and his WBGU have just released their latest Special Report: Climate Protection as a World Citizen Movement. The 126-page report is the 9th of its kind since the first one was published in 1995.


Professor Schellnhuber telling German Parliamentarians to act as he and his WBGU recommend, or else sea levels will rise 230 feet. Photo cropped from bundestag.de.

Totalitarian designs

The latest Special Report is shrill and the underlying message is: Time is running out and unless policymakers do as us German scientists say, the world will end in catastrophe. The Special Report suggests that the normal democratic processes are failing and that governments must start heeding the instructions of the elite German group of Potsdam scientists. Schellnhuber, a person who openly admits having no background in sociology, insists that he and his fellow WBGU scientists be given the helm in all decision matters concerning climate policy.

Schellnhuber, the WBGU Chairman and Director of the alarmist Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), once recommended a watering down of democracy and more policy-making power being placed in the hands of far-sighted “experts”.

4 recommendations

The alarmist, climate doomsday obsessed site Klimaretter here writes that Hans Joachim Schellnhuber not long ago appeared before German Parliamentarians to present the “impending climate catastrophe” up close and “to explain the four recommendations of the Council”.

The climate alarmist Klimaretter gives their four recommendations:

First recommendation, Klimaretter writes:

First the expertise of climate science must be securely anchored in the political process of climate action. Also when, as Schellnhuber emphasizes, policy making and science are of two different realms, science is essential for keeping the world climate policy on course: ‘Without a compass, you cannot steer a ship.'”

Here we see Schellnhuber & Co. are not content with simply supplying governments with data, but they also insist on being the ones guiding future policy for global society. But how can we know that their science is not being tainted by their political convictions? We can’t. This is why it is so dangerous to put so much into the hands of such a tiny group…who happen to be the most alarmist at that.

The second recommendation, Klimaretter writes:

Secondly there should be the right for countries to file climate protection lawsuits in constitutional courts in order to increase the societal pressure on the governments. A strong involvement by the civil society is decisive in pushing climate protection forward. The ‘global societal contract for climate protection’ does not only manifest itself in demonstrations such as the recent one in New York, but also in the strengthening of the Divestment Movement.

Not only do the WBGU scientists want to be the ones running planetary policymaking, but they want it institutionalized.

Third recommendation:

Thirdly the two-degrees Celsius target has to be established as international law because only by limiting global warming to two degrees Celsius can the consequences for the societies in many countries be managed. A continued business-as-usual CO2 emission would not only lead to a melting of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, but also of the East Antarctic. That would bring about a sea level rise of 70 meters.”

Here the scientists, who to many readers, by now are surely beginning to appear as the quintessential mad scientists, are claiming that sea levels will rise and drown large parts of the planet if their requests do not become binding international law. Hard to be believe they’ve made it this far.

Fourth recommendation

Schellnhuber warns that time is running out and is calling for “flat zero” global carbon emissions already by the year 2070 in order to reach the 2°C target. “At the latest by 2030 Co2 emissions must reach their peak and start downward.”

That demand, and their seemingly complete unawareness of the 18-year pause and growing scientific literature showing only moderate CO2 sensitivity, suggests that the WBGU are very remote from reality.

Since the WBGU was established in the early 1990s, they’ve published 9 lengthy special reports and 14 even lengthier flagship reports…all pushing for radical societal transformation. Seems the Potsdam scientists are more preoccupied with being the architects of social adventurism than serious scientists objectively looking at the recent data and findings.


26 responses to “Teutonic Power Grab…Schellnhuber & Co. Tell World To Do As They Say, Or Globe Gets 230-Foot Sea Level Rise!”

  1. Henning Nielsen

    Just send him to China. They will know what to do.

  2. John F. Hultquist

    I would direct a question to Prof. Schellnhuber. But first:
    It seems that 150 years ago most movement of goods was by horse-drawn cart. Cities were filled with horse manure and dead horses.
    Just over 100 years ago affordable autos became available.
    A commercial air plane flight between St. Petersburg (FLA) and Tampa in 1914 lasted 23 minutes at an altitude of 15 feet. Some claim this to be the first commercial flight.
    Copper wire for the plain old telephone systems (POTS)(~1876) was thought not to be sufficient to get the world connected. Then they invented glass fiber and megahertz. I still use the POTS and seem less connected than billions of people.
    And so it goes.

    Here are his words:
    A continued business-as-usual CO2 emission would not only lead to a melting of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, but also of the East Antarctic. That would bring about a sea level rise of 70 meters.

    Above, I’ve provided a few items regarding human activities. What “business-as-usual” means, I have no idea. Does he have a holographic-crystal ball for 2070?
    But here is the question. What year, give or take a few, will the sea level reach 70 m. above what it is today? And what will business-as-usual look like regarding human activities then?

  3. Streetcred

    That photograph of Schellnhuber above portrays the superior arrogance of the man … a tipping point of hubris.

    1. yonason

      I’ve never seen a photo of him that didn’t look like that.

  4. Moose

    Brought to you by the same science that just knew the Earth was flat and in the center of the universe.
    Next up: Climate skeptics at the stake…

  5. DirkH

    Maybe the WBGU got founded to sequester all these wannabe ComIntern types?

  6. Steve C

    The words which leapt off the screen at me were: “The Special Report suggests that the normal democratic processes are failing …”. Simon pure Agenda 21; humanity “cannot afford” democratic process but must instead be led by an “enlightened” “elite” of self-selected “technocrats”. These arrogant little people scare the cr*p out of me.


  7. Steve C

    @Streetcred: The word is “Schellnhubris”.

    What leapt off the page at me was the phrase “The Special Report suggests that the normal democratic processes are failing …”. Simon pure Agenda 21: humanity “cannot afford” democratic process, but must instead be directed by a self-selected, arrogant “elite” of technocrat “experts”, to which the speaker (of course) belongs. These people scare the cr*p out of me.

    1. Streetcred

      I like that … ;-))

  8. JB

    Just who do these zealots think they are fooling? The average temperature of Antarctica is minus 20 degrees centigrade. Ice melts at approximately 1 degree centigrade. Where is the evidence for a plus 20 degree increase in global temperatures that will melt antarctica? At the time the last continental split and Antarctica entered its own ice age the atmospheric CO2 level was 760ppm. Nearly double what is is today.

    1. stan stendera

      It is actually much colder then minus 20 degrees Centigrade.

  9. oldbrew

    ‘suggests that the WBGU are very remote from reality’ is being polite.
    ‘Pushing the boundaries of sanity’ might be more accurate.

  10. Loodt Pretorius

    That is the look you get from sitting on your hemorrhoids. Somebody, please send him a medical cushion so that his pain can be alleviated. Sitting on your piles makes straight thinking impossible.

    That is the only reason I can think of, why else would a reasonable sensible man IGNORE the fact that we – that is the world – have had NO warming for nearly TWO decades.

  11. DirkH

    What’s interesting is the similarity between Germany with the WBGU and America with Holdren; in both cases complete lunatics have been given positions of power. Holdren demands depopulation (see his book EcoScience), Schellnhuber a nondemocratic technocratic world government. Neither of them have been elected.

    I think the existence of these shady figures can tell us a lot about the true nature of our respective governments.

  12. DirkH

    After rational people fought for decades, in 2000 even WWF and Greenpeace had to cave on their depopulation measure, outlawing DDT globally, and since that time DDT is allowed for indoor use. Now the UN has to admit that Malaria cases have dropped by 50% since 2000, and of course praises itself, but cannot entirely hide the truth: Part of the success are, they say, “insecticide”-laced moscito nets.

  13. L Michael Hohmann

    I only know what I read, but on that basis it appears unavoidable that the whole energy conundrum requires a wide-ranging rethink. To wit:

    The idea that the human contribution from burning carbon fuels has anything to do with ‘man-made global warming’ is not only IMHO the biggest political and intellectual fraud ever – but so say voices from the IPCC themselves: http://tinyurl.com/q4rtmvf

    That AGW fraud has one beneficial side effect: “Global warming did serve a couple of useful purposes. The issue has been a litmus test for our political class. Any politician who has stated a belief in global warming is either a cynical opportunist or an easily deluded fool. In neither case should that politician ever be taken seriously again. No excuses can be accepted.” http://tinyurl.com/ptgrz34

    Does that mean we should forget about pollution and carry on regardless? No, for we can all agree that pollution is not a ‘good thing’ – we all could not miss seeing it from pictures of those dirt laden grey and black smokestacks and smog laden Chinese and other cities (and I well remember the heavy London smogs in the early 60s when even some London Underground platforms had to close because of nearly nil visibility, apart from deaths from breathing that stuff). Only one thing is sure in these circumstances: what you can see, is with 100% certainty not CO2, which is invisible. What is visible is pollution, consisting of NOX, SOX and OBNOX (nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides, particulates and anything else obnox-ious) all of which are the province of Clean-Air-Acts (as so blatantly in London) and have nothing to do with global climate – they are simply the ‘dirt in the linen’ that has to be ‘washed out from’, or never put into these smokestacks of sorts, in the first place. CO2 per se appears far too trivial to consider as Global Climate driver.

    The climate driver of all climate drivers I found described by John L Casey in his COLD SUN, introduced here http://tinyurl.com/p6ra4f3 together with a BBC NEWS video with comment on Robert Felix’s web site: http://iceagenow.info/2014/11/video-sun-sleep/

    An elementary order-of-magnitude calculation – relying on the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics – shows that, even when allowing the IPCC calculation of man-mad global warming by 2100 reputedly caused by CO2, it’s so trivial when compared to solar input variability alone, as to be totally irrelevant to ‘climate’: http://cleanenergypundit.blogs

    Some further study of probably the most underrated book on energy also appears necessary, as in: http://tinyurl.com/obhq3w9

    The role of Civic Energy is also destined to play a significant role especially, but not only for rural empowerment: http://tinyurl.com/oedupee

  14. Ed Caryl

    As the world cools over the next ten years, Herr Schellnhuber will appear increasingly irrational until in about 2024 he will be locked away in an appropriate asylum gibbering to himself and wrapped in the appropriate long-sleeved garment.

    1. John F. Hultquist

      He was born in 1950, so is closing on age 65; unlikely to make 2040. Well past his “best by date”, I think. That’s one of the things that I think about. All of the big guns of the CAGW agenda will not live to know what happens – unlike (as Dirk mentioned) the quick reversal of Malaria when DDT was partially allowed.
      You and I, and JB (used ‘centigrade’ above) will be gone also. So sad.

  15. lemiere jacques

    It is worst than we thought.

  16. Steve C

    Sorry about that double post (with variations) above. It was “one of those”, where you click submit and all that seems to happen is your text disappears completely, not even a moderation message. So you go back to the main page, go back and look for your comment again, no, not there, re-make it, that one disaappears too … I stopped at two.

    I don’t think it’s an NTZ problem particularly, similar things happen occasionally almost everywhere, presumably as a result of global warming.

  17. Kurt in Switzerland

    Apparently one Chinese city has found a new twist in the concept of recycling & renewable energy:


    Perhaps these are the truly avant-garde agents of change.

    How much longer till the EU follows suit? First they should print some notes with Schellnhuber’s image, though — the effect would be more poetic.

    Kurt in Switzerland

  18. Kurt in Switzerland

    Goal post migration alert:

    Today, the deadline is 2030, but what about 3 years ago?

    In 2011, Schellnhuber insisted that the emissions curve needed to peak no later than 2020 in order to meet the 2 degree warming target.

    http://www.wbgu.de/fileadmin/templates/dateien/veroeffentlichungen/hauptgutachten/jg2011/wbgu_jg2011_ZfE.pdf (See p. 7 of 34)

    “Die Trendumkehr der globalen Emissionsentwicklung muss bis spätestens 2020 erfolgen [um die 2 Grad C Grenze einhalten zu können].”

    Does he just make stuff up on the fly? Perhaps some brave reporter needs to challenge the “climate-seer” Schellnhuber.

    Kurt in Switzerland

    1. DirkH

      “Perhaps some brave reporter needs to challenge the “climate-seer” Schellnhuber.”

      That species is pretty much exctinct in Germany, has been replaced by a non-vertebrate variety. But that one’s dying out fast now as well, together with its secretions.

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