Woman Who Ignored CONSENSUS “Nutritional Guidelines For Good Health” Turns 116!

I can hear it already. Like the climate activists who now deny there was a global cooling scare 40 years ago, in 10 years time or so we’ll be hearing the media and all the proponents of the low-fat/high carb diet claiming that this too was never a consensus.

Remember how eating saturated fats was supposed to cause artery-clogging, dangerous cholesterol and hence had to be avoided at all times? Day after day we were indoctrinated to follow the government’s and doctors’ guidelines of eating high carb, low fat foods. The science was fully endorsed for decades by the AMA, AHA, etc.

The food industry responded by filling store shelves with Twinkie and Cocoa Puffs-quality “foods”. Today tens of millions are afflicted with horrendous ailments like diabetes, heart disease and malnutrition.

Fortunately a few people ignored the totally bogus consensus nutritional recommendations and continued consuming high fat diets that included real butter, chicken, beef, cheese, eggs, fat-dripping bacon …and more eggs, along with their vegetables. The Telegraph here writes about how one person ate bacon and eggs every day almost her entire life and has just turned 116! In her kitchen she has a sign with a what I’d call a really sensible nutritional guideline:

Bacon makes everything better!

On the other hand we could continue corroding and oxidizing our bodies with carbs, or even follow the example of tech guru Steve Jobs, who had top chefs cooking a strict vegan diet for him daily. Jobs wound up dead at only 56. His “healthy” diet may have been deemed responsible, and friendly to the environment. But it certainly was not healthy or friendly to him.

18 responses to “Woman Who Ignored CONSENSUS “Nutritional Guidelines For Good Health” Turns 116!”

  1. John F. Hultquist

    “Bacon makes everything better!”

    Search on that — many signs, T-shirts, mugs, and so on.
    There are many variations.

    Lunch was toasted cheese and bacon sandwiches.

  2. Moose

    I have changed to a LCHF diet about a year ago. My bloodwork has never been better! I feel great and food tastes like it should be, all natural ingredients and as low in carbs as possible.

  3. Ross Handsaker

    Steve Jobs died of cancer in October 2011. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in October 2003 following a CAT scan. Unfortunately for Steve the cancer had already mestastasised to the liver and other parts of his body by the time he had surgery in July 2004.
    Given the 5 years survival rate for victims of pancreatic cancer is only 5%, it might be argued Steve Jobs did very well to live a further 8 years after diagnosis.

  4. DirkH

    Pierre, did you notice the youtube link to the interview with Lierre Keith?
    Can’t post link for tech reasons now, but google
    Vegan MYTHS Debunked with Lierre Keith
    (she is an ex die hard Vegan)

  5. BobW in NC

    “continued consuming high fat diets that included real butter …”

    Really. So, how did we cook our fried eggs when I was a “youngster’ (late 40s, early 50s)? First step: Cook the bacon in a black, cast iron fry pan. Number 2: Remove bacon (hey, no problem!). Step three: Crack the eggs into the hot skillet; let them sizzle in the hot bacon fat. Step 4: Spoon the how bacon fat over the yolks to set them to you preference. Step 5: Remove perfectly cooked eggs. Step 6: Remove “English” muffins from under boiler, where they had been toasted after slathering them with butter.

    Now, folks, I mean to tell you…THAT is breakfast! Oh, wait…you tell me it’s high fat? Oh, darn. My bad.

    Sorry, y’all!

    1. Jeff

      Yep, there’s nothing like bacon. It’s also great with garden-fresh string or green beens (cooked in bacon grease, of course)…

      And, from Think Geek, in honor of all things bacon:)

  6. David Appell

    “Bacon makes everything better!”

    My brother also ignored consensus nutritional guidelines.

    He died of a heart attack at 38.

    1. DirkH

      Well, David, did he smoke?

    2. Jeff

      My grandfather had bacon and eggs, or beans with bacon grease almost every day of his life – all 96 years’ worth.

      His sister lived two doors down, ate a similar diet, and lived to be 95.

      Other relatives made it into their 90s as well, despite this so-called bad diet. On the other hand, I had an uncle who smoked 3-4 packs of Camels unfiltered who barely made it into his fifties. Difficult watching someone just waste away from lung cancer… Then again, another uncle who smoked off and on made it into his eighties.

      Sorry to hear about your brother, indeed, but there are more things than diet that affect the heart, some of which we can’t or don’t immediately see (e.g. hypertrophic myocardiopathy, or concealed WPW leading to a-fib then v-fib, etc.).

      Many young, otherwise healthy, usually athletic (and usually male) people just keel over, and this is often HCM at the root of it. So generalizing about cholesterol or eating habits isn’t the whole story.

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