German Climate Witch-Hunting Under New Management…Wanted: “Explosive Material” On Climate Skeptics

In former times, the job of official climate witch-hunting had been one of the German Ministry of Environment, which even went so far as to identify, target and attack skeptic US and German scientists and journalists – all because they held non-alarmist views on climate change. Fortunately that activity turned out to be somewhat embarrassing, and thus the activist Ministry thought that it was best to end it.

But not to worry, the witch-hunting business has found a new home: at the site of the end-of-world climate conspiracy theorists: – a leading alarmist site run by a group of highly influential climate doom-infatuated persons.

Hat-tip: Die kalte Sonne (in English: climate is now offering a new, very special service to readers: They now have the chance to deliver “explosive disclosure material” on climate skeptics and their clandestine activities at an anonymous letter box: The site explains:

Here you can discretely and anonymously deposit internal documents, information, data sets, bank accounts, and similar material when you think that the public needs to know about it.”

The klimaretter site even promises that materials will be handled in “strict confidentiality”, and that tracing back to the discloser will not be possible.

Many of us of course will naturally view this as a step back into the old authoritarian, go-after-the-enemy days in darker German times. Is this all they have left? Are they totally bankrupt of argument in the arena of debate that they now have to resort to gutter skimming and dumpster diving? Perhaps they ought to get in touch with Peter Gleick to find out how to acquire explosive documents.

So who are these people at A look at their website tells us a lot already. It’s mainly made up of a group of powerful lobbyists working on behalf of the renewable energies industry, or the reinsurance industry. Among the publishers at Klimaretter are Hartmut Grassl, former director of the WMO and the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg. According to other sources, it turns out he is also a foundation board member of reinsurer Munich Re!

Other publishers like Claudia Kemfert, Gero Lücking, Jens Mühlhaus, Matthias Willenbacher or Klaus Franz are directly connected to the multi-billion dollar green energy industry. Kemfert is also a member of the Club of Rome.

Pots ought to be careful about going around and calling others black.

Send in your explosive documents

Already skeptic site Die kalte Sonne tells here that the secret letter box has gotten some success. Die kalte Sonne writes that they have delivered a comprehensive package of “explosive material” consisting of (1) important scientific papers on the sun’s impact on climate, (2) a bank statement of an explosive visit to a pizza eatery concerning the last international climate conference and (3) discrete sea level data showing an average rise of 1.5 mm/yr. But don’t get your hopes up that we’ll be reading about that at Spiegel, or Die Zeit.

Die kalte Sonne also would like to know who are the generous donators to Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project.

If readers here should happen to have in your possession explosive information like photos, documents, bank transactions, e-mails, datasets, etc. that you feel the public needs to know about, then do send them to the confidential letterbox of the climate rescuers at here. Perhaps you ought to send them the cream of the Climategate e-mails.


17 responses to “German Climate Witch-Hunting Under New Management…Wanted: “Explosive Material” On Climate Skeptics”

  1. Ed Caryl

    Ah, the Streisand affect.
    In reverse.

  2. Ric Werme

    > (2) a bank statement of an explosive visit to a pizza eatery concerning the last international climate conference

    Yeah? they didn’t get me! I paid cash for a couple slices one evening there.

    I admit I had some contact with TSA agents, part of our Homeland Security department.

  3. DirkH

    German government plans to kill lignite power plants. As CO2 certificates failed to kill them, new punishment fees are planned.

  4. Pops
  5. John F. Hultquist

    Shocked! I tell you I am …
    No. In fact I am not even mildly surprised.

    As for other news – Insofar as the energy-sector stocks have recently taken a hit, now is the time to buy. Sell something high – buy energy.

  6. Mikky

    Simples, just get readers to send in explosive material about the loony Climate Change Zombies, heck there is plenty of it about, such as WINTER arctic sea ice being the lowest ever recorded. The person that thought of that blatant piece of propaganda should be publicly named and shamed, along with the media (such as the BBC World Service) that reported it.

    Spam that inbox with genuine info, that should kill it stone dead.

    1. Henning Nielsen

      Well there must be cause for great alarm, if the Arctic ice melts even in winter!

  7. Henning Nielsen

    An informer in every street! In every classroom, and every public office! Provocateurs in the pubs, with leading quistions: “You don’t believe in this global warming nonsense, do you?” And if they get the right wrong answers; an urgent message to the klimaretters. Should be a great job, BTW, if expenses are paid.

    And then..and then the great “Gleickschaltung” can begin.

  8. Bebben

    I’m thinking of sending them pictures of Herr Cook and his kameraden.

  9. yonason

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they are coordinating their efforts with Obama’s climate brown-shirts.

  10. mwhite

    Remember the “Utopian Experiment” in Scotland? The BBC has a reading of Dylan Evans’ book.

  11. Planetary_Physics_group


    The 21st Century Paradigm in climate science is now proven beyond doubt.

    It is proven using the Kinetic Theory of Gases and the Second Law of Thermodynamics, about which considerable extensions in understanding have occurred since 1988 as discussed here.

    The new science is based on the fact that the state of thermodynamic equilibrium in a force field exhibits a density gradient and temperature gradient, both of which can be shown to be non-zero with appropriate computations from the Kinetic Theory of Gases, as used successfully by Einstein and others to explain such things as the Ideal Gas Laws and much more.

    There is experimental evidence of such gradients now available in a recently developed centrifuge machine discussed at and there is also a wealth of other evidence outlined on that site which is endorsed by a group of persons suitably qualified in physics. Attempts to refute such temperature gradients have all been themselves refuted, such as explained here.

    If the temperature gradient were not the state of thermodynamic equilibrium then all planets with significant atmospheres would be considerably colder and there would be no valid explanation for the necessary energy transfers into their surfaces (such as Earth and Venus) or to the base of their nominal tropospheres, such as for Uranus where that region is hotter than Earth’s surface, all due to a mere 4W/m^2 of solar radiation absorbed about 350Km higher up in its atmosphere.

    The new science involves relatively recent breakthroughs in physics in our understanding of heat transfers by radiation, conduction, natural convection and advection. It also requires a correct understanding of the Law of Entropy (an extension of the Second Law of Thermodynamics) and, in particular, the propensity in all nature for unbalanced energy potentials to dissipate in isolated systems.

    These breakthroughs in physics have all occurred since the early 1980’s when James Hansen made his huge blunder (re-iterated by the likes of Pierrhumbert) in assuming that it would be possible that isothermal conditions could exist as the state of thermodynamic equilibrium in a vertical plane in a gravitational field. Such a state would still have unbalanced energy potentials with more mean gravitational potential energy due to the mass of the molecules at the top than at the bottom. More molecules would fall than would rise, and we know this happens when a sealed cylinder is rotated from horizontal to vertical. When that happens, we know from Kinetic Theory exactly how and why a density gradient forms, and the Law of Entropy allows us to determine why that density gradient stabilizes and, at the same time, exhibits a stable temperature gradient (aka “lapse rate”) which can also be quantified using Kinetic Theory.

    Meteorologists also know that the environmental temperature gradient (the state of overall thermodynamic equilibrium involving both radiation and sensible heat transfers) remains intact in calm conditions in the pre-dawn hours, even when upward advection ceases altogether. The evidence, folks, has been staring you in the face, and is now proven with centrifugal force and correct physics.

    The old has gone; the new has come.

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