Scandal: Wind Energy Law Written Directly By German Wind Lobbyists, Enercon and GE!

Though regional, what follows is a scandal that illustrates just how energy laws and policy are formed today in many developed countries: by green activists and lobbyists who have an extreme agenda or narrow, self-serving interest.

German national daily Bild here reports how in Hannover the new energy law for the state of Lower Saxony was not really written by policymakers elected by the voters, but by the Big Green industry lobbyists themselves.

The Bild story bears the title: “Companies write the energy law

Germany’s number one daily by circulation, Bild, tells of Lower Saxony’s Environment Minister Stefan Wenzel of the Green Party coming under heavy fire from the opposition. The FDP Free Democrats accused Wenzel of having parts of the 79-page draft legislation “dictated to him by the wind industry.” In other words, Bild writes:

Instead having the law formulated by employees of the Ministry, lobbyists participated in the formulation!”

According to Bild 12 environmental activist groups worked on the legislation, including companies such as Enercon and GE.

Bild quotes Free Democrat Dr. Gero Hocker, an environment expert:

The Environment Minister must concede that the wind lobby took over the job of drafting the law. That’s an outrage!”

Bild writes that although it is not unusual to get imput from various organizations, an angered Gero Hocker shot back: “Taking over as they are the formulations is a real scandal.”

Increasingly lawmakers have become marionettes of Big Green…democratic representation be damned. It also doesn’t help that a huge share of German lawmakers are investors in fail-safe, get-rich-quick green energy projects.

2 responses to “Scandal: Wind Energy Law Written Directly By German Wind Lobbyists, Enercon and GE!”

  1. A C Osborn

    In any other age this would be called corruption, but today it is quite acceptable to Governments.

  2. DirkH

    What; does the resurrected FDP (for the non Germans: nominally a classic liberal party. Before the last federal election, they stroke all Eurosceptics and Climate sceptics from the candidate list, and died in the election) now pretend to have a critical voice again!

    My message to the FDP: You have shown your true colors; I won’t make the mistake of voting for you again.

    Oh and they’re now Germany’s top Stoner party.

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