Germany’s May 2015 Comes In 0.5°C Cooler Than Normal…Trend To Cooler Central European Springs Continues

The German DWD National Weather Service brings us the statistics for the month of May in Germany.

Overall, using the preliminary results from approximately 2000 weather stations, the DWD reports that May in the Central European country was 0.5°C cooler than the 1981-2010 mean and 0.4°C warmer than the 1961-1990 mean. The 1961-1990 reference period is used very little and has no meaning for the general citizenry because it was too long ago. But because the DWD has adopted the warmist agenda, it likes to use the ancient 1961-1990 mean in order to be able to declare warmer than normal months.

Statistical acrobatics aside, the May result shows that Central Europe’s overall trend to cooler and later springs continues unabated, thus defying predictions of warming.

The DWD also reports that precipitation was below normal and that the month saw some severe thunderstorms and destructive tornadoes. Overall the country saw a mixed bag of May weather, from night-time frosts at some locations to daytime high temperatures of over 30°C in other locations. The country also saw a bit below normal sunshine.

Though the DWD does its best to make this recent month appear as a month with unusual, weird weather, as a whole the month was nothing out of the normal range and was everything one would expect for a month of May in Central Europe.

9 responses to “Germany’s May 2015 Comes In 0.5°C Cooler Than Normal…Trend To Cooler Central European Springs Continues”

  1. David Johnson

    Cue SOD with a spurious link to show why this is not so!

  2. Svend Ferdinandsen
  3. DirkH

    This shows that Global Warming is now so bad that the dreaded positive water vapor feedback has set in, leading to increased cloudiness over Germany. This is the Venusification of Earth: Venus is always cloudy. QED and bingo.

    What we now need are giant tethered gliders hovering over the clouds with solar panels on the wings to decarbonize our economy.

    1. Oswald Thake

      Good idea, Dirk. You should apply for a grant to study it; just say it is to mitigate Global Warming and your cheque will be in the post!

  4. Lasse

    Greenland is now one month behind melting schedule.

  5. A C Osborn

    Did you miss this article on Siemens losing 1600 jobs in Germany?
    or are you going to post on it

    1. DirkH

      It is very likely that sanctions against Russia contributed to the decision. I don’t know about specifics re Siemens delivery of gas turbines or the likes to Russia, but Siemens just lost out on delivering trains for the new High Speed TransSib to a Chinese consortium. The sanctions are now really starting to hurt German industry projects in Russia. (Accordingly, political pressure is mounting quickly.)

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  7. V Německu vyšel květen 2015 o 0,5°C chladnější než normál… Trend ochlazování středoevropského jara pokračuje | ALMANACH

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