German Chancellor Refuses To Answer Inconvenient Climate Questions From Fellow Scientist

It appears leading German politicians have no interest in dealing with facts.

Last March geologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning, co-author of the climate science skeptic book “The Neglected Sun“, wrote a letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Sadly he never got a reply.

Therefore he has posted the following letter at the Chancellor’s “Direct to the Chancellorwebsite here.

You can support Dr. Lüning’s request for answers and democratic participation by clicking “dafür stimmen” (in favor), circled in yellow in image below, at the end of the letter at the above link. You’ll have to enter the code in the box.

Merkel letter

Here is Dr. Lüning’s letter in English:

The Fight against global warming

Dear Chancellor Merkel

I am referring to the article “The fight against global warming: Climate protection has priority” at:….

1) You wrote (with reference to Germany):
‘Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent’
On which scientific publications and time periods are you basing this on? According to my knowledge most studies have found Central Europe has had no increase in weather extremes over the past 100 years.

2) You presented ‘heavy rains and storm flooding are on the increase’ and ‘the five largest natural catastrophes of 2014’ as examples of extreme weather events. Such a list can be drawn up for any desired year. Climatically relevant, however, in this relationship are foremost long-term trends of the last 100-300 years. How does these look? What is the intent of your list?

3) You wrote:
‘Climate change is leading to high costs. The total costs arising from natural disasters in 2014 worldwide was 110 billion dollars. One cyclone in India for example caused damage of seven billion dollars.’
However, scientific papers show that the observed rise in global extreme weather insurance damage is almost completely based on socio-economic reasons.

4) You quote Peter Höppe of reinsurer Munich Re: ‘Damages from thunderstorms and bad weather have been shown to be on the increase in various regions such as the USA and Central Europe.’
And what about other regions on Earth? How do things look when it comes to the global mean? And can it be excluded that natural fluctuations/shifts are at play here?

Thank you in advance for your reply.
Kindest regards
Sebastian Lüning

12 responses to “German Chancellor Refuses To Answer Inconvenient Climate Questions From Fellow Scientist”

  1. Ed Caryl

    There will not be an answer.

  2. Stephen Richards

    She cannot answer. She has just pledged to rid the world of CO² by 2100.

    Help the lunatics are out and meeting in Germany

  3. DirkH

    Currently it looks like the G7 have agreed to use Climate Change as the big distraction; as neither their war in Ukraine, nor the conquest of Syria, nor the expansion of the EU, nor TPP, nor TTIP, nor the “recovery” in the USA are getting anywhere – while China and Russia trade NatGas, build pipelines, build highspeed rail, form the AIIB…

    …and the world de-Dollarizes… tic toc… G7 promises to someday churn out 100 bn Dollars a year to the “poor” (who actually have no mountain of debt to roll over, compared to the G7)… Haha… Dollars will be in ample supply, we can be pretty sure about *that*….

  4. edmh

    Look at the Holocene Context

    Very sadly we are watching an unnecessary political juggernaut aimed at ruining the economy of the Western World on the altar of a non-problem.

  5. Rob

    I can understand Obama believing all the global warming hype – he’s clueless. But I really dont understand Angela Merkel. You would think that somebody with a degree in physical chemistry would have a sufficient science background to realize 1) Global Warming is a scam; 2) Windpower is a scam; 3) Solar in Germany is for the fairies; and 4) and nuclear is the cleanest, most cost-effective energy source if you still want to “decarbonize”. Or is she just a populist politician that will bend whichever way the wind blows, never mind the consequences? Has she no integrity whatsover? Can somebody living in Germany enlighten me?

    1. Mikky

      Coalition govt has probably got a lot to do with it, previously she was stuck with “Greens”, now with lefties, and more generally the EU is a lefty-green club of doom.

  6. DirkH

    Researchers from Braunschweig and Göttingen develop portable device that kills bacteria in wounds and accelerates wound healing by generating cold plasma.
    Team gets price by German President Gauck. I don’t link to that because Gauck has become such a disgusting slimeball.

  7. Harry Dale Huffman

    ASKING Merkel questions is basically begging for an answer from the Most High (I have tried INFORMING, and that doesn’t work any better than begging). You can only IMPRESS a politician, as that is what they themselves are always trying to do–convince them your side is the side their bread should be buttered on. And that requires a steady stream of full-page ads and primetime commercials in the mainstream media–which shows them you have plenty of money and can get and hold the attention of the masses. I imagine it’s like getting a loan–you have to show them you don’t need their money in order to get it.

    These “New World Order” folks are committed to their vision, and it is likely to require both a complete alternative vision to theirs AND a massive shock, putting their vision in grave doubt, to get them to listen to reason. They are deliberately rigging the system against that now, to the best of their ability.

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