2014/15 Super El Niño Gets “The Kiss Of Death”…Climatologists’ Prediction Of Warming Planet Crumbles Again

Joe Bastardi’s latest Weatherbell Saturday Summary is out. This week the high-profile, veteran meteorologist has some interesting comments on sea surface temperatures and this year’s once highly ballyhooed “super El Niño“.

Remember how earlier this year a number a climatology experts were all giddy because somehow they had managed to convince themselves that a “super El Niño” was supposedly in the pipeline and, after having waited 18 long years, warming would finally resume and shut the skeptics up once and for all. Well, their prediction losing streak refuses to end and it just got extended again.

At the 6:45 mark Joe remarks:

You can see the water near Australia is beginning to warm up and the water in the eastern Pacific is starting to cool. That is the kiss of death for El Niño, so this El Niño, just like we were saying back in April: No super El Niño. It comes on for the winter, and then it goes. There’s no 2 or 3-year El Niño coming up, or what these guys that want the globe to warm up so that whatever is going with the climate fight and that type of thing. It’s not happening. We took them apart with the super El Niño, and I’ll take them apart again for these guys who think this thing is going to run on for 2 years.”

Sea Surface temps 27 Dec 2014

NCEP sea surface temperature anomaly shows “Kiss of Death” for this season’s El Niño. Source: cropped from Weatherbell Saturday Summary.

Joe then elaborates some on why global temperatures are currently at a high level, saying that it’s due to the warm northeast Pacific sea surface temperature anomaly. Joe thinks these anomalies will flip and be cold over the next 2 or 3 years – pointing out that this is nothing new and that it has all happened before.

Snow in North Africa

The Weatherbell meteorologist shows how extreme cold is set to spread across much of the US over the coming days and weeks and that it’s also going to be cold in Europe, with even “snow in the mountains of North Africa”.


10 responses to “2014/15 Super El Niño Gets “The Kiss Of Death”…Climatologists’ Prediction Of Warming Planet Crumbles Again”

  1. mark in toledo

    nice Joe. Seems like this “no-pause” that is nonetheless a pause won’t stop pausing. I wonder when they masses will capitulate. Actually, the masses already have, they could not care less than they do right now. I wonder when some skeptical climate scientists who have been biding their time or staying in the background will start to speak out against all of the overstatement and over certainty we have seen exhibited for 25 years. It is time to move on and focus on other more pressing issues.

  2. DirkH

    New boss of ESA says mankind will fly to Mars once Earth becomes too warm.
    Not that I had any illusions about how they select the top bureaucrat of a European bureaucracy.

    1. alex

      Seems that the first to commence flying to Mars are the pigs.

    2. Streetcred

      Can we encourage Wörner to make that journey rather sooner than later ?

  3. DirkH

    5 days after Christmas and we have the first snow in the lowlands of Northern Germany; that’s a bit like the toilet paper situation in Venezuela.
    Also, Global Warming!

  4. Streetcred

    El Nino generally means drought here in Queensland, Australia … I won’t say that the drought has broken, but we’ve been getting some good widespread rain for a few days now … especially in the driest parts. El Nino (weak) must be in retreat.

  5. lemiere jacques

    Has anybody already predcit ninos ?
    If not, why do we have to listen to people who pretend to do so? with 62% certainty or crazy useless crap stat like that.

    No ,they are sure thaat their predictions of rising temperature is right …they think one way to make temperature higher at least for a short spell of time is a nino…SOOOO ..there will be a HUGE nino..there must be..soon…

  6. Edward.

    It has not stopped the hyperbolic outpourings over here in the UK.

    The Met Office has been crying, shrieking from the rooftops, “warmest year evah!”

    El Nino – nah nothing to do with it – it’s all man’s CO2 emissivity, all his fault yer see………………..a little tweak here and a little data manipulation there eh – NOAA? And suddenly since 1980 – all the world’s Temps are begotten warmer, it’s magic you know!

  7. DirkH

    California decides to use excess wind energy to make huge blocks of ice.
    NYTimes can’t know it but this is a good way to exacerbate the Urban Heat Island. Kinda like Bastiat on steroids.

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