Biology Teacher Sends Letter To Ernst Klett Verlag Concerning ‘Manipulative And Unserious’ German School Textbooks

A few years ago at a social event I had a brief discussion with a secondary school teacher who happened to be on some sort of committee in Hannover which decided the textbooks the children at Lower Saxony upper secondary schools were to use.

On that subject I told her I thought that the geography textbook our children were using was designed to indoctrinate the kids on the subject of climate change, and that it dissuaded them from critical thinking on the subject. My opinion was that the schools should teach children, and not indoctrinate them.

Needless to say, I got quite a stern, German-style reaction. I’ll never forget the icy, piercing look in her eyes, one that made my grade school principal Arlene Simons look angelic by comparison. Parents, especially cowboys, obviously were not expected to question the state when it comes matters concerning the education of children.

The following is a letter written by a biology teacher, posted at Die kalte Sonne site. It was sent to one of Germnay’s larger textbook publishers: Ernst Klett Verlag.


Answers are requested: How do school textbook publishers handle the climate discussion?

To: Klett-Schulbuchverlag
From: Teacher of Biology and Chemistry [anonymous in order to avoid problems with colleagues]

Sent: 18 March 2015

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Because the general contact-page at your website is blocked, I am using this address and requesting that you pass my comments on the subject of climate change on to the responsible editors:

In the preparation of my lessons (Biology Grade 7) in your textbook Prisma Biology 2, ISBN 978-3-12-068390-2, I came upon an illustration depicting the causes of climate change which I find to be unserious and unscientific. Under the heading, ‘The greenhouse effect is being enhanced’ one finds the following text: ‘Over the past decades scientists have been measuring a steady increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. At the same time the average temperature of the earth has risen because the heat trapping gas barrier is getting tighter…“

Here the illusion of a causal relationship is being given, when this is everything but certain. Why do you not provide the development of the mean global temperature over the past? This would allow the pupils to see that warm periods have always occurred, long before man could have had an impact on the earth’s atmosphere. The pupils would be able to recognize that the climate in the Middle Ages was similar to today’s climate and that it provided significant benefits to the people living back then.

My view is that it is scientifically unserious to show only an increase over the last decades. Here it is being suggested that there weren’t any climate changes earlier.

Why don’t you show how little the share of man’s CO2 is in the earth’s entire CO2 budget?

Why do you not mention the ongoing discussion on CO2 climate sensitivity?

Why do you not mention that the global mean temperature of the earth has not risen over the past 18 years, even though the CO2 atmospheric concentration of the atmosphere has risen during the same period?

Why do you not mention that many studies have shown that in the past temperature increased first, and then CO2 and methane concentration followed, and thus the driving force for the earth’s temperature could not have been these gases?

And why do you fail to mention that the climate models, which projected a significant warming of the earth, have been proven false?

What I find to be especially manipulative and unserious is the exercise: ‘Evaluate the single information sources using this sentence: Who posted what, and with what intention, in the Internet?“ This is all about speculation and the manipulation of 13-year olds who do not yet possess the knowledge necessary for assessing the seriousness of a source in the Internet. It may very well be that the ideological stipulations of political parties may lead a school textbook publisher to depict the reality as such, so that it fits the political narrative. But this has absolutely nothing to do with science. Serious would be to show in a neutral manner the different views on climate changes of the last 150 years, side by side, and to provide as many of the known facts as possible.

Yours sincerely”


Well, don’t expect the Lower Saxony Ministry of Education to give this letter an A+ by any means.

Today Germany’s kids are being told what they can be critical about, and climate science is certainly not one of them. Even the concerns of parents are being dismissed by what appears to be a state apparatus that has gotten excessively arrogant on the subject. Indeed it’s back to school – the old nasty German one of thought control.

And it’s unbelievable that the climate of intimidation in academia has become so aggressive that the biology teacher fears being identified, and thus chose to stay anonymous. This should make anyone pause and think.

13 responses to “Biology Teacher Sends Letter To Ernst Klett Verlag Concerning ‘Manipulative And Unserious’ German School Textbooks”

  1. Gentle Tramp

    Quote: “And it’s unbelievable that the climate of intimidation in academia has become so aggressive that the biology teacher fears being identified, and thus chose to stay anonymous. This should make anyone pause and think.”

    The need for a skeptical teacher to stay anonymous is sad but quite understandable. Due to psychological reasons of the job, a great majority of teachers tend to be on the left and green side of thinking. And such lefty people have often the regrettable tendency of political intolerance and mobbing…

    In 20 years, the current German schoolbooks will be a laughingstock because of their then disproved Anti-CO2 hysteria! It’s the same with the books of the 1980s which are full of ridiculous panic about “Waldsterben”, though some of the really tough and die-hard green schoolbook authors do still propagate this myth until today… LOL !!!

  2. Harry Dale Huffman

    If even the “lukewarm” skeptics can’t get their heads around the FACT that there is NO GLOBAL WARMING GREENHOUSE EFFECT, after the more than 4 years (and counting) that I have been communicating that fact, why would a deluded and suborned publisher give more than a moment’s attention to such a weak letter of protest? If it were me, I would tell the publisher that I will have nothing to do with his criminally negligent and obscene perversion of a scientific textbook. And I would use my full real name–as I have been doing all along. Just say “NO” to the perverters, and to hell with “colleagues” who can’t see the correctness of that position.

    1. Harry Dale Huffman

      Sorry, I erred in typing the link behind those capitalized words above:


    2. Henning Nielsen

      And your job as a teacher? Farewell to that also? You might be out of colleagues sooner than you planned for.

  3. Henning Nielsen

    Well, thnakfully the kids generally grow up to have their own thoughts and ideas. Ideological bias seems to be a curse we must live with in education, one way ot the other. I shudder when I think about the left-lenaing schoolbooks of the radical 1970’s, still pupils of those days have by and large turned into sensible and responsible persons.

    1. DirkH

      Only most of them. The ones that liked the ideology turned into the teachers, climate scientists and politicians of today.

  4. Gilbert Dupuis

    Often pupils contest what was told by parents and teachers when they grow up.

  5. John F. Hultquist

    Should the Teacher of Biology and Chemistry ever get into central Washington State — look me up. Dinner will be on me.

    The text is quoted as —
    ” … the heat trapping gas barrier is getting tighter…

    There could be a language issue here but based on this phrase I do not believe the writer understands how the simplest aspects of the atmosphere work. Using the concept of a greenhouse with respect to the atmosphere is so wrong, yet having been done, it cannot be undone. I wonder if the writer knows that CO2 has to be added to greenhouses so the plants can live and grow?

  6. Loodt Pretorius

    This shows that are still some thinking German school teachers out there and there is lots more work left to do for AGW mafia to get to the target of a 97.8% zombified population.

  7. Kurt in Switzerland

    Guys (and any gals reading):

    I have news: this starts LONG before secondary school. Indoctrination of students begins in the first years of grade school (and probably even in Kindergarten).

    Here in Switzerland, the concept of “doing one’s part to save the climate” is well-established. The official catholic and protestant churches have united forces in an ecumenical effort to promote the climate guilt agenda:

  8. John Benton

    It’s not at all difficult to see the similarities between what is happening in the German school system of indoctrination on climate change and the indoctrination of the youth of the 1930’s by the Nazis.

    I suspect it will end just as badly for this young generation as it did for those from the 1930’s.

  9. DirkH

    Schellnhuber is back.
    Finds a way to turn a cooling into a catastrophic consequence of Global Warming: Sub polar North Atlantic has cooled “more than even climate models have projected”, indicating that – the Gulf Stream is getting weaker! And that would of course be a mega catastrophy for Europe which would immediately ice over. While the rest of the world would cook under Global Warming. There’s funding to be found in every wiggle if you’re a warmist! Just tell the right story.

  10. KVA, det röda teamet och demokratin - Stockholmsinitiativet - Klimatupplysningen

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