2015: The Year Europe’s Winter That Never Left …Snow And Frost Grip Continent Yet Again This Summer!

European cold update…

German weather site wetter24.de writes that parts of Germany, Switzerland and Austria will see frosty nights in the days ahead, heralding an early start to autumn.

Temperatures in southern Germany dipped to -5°C early this morning, with frost gripping also parts of eastern Germany and the Black Forest region, where in Bernau the temperature dropped to -1°C this morning. The low temperature at the ground surface was -5°C – awfully cold for a region where frost and snow were supposed to be a thing of the past even in the wintertime!

Wetter.24 also forecasts a 65% chance of surface frost in the Black Forest region in the coming nights as well. Also in mid July Central European regions saw frost!

Winter never left Scotland, sees snow yet again this summer!

In some parts of Europe this summer it is turning out to be one that never saw winter leave. The dailymail.co.uk reported here just days ago that Scotland was forecast to get snow on the ground this week – on top of the snow from last winter that never left. This means 2015 will be the year where winter never really left!

The Daily Mail writes:

Big freeze is on the way
Britain is set to plunge into freezing temperatures with heavy snow showers next week.

The cold snap will begin on Sunday in Scotland and is expected to spread southwards, bringing snowfall to parts of England and Wales by Wednesday.”

All this comes on the heels of one of Britain’s coldest summers in years. It seems the warmer the NOAA fudges the temperature data, the more snow and frost we are seeing.

Also in July Scots were forced to endure winter conditions. The Scotsman here reported of “hats, scarves and gloves in July in one of the most dismal summers in living memory“. It added: “It’s the second time this month snow has been forecast.”

Year-without-a-summer Sweden

Sweden too saw icy, wintry conditions this summer, with older residents in one Sweden’s mountain region unable to remember “seeing so much snow in August since the 1960s“.

WeatherAction News Blog reported:

A very unique situation, say the residents in the area.

The approaching autumn, and still do not have the snow melting away on the mountains. Villagers in Klimpfjäll cannot remember there ever been so much snow left at this time.

‘I’ve plowed this since the 60s and this much snow has never been there. It should have been gone by now but it’s not,’ says Agne Eliasson in Klimpfjäll.”

Swedish Västerbotten site here reported in August:

Snowdrifts in the low mountain should normally be gone now. Go towards the Norwegian border to the west at 1100 meters altitude, then there is more snow than bare ground.”

“Start of a significant cold period”

Earlier NTZ reported here how Iceland had been experiencing one of its coldest summers in 20 years.

Met Office meteorologist Páll Bergþórsson suspected already in April 2015 that the cold was no isolated event, but the start of a significant cold period.

Europe may have to be buried under a kilometer thick sheet of ice before people wake up to the hoax of global warming.

Impressive ice growth in Greenland

Not only Northern Europe has been gripped by cold and ice, but also a large part of North America, Greenland and the North Atlantic has been colder than normal so far this year. German site wobleibtdieglobaleerwaermung wrote that in the 2014/2015 season the daily course and accumulated ice mas development on Greenland measured in gigatons since September 1, 2014 is showing a mass growth of around 200 gigatons, or 200 cubic kilometers.”  Read more here.

28 responses to “2015: The Year Europe’s Winter That Never Left …Snow And Frost Grip Continent Yet Again This Summer!”

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  2. BobW in NC

    I wonder if the participants of the upcoming Paris conference will discuss this. How silly of me! I’m sure our erudite, science informed President Obama will…

  3. sod

    If you google “Freibäder” you will see, that this was a record summer. But possibly all those people went for diving under the ice?



    1. DirkH

      So you dispute that it’s cold now?
      Are you even in Germany? I though you were on an internetless Trolliday somewhere in Warmunist-Trollistan?

    2. nightspore

      The problem with people like you is you never know when to keep quiet. You seem to have an uncontrollable urge to answer everything, no matter what the likelihood is of it being right. You seem to be a genuine sophist whose entire reality depends upon argument.

  4. Wetter24: Minus 5°C Bodenfrost in Bernau/Schwarzwald am 8. September 2015 | wobleibtdieglobaleerwaermung

    […] Der kalendarische Sommer 2015, der erst am 23. September endet, setzt seine kalten und teils frostigen Eskapaden in Teilen Deutschlands und Europas fort, wie sie P. Gosselin in einer lesenswerten Zusammenfassung heute beschreibt: https://notrickszone.com/2015/09/08/2015-the-year-europes-winter-that-never-left-snow-and-frost-grip-… […]

  5. Stephen Richards

    Don’t believe the Daily Mail story. An anticyclone will be moving away from the UK toward Scandinavia. In winter this heralds a start of bitter cold across southern england and northern France. In autumn it heralds a spell of warm or very warm weather over the same region. However, ocean cycles look very similar to 2009/10 (h/t Joe Bastardi) and 2009/10 was the coldest december for 100 yrs in the UK. Elsewhere it was no great deal until mid winter.
    JAMSTEC show a slightly below average winter across NW europe with another very cold spring. Typical El Niño/cold PDO/AMO winter.

  6. DirkH

    I think we have as in the past few years an extremely loopy jetstream; and if you’re in one of the stripes with Northwind you get the chills, if you’re only slightly to the East or West of it you get hot Sahara blasts. Seems to be typical for Grand Solar Minima.
    Germany as well as Sweden, as my Swedish contacts confirmed, had a heatwave only 2 weeks back – we flipped from the Southwind strip to the Northwind strip as the Jetstream shifted.

    All of this has never been forecast by the climate modelers and they should be stripped off their credentials and be forced to work as burger flippers. Remember their cocksure forecasts?

    1. DirkH

      Theoretically, the climate modelers would now have to reconstruct their models, incorporating the obvious influence of the sun’s electromagnetic field, to try and get that jetstream pattern right.
      They would also have to recall their forecasts and stop the politicians from furthering their catastrophic economic mistakes.

      But they don’t do any of that. This shows that the warmunist climate modelers are frauds. They are not interested one bit in getting the science right, and just greedy scoundrels.

  7. Scott

    I think they see a smidgeon of the writing on the wall and are now saying that global warming has disrupted the Atlantic Ocean Circulation giving us cooling. see WUWT http://wattsupwiththat.com/2015/09/08/new-studies-promote-arctic-cooling-fears/

  8. Alex B

    Sorry to say but the title of this topic is a bit overdone. Looking at my former home country the Netherlands summer has been quite well with several warm periods with temperatures over 30 degrees Celcius. At my current home country Norway it wasn’t that good until August and then it turned out to be very fine (as is often the case here). I made a daytrip to Sweden to the Gävle area and there temperatures were around 20 degrees with clear sky and much sun. I was glad the airco in my car worked. That new snow might fall in areas higher up (high in both altitude and lattitude) doesn’t say that much. This said, I do hope winter won’t get as cold as 2009 and 2010 with cold spells down to -25 Celcius.

  9. sod

    ” PS: A single “daytrip” is hardly enough data to draw a conclusion on an entire summer.”

    I did post the july map in the past and the august map will look even hotter, when it comes out.


    The focus of this topic is a tiny blue spot on a completely red map.

    1. Ric Werme

      The UAH satellite data shows Scandinavia was below the 1981-2000 average in July. August doesn’t seem to be out yet.


  10. sod

    “We all know that Scotland and England had much cooler than normal summers, yet NOAA chart fails to show this. ”

    You are right. The UK summer was the coldest. in 3 (three!!!) years!


  11. Paul Callander

    Also at he same time much of Australia has had a cold winter. Melbourne coldest for about 2 decades.

  12. sod

    Here is an article about the effect. Looks like it is causal (cold weather over the north, warm weather in Germany).

    The diagrams show a similar picture in 2003.

    (beware, the article is by Rahmsdorf, just skip the worlds and only look at the pictures if you dislike him)

  13. sod

    Both, the northeast and the northwest passages were open this year.


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  17. Dave Gardener

    We have had an incredibly cool wet spring, and a hot dry summer near the Great Lakes in Canada. It’s October in 3 days and my garden has tomatoes and peppers! No frost yet, we haven’t had a night in single digits yet. This is the latest and warmest September that I remember. And driest.

    I have friends in the gardening community throughout Europe and they all have told me that it has been “the pits”. Mid-teens and grey and rainy where normally it should have been warm and sunny. A normal Irish summer though!

  18. Russia Warns Global Chaos To Follow Worst Winter In History | The Total Collapse

    […] of Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) that not only has slammed Europe with the “winter that never left” this year, but is now threatening to unleash upon the world another Little Ice Age (LIA) […]

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