Shrill Alarmism Backfires…Squandered Credibility, Potsdam Institute Scientist Wonders Why No One Heeds Daily Climate Alarms

Stefan Rahmstorf’s Nightmare

By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt

When facts and arguments stop convincing, then the only thing left to do is to argue at an emotional level. Climate activists have produced a website where IPCC-cozy scientists expressed their concerns in hand-written letters. One of the writers was Stefan Rahmstorf of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). He wrote of a frightful nightmare:


Not nice, but this can happen if one calls in the fire brigade for nothing countless times. Eventually the credibility gets completely destroyed and the fire brigade prefers to just stay on alert and play cards. Panic spreaders damage the credibility of the precautionary principle.

See for example:

Climate false alarm in Hanover: The big Stefan Rahmstorf Show at the Environment Committee of the Lower Saxony State Parliament
IPCC-friendly group of climate activists withdraw video: Rahmstorf study no longer the scientific consensus
New study by Durham University downgrades Rahmstorf’s flood scenario for North Carolina to a fairy tale

15 responses to “Shrill Alarmism Backfires…Squandered Credibility, Potsdam Institute Scientist Wonders Why No One Heeds Daily Climate Alarms”

  1. DirkH

    I have a recurring nightmare as well. A bunch of unelected technocrats grab the power over Europe and turn everyone’s life into a nightmare.

    Oh wait.

  2. DirkH

    EU wants to use warmunist CO2 scare to FINALLY get their first EU tax, under the guise of saving the planet:
    Rome, burning, emperor, fiddle.

  3. Graeme No.3

    Aesop has been homogenised to

    The Climatologist who cried wolf

  4. Mike

    The letter seems to show that he really believes what he is doing and writing. Can’t be a scam then.

  5. Robin Pittwood

    I wonder if he’ll wake up and realise it was just a bad dream.

  6. Mindert Eiting

    Even his emotions are made-up.

  7. Donal Pierce

    It would be really interesting to have this handwriting analysed. It all looks very confused to me….

  8. sod

    i had a nightmare (non-recurring, non-shrill). I looked at cyclone data on this blog and i was wondering, whether the sceptics had a real point about “climate alarmism” on that one, based on real data.

    i did some google research and even that one showed a little unclosusive situation, raising my alarmism even more

    Then i woke up, and it turns out the data was false and is showing the opposite of what it was showing before.

  9. Bosseler Jean
  10. Ilma

    Rahmstorf needs to play the record back to himself (or take a long hard look in the mirror).

  11. DirkH

    One of the crazy persons from the warmunist wealth destroying machine says this:
    “As a scientist I found consensus incredibly boring! What motivated me to become a scientist in the first place was my desire to explain and model things we did not understand. It was never about preaching others about an existing scientific consensus. I feel uncomfortable in this strange role nearly as much as I am in discussing about believing or not in climate change. I am also tired of a debate that often becomes confrontational, dogmatic and sterile. ”
    Carlo Buontempo

    He feels UNCOMFORTABLE in “THIS ROLE”. Meaning he admits that his role is preach a bollocks consensus.

    Well I guess they gotta put more Soma into the water at the warmunist indoctrination mills!

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