Meteorologist Joe Bastardi: Today’s Weather Patterns Seen In The Past, Asks: “Has NCEP Suddenly Become A Denier?”

Most readers here know Joe Bastardi, the veteran meteorologist at Weatherbell who has a knack of getting his longer term seasonal forecasts correct far more often than not. In a reader comment he replies to warmists’ claims on ocean cycles, particularly to David Appell. I’ve upgraded his comment (with slight editing) as a post.

Question for David A: Is NCEP now a member of the vast denier conspiracy with their much more finely tuned grid that measures global temperature? Last year since the PDO decadal flip. Notice what happens after the warm ENSO event. With the AMO now turning cold, just where do you think temperatures will go after this ENSO event? But I am curious, has NCEP suddenly become a denier in the last 10 years?

The answer will be given to us in the next 20 years. I offered this several times on national TV over 5 years ago, simply watch the temperatures as the oceans complete their cycle, WELL DOCUMENTED BY SOMEONE WHO HAS A TRACK RECORD FORECASTING THE WARMING, AND RESULTANT HURRICANE PICK UP BACK IN THE 1970S, DR WILLIAM GRAY:

And why doesn’t total global sea ice make a difference? It certainly did when it was running below normal several years ago. And why can’t we see if the hypothesis is correct, that the increase in temperature was a function of the natural cyclical warming of the ocean, which are reversing now. Another 10-15 years, given 20 years of busted hype, is not going to hurt. And why shouldn’t people be very suspicious, given statements like this from the leaders of this movement:

So why would I not take these people at their words as to their true motives? As I have explained many times, climate is a TOOL for me to make my forecast. I am watching people ‘blame’ the Pacific for the very idea we used last year and this year to forecast a cold winter in the east, simply by using the same idea that we saw before. So it makes no difference to me. I will still use the methodology that people are discovering (the latest is the warm blob, apparently they are oblivious to 1917-1918, or the late 1950s, or 1970s, which Jerome Nemias wrote about many years ago. Do you know who Jerome Nemias is, David? But back to the easier question. Is NCEP, which clearly shows what is going on, now in the denier camp?”


10 responses to “Meteorologist Joe Bastardi: Today’s Weather Patterns Seen In The Past, Asks: “Has NCEP Suddenly Become A Denier?””

  1. Stephen Richards

    Apple is rotten right the way through to his core. He really doesn’t care whether you call him out or not he will just keep polluting the blogs with his crap.
    I would just block him. He is a waste of space and energy.

    1. DirkH

      I think he is desparate because everyone ignores his warning of impending doom. Because he thinks that the average temperature of the Earth will go up slightly. And he thinks that that is the biggest problem of humanity. Quite bizarre actually. Maybe, from a rational standpoint, all warmunists who really BELIEVE that are clinically insane, and only the scoundrels among them can actually be called sane.

  2. Stephen Richards

    Joe is just brilliant. You have to respect his depth of knowledge and his ability to use that knowledge to forecast months and years ahead with an accuracy much superior to the clowns in the UK, Europe, and the USA met offices.

  3. nzrobin

    Missing a word in the first sentence, ‘…forecasts correct …’.
    Enjoyed the article.

  4. nzrobin

    The link to c3headlines quotations is well worth clicking and remembering. It is an excellent resource.

  5. Questioner

    May I draw EVERYONE’S attention to the important comment ..


  6. Frederick Colbourne


    1. Graeme No.3

      According to my dictionary Gobbledegook means “language that is difficult to understand due to excessive use of technical terms”.

      I think in this case it is rather excessive use of misunderstood technical terms. Perhaps if Doug spent less time spamming and more time thinking out his argument, he might be more successful. I mean, Loschmidt’s (atmospheric) paradox has been around for well over 100 years, so there is no need to post half baked explanations, is there?

  7. Ron C.

    Joe Bastardi knows the oceans are the key to climate.

    In the real world, radiative heat loss is determined by the temperature differential, fixed at the top of the atmosphere by the vacuum of space, and maintained at the bottom of the atmosphere by the oceans. The surface temperatures are noisy because the water is always in motion, made chaotic by flowing over and around irregular land masses. But the oceans’ bulk keeps the temperature within a remarkably tight range over the millennia.

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