Elitism: “17 Prominent Scientists” Express Contempt For Democracy…Demand Policymaking Power

By Dennis Ambler and Pierre Gosselin

One of the most worrisome aspects of the climate science movement, other than its outright fudging of data, is its unabashed contempt for democracy.

Yesterday a tiny group of “17 international scientists from world class institutions“, who are unhappy with the current development course of civilization because it has not been to their liking, released in a statement the elements of a global climate agreement, and “what needs to be done in order to meet the 2°C target.”

The 17 elitist “scientists” call themselves “The Earth League“.

Not surprisingly the statement calls for the fundamental reorganization of global human civilization and society.

Yesterday the ultra-alarmist Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) also published a press release about that statement from the “international alliance of prominent scientists“, which calls for “bold action by decision-makers to pave the way for a successful international agreement to reduce the risk of dangerous climate change“. The Earth League statement announces:

It is a moral obligation, and in our self-interest, to achieve deep decarbonization of the global economy via equitable effort sharing. This requires reaching a zero-carbon society by mid-century or shortly thereafter, thereby limiting global warming to below 2°C as agreed by all nations in 2010. This trajectory is not one of economic pain, but of economic opportunity, progress and inclusiveness.”

Such promises of zero-pain are not new. Ten years ago Germany’s Environment Minister Jürgen Trittin claimed the transition would “not cost citizens more than a cone of ice cream“. That cone of ice cream today has since exploded to 355 euros – each year – and CO2 emissions still haven’t dropped!

The Earth League’s statement coincides with Earth Day. Not surprisingly among its members is PIK director Hans Joachim Schellnhuber. The statement clarifies what an international climate agreement should achieve in Paris in December.

The scientists include Mario Molina of Centro Mario Molina, Jennifer Morgan of the World Resources Institute, Ottmar Edenhofer of Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change, Carlos Nobre of National Institute for Space Research (INPE) (and UNESCO), Lord Nicholas Stern of London School of Economics and Political Science, Johan Rockström of Stockholm Resilience Center and other authors.

People familiar with the PIK recognize that this is very much a “Schellnhubris” Potsdam initiative. Indeed it is amazing to see them claim “scientist” status for Jennifer Morgan, former WWF Climate Director and now a member of the Potsdam “Scientific Advisory Board”.  Her qualifications are in Political Science and “International Affairs”. Former World Bank economist Stern is chairman of the Grantham Institute at LSE and has also been on Schellnhuber’s Potsdam “Scientific Advisory Board”.

Edenhofer is also an economist and deputy director at Potsdam, although he is now named as Director of yet another new institution, the Mercator Institute on Global Commons, (that’s the air we breathe, in their book and it must be regulated so everyone gets their fair share. The West has had more than its fair share so we must recant and breathe less). He is famous for his quote that it is no longer about the science, but about wealth redistribution.

Rockström is a long term campaigner, an ecologist not a climate scientist and formerly at the Beijer Instituite which has merged with the Stockholm Resilience Centre. He is the vice-chair of the science advisory board at Potsdam and “he was also co-chairing the visioning process on global environmental change of ICSU, the International Council for Science.”

The Earth League does have a few scientists onboard, such as Sir Brian Hoskins, IPCC and Director of the Imperial College, London, Grantham Institute. He is also on Schellnhuber’s “Scientific Advisory Board”.

Another non-scientist is Leena Srivastava, deputy to the currently “on leave of absence” Rajendra Pachauri.

Of course none of these 17 “leading scientists” will ever admit their contempt for democracy, yet their demands tell us a different story. What their statement tells us is: Yes, citizens are allowed to elect their leaders, but the leaders must do what us elite “scientists” tell them. If that is not contempt for the democratic process, then what is? The PIK Press release writes:

The Earth Statement will be presented by Rockström and Schellnhuber at the 4th Nobel Laureates Symposium on Global Sustainability in Hong Kong “4C: Changing Climate, Changing Cities” hosted by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and Asia Society Hong Kong (22-25 April) on Thursday – this will mark the beginning of outreach to leading decision-makers and thinkers.”

Welcome to the next wave of authoritarianism.

Weblink to the full Earth Statement and further information: www.earthstatement.org

Weblink to the Earth League: http://www.the-earth-league.org/


19 responses to “Elitism: “17 Prominent Scientists” Express Contempt For Democracy…Demand Policymaking Power”

  1. BobW in NC

    Ah, Scientism is flexing its muscles as it rears its ugly head. Scientism, the miming of absolute religious authority by the secular virus of rationalism.

    Witness: In my research, I have found that scientism has been characterized as follows by author Austin L. Hughes, Carolina Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of South Carolina:

    “Advocates of scientism today claim the sole mantle of rationality, frequently equating science with reason itself. Yet it seems the very antithesis of reason to insist that science can do what it cannot, or even that it has done what it demonstrably has not. As a scientist, I would never deny that scientific discoveries can have important implications… But the claim that science and science alone can answer longstanding questions…gives rise to countless problems.”


  2. DirkH

    “The 17 elitist “scientists” call themselves “The Earth League“.”

    “Scientist” these days is to me just an empty job title, after all, even gender mainstreaming activists or sociologists can call themselves scientist after getting a professorship by the state. Ditto for “Science”, it describes the most ludicrous of ideas as well as stuff that actually works. Same for “Nobel Price”, forever ruined by giving the war president B.H. Obama a peace prize before he even started his bloody work, oh and the other one for Al Gore And The Warmunists of course. About all of the prestigious titles of the West have been besmirched by all-pervasive lies. Looks like endtimes for an empire!

  3. Bart

    The Earth League??? Seriously? ROFLMAO! Do they wear masks and capes, too? Do they have a secret headquarters on board an orbiting space station?

    Jeez. Some kids never grow up.

    1. David A

      It would be interesting to know if this groups formation is simply due to greed, or noble cause corruption. Did the take the comic book name “Earth league” simply to appeal to the comic-con crowd, or do they really see themselves as environmental super heroes?

  4. Stephen Richards

    Don’t laugh Bart. These are dangerous, treacherous lunatics. For the sake of us all they must be arrested now and tried for treason in a court of law.

    This is a show of the brazen arrogance that the actions of Obarma, Cameron and the EU have endowed on the greens.

    1. DirkH

      In the EU, there are no honest judges left.

    2. Bart

      Yes, they are dangerous children. All the more reason we need to mock them at every opportunity.

  5. Rob

    “…statement from the “international alliance of prominent scientists“, which calls for “bold action by decision-makers to pave the way for a successful international agreement to reduce the risk of dangerous climate change“.

    Communists, aka… International Socialists

    were solely responsible for the 50 million dead at their bloody hands
    in the 20th century alone

    they must never have that power again

    1. Dave in the states

      Well said. And it is the awful truth.

  6. S.Lochhaas@SIUE

    May I humbly submit a limerick which I penned and is somewhat on topic?
    I hope all can see a grain of truth in it:

    Authority figures, foretelling
    Hot doom (and our “myths” dispelling),
    Cast great dispersion
    On skeptical versions
    (Which keep carbon credits from selling)!

    Now, shriller and louder they’re yelling,
    To drown out the doubters’ rebelling!
    New taxes are “just”
    (When you’ve gained public trust),
    So “the questioners” (quickly) they’re quelling.

    I’ve arrived at the realization
    That industrial civilization
    Is only a sin
    If the green leftists win,
    On their platform of demonization!

    1. Bart


  7. Dave in the states

    Bureaucrats and administrators always want more and more power and authority. But what is most most important to them is never ending funding.

  8. Frederick Colbourne

    Sadly, this is a list of people who should know better.

    1. Stephen Richards

      Frederic, They know well enough.

  9. JJM Gommers

    I have the impression that time has come they want to grasp power. In The Netherlands the organisation Urgenda, consisting of 900 greenies, has started a court case against the state for crime aginst humanity based on the 2 oC temerature rise.

  10. DirkH

    Ah good, somebody found the resest button of the server at your hosting company. I already pondered whether sod had sued you from the web for the crime of standing in the way of total windturbinization of previously habitable lands.

  11. Gentle Tramp

    A “Schellnhubris” initiative… 🙂

    Indeed! This very fitting phrase is more than enough to qualify the whole enterprise. LOL !

  12. Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #178 | Watts Up With That?
  13. Dave

    Stern, a scientist??? Pull the other one! And remember that astrology was invented to make economics respectable.

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