Sun Is “The Major Control On Climate Change,” Say German Scientists In New Book

Climate skeptic book “The Neglected Sun” by German scientists Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt is now

available in paperback

. Geologist George Devries Klein has published a book review at the blog of the Heartland Institute:

In both my opinion and experience, this book is by far the best book I have encountered and read on the issue of climate change and anthropogenic global warming. Anyone interested in this topic should read a copy. It’s that definitive.

The book is a translation of the German version, Der Kalte Sonne, published in 2012. Thus, some of the policy discussions are set in a German context. They do provide a glimpse of what could happen if similar policies are adopted elsewhere as one sees today in the UK.

Here are some critical things I learned from the book (this is an incomplete list):

  • The sun, including its magnetic cycles, and inner dynamics, exerts the major control on climate variability and climate change.
  • Six different cycles of solar activity are documented. The climate history of the earth, including the last 150 years, correlate closely with these cycles which range from 11 to 2300 years. Moreover, some are amplified long term by Milankovich orbital parameters.
  • The sun’s quantitative influence on climate change exceeds the influence of anthropogenic CO2, although the authors acknowledge that anthropogenic CO2 has a minor role to play in raising global temperatures (I concur with this interpretation). The supporting arguments are well-buttressed and convincing
  • The current temperature “Pause” is explained in terms of solar cycles and decreasing solar radiation. Likely, a period of cooling is ahead as solar radiation entering a diminished phase.
  • Chapters 5 (Has the IPCC really done its homework?), 6 (The misunderstood climate amplifiers), and 7 (A look into the future) provide the most detailed and accurate critique of the UN-IPCC’s reports I have read (I call it a withering dissection). Thus, projected future temperature increases are expected to be much less than the UN-IPCC infers and the climate ‘crisis’ is overblown far too much. These chapters are incisive.
  • The last two chapters deal with German climate and energy policy. They are instructive because the policies are failing, particularly as electricity costs have skyrocketed since implementation. This is becoming a universal problem.
  • A trivial (or perhaps not) fact I did not know. Before Angela Merkel became Chancellor of Germany, she was the minister of the environment. It appears she was co-opted by the green movement well before her rise to global prominence.

Summary recommendation: Buy this book. Our future may depend on it.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: George Devries Klein is a geologist who earned his MA from the University of Kansas and his PhD from Yale University in that field. He worked for Sinclair Research, Inc., and taught at the Universities of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Illinois @ Urbana Champaign. He is now Professor Emeritus, Geology, University of Illinois @ Urbana Champaign. Between 1996 and 2014, he was president of SD-STRAT Geoscience Consultants, Inc, a geological consulting firm in the petroleum field. He is now retired in Guam.

19 responses to “Sun Is “The Major Control On Climate Change,” Say German Scientists In New Book”

  1. Paul Vaughan
  2. ColA

    This book should be made compulsory reading for delegate PRIOR to Paris.

    Obama and Merkel should read it three times – they have very poor comprehension!

  3. DirkH

    “A trivial (or perhaps not) fact I did not know. Before Angela Merkel became Chancellor of Germany, she was the minister of the environment. It appears she was co-opted by the green movement well before her rise to global prominence.”

    She and most other top German politicians of the ruling bloc parties are members of the Atlantikbrücke. They get schooled in courses in the USA.

    Atlantikbrücke was founded by Warburg; member of the international banker caste. And there we come to the power elite that has also conceived the Club Of Rome and the UN’s enviro-panic strategy since 1972, Stockholm, summit on the environment.

    Merkel was positioned in her role by the globalists; and running her through the EnviroMin is just fitting with the current strategy of the globalists.

    BTW, the Atlantikbrücke also has some puppets in the Green party leadership itself, noteworthy, the Turk Cem Özdemür, journalist by “education”.

    1. sod

      Merkel is hindering, not forcing the Energiewende.

      she was a lousy minister of environment. For example she supported nuclear waste depot Gorleben even though there were better alternatives and she supported Asse, even though she new that there were massive problems.

      Worth clicking, if even only for the photo of a younger Merkel:!5158448/

      1. DirkH

        Ah, sod, you are such a leftist extremist, ZEIT and taz, isn’t it adorable what you have for sources.

        “Merkel is hindering, not forcing the Energiewende.”

        Yeah, looting 24 bn EUR per year from the population for subsidies is really not what we would calla revolutionary war; it’s only 1% of GDP; 24 bn EUR, barely enough for OEN oligarch. 10% that would be more like it, also, we could then have Gold-plated wind turbines.

      2. DirkH

        And also sod: I think I have to spell that out for you – The UN’s enviro-panic strategy created by Maurice Strong is of course NOT about doing anything for the environment – it is about making the UN the world government.

        As you are young and perfectly clueless, read H G Wells’ Shape Of Things To Come, and read up on the history of the Fabians, of which Wells was a member, and of Technocracy Inc, which was basically the same thing as Zeitgeist now, and the same thing that Schellnhuber wants now (or what the UN wants).

        1. George in Vancouver

          If you want to spend a few hours watching/listening to a fascinating description of Technocracy, then John B. Wells ‘Caravan to Midnight’ program has a worthwhile episode:

          It is over 3 hours long, but a lot of dots are connected.

  4. sod

    So if the sun is cold, why was the first half of 2015 the hottest on record?

    Why was 2014 the hottest year on record?

    How will you try to explain when el nino also makes satellite temperature to reach records?

    1. bit chilly

      to agree with what you state, first you must have blind faith in the bastardised global temperature models and their output . there is no way to measure a mean temperature for the earth on any given day, never mind a year.

    2. DirkH

      What el nino? You mean the one that’s already at max?

    3. Paul Vaughan

      Look at the graphs to which I linked in the first comment above.

      Solar cycle deceleration (SCD) is driving northern hemisphere temperature UP …and we are currently in the UPswing of the BDO (bidecadal oscillation), which shares a spatial mode with ENSO.

      The primary tactic of alarmists & *especially lukewarmists is to misrepresent the nature of sun-climate relations.

    4. AndyG55

      2014 was NOT the warmest in the very short term record.

      2015 HAS NOT had the hottest start on record.

      Those are LIES perpetrated by the two fraudsters at NOAA, Schmidt and Karl.

      The satellite data shows just how much of a LIE that is.

      El Ninos generally cause a spike in the atmospheric temperature.

      There is NO spike in the atmospheric temperature.

      If there is an El Nino, its a “do nothing” one.

    5. AndyG55

      And how will you explain when the temperature starts to dip because of the quiet sun, and the divergence of the climate models becomes even more ridiculous than the farce they currently are. ! 🙂

  5. henkie

    Dear Pierre,
    glad to see that you are up and running again with NTZ! Kudos for Markus S for fixing the mess.

  6. BobW in NC

    Again, welcome back, Pierre. Glad to see the Sun is finally getting its due for its influence on our climate.

    The only point in the article I disagree with (could simply be that I don’t now enough)is this: “anthropogenic CO2 has a minor role to play in raising global temperatures (I concur with this interpretation.”

    Here’s the problem for me: human activity reportedly accounts for only 3%–5% of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere each year. Assuming that information is true, and if it’s also true that H20 vapor with an essentially similar LIR profile but at 25X to 100X the concentration of all CO2 in the atmosphere is correct, then to say that anthropogenic CO2 plays a “minor” role seems a bit of overstatement.

    Against the background of naturally emitted CO2 (95% to 97% of all CO2 emitted)and particularly any effects of H20 vapor, is the effect of anthropogenic CO2 on global climate even measureable? To me, any effect would likely be overwhelmed by other factors; i.e., it would be negligible.

    Just curious.


    1. Paul Vaughan

      The residuals from the graphs to which I linked in the first comment above look NOTHING like CO2. Observations suggest CO2’s contribution is ~0%. So far as I’ve been able to tell during 7.5 years exploring climate, all of the ideas about CO2 having a role in climate are based on theories that don’t match observations. The lack of match with observations suggests that the theories are based on false assumptions.

    2. Mike Heath

      For what its worth, it does seem that anthropogenic CO2 is miniscule compared to that from the planet itself. However, the Mauna Loa data shows a consistent rise in CO2 levels since the late 50’s which somehow is said to show the accumulation of anthropogenic CO2 over this time. There is no doubt that it has increased.

      The increase is incremental every year and looks like a “smoking gun” but work done by Salby seems to show clearly that the signature of the annual signal is not man made, rather it is a result of the warming planet and unpopulated land masses.

      You have probably already watched the video, but if not I recommend it.

      1. Paul Vaughan

        Whether manmade or natural, there’s no correlation with the residuals.

  7. Dyson

    Many think that political decisions about climate are based on scientific predictions but what politicians get are projections based on computer models. The UN’s main adviser, the IPCC, uses adjusted data for the input, their models and codes remain secret, and they do not accept responsibility for their projections.

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