Political Fraud – Van Ypersele Tries Using “Climate Change” As Excuse For Massive Middle East Policy Incompetence!

Nothing puts the spotlight on Europe’s and USA’s foreign policy debacle better than the Syria crisis and the waves of “refugees” pouring into Europe.

It is a policy catastrophe that will surely multiply in size over the coming months and years ahead, and especially puts European security a risk. Naturally Europe’s leading politicians are desperate to find an excuse. They’ve found one, it appears – so at least has Jean Pascal Van Ypersele, Vice-Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC): climate change.

Belgian television here presents a clip of Van Ypersele’s view on what is behind the Syrian civil war and refugee crisis. I’ve translated his words from the French to English:

Exactly now is the time to ask questions. You know that there have been a number of studies published over the last months that show the drought in the Middle East and in the region of Syria over many years is probably a factor that amplified in any case the difficulties of the region. It shows very well, this example of Syrian migrants, these Syrian refugees, that the problems are linked to the question of climatic change, that climate change is linked to an entire series of other questions.”

This is one of the most dishonest claims coming from a person who was educated at a Catholic institution. Such people, and our current Pope, really have succeeded in destroying whatever remaining faith I previously had in the Church in the wake of the child molestation affairs.

Such dishonesty and deception just cannot be followed. These totally incompetent leaders flat out refuse to take any responsibility whatsoever – for anything. For them it’s a game of shirk and blame, and it’s just mind-blowingly awful and morally disgusting.


27 responses to “Political Fraud – Van Ypersele Tries Using “Climate Change” As Excuse For Massive Middle East Policy Incompetence!”

  1. Harry Dale Huffman

    The US news media have paraded the Pope across all “news” outlets, even televising Catholic religious ceremonies as if they were news, not blatant promulgation of the Catholic faith. Some parade their faith, as at least one TV journalist spoke of the Pope’s “inerrancy in matters of faith” as if it were an objective fact, not a dogmatic tenet of the Catholic church and his own personal belief. No one is complaining about this in the news, so it seems just accepted, as far as the media themselves are concerned (although Fox news ran a poll that showed about 70% of the viewers said they would not follow the Pope’s visit in news reports, a sure sign to me that I am not the only one who doesn’t like one religion’s propaganda propagated as “news”). The powers that be (in this case, the mainstream media) don’t seem to be able to identify dogma as such anymore, especially when it is their own.

  2. Graeme No.3

    I don’t know what the coverage is in the EU but in Australia there seem to be a majority of young men, all well informed about the Social Welfare, free medical treatment and the delay until they can get the rest of their family to join them.
    Even if only some of that gets shown and B.S. like Van Ypersele’s also, then the general population will start asking questions, and that leads to more questions. Ypersele may influence people in ways he didn’t expect.

    On a personal note; I hope you still retain your USA passport. Merkel has unleashed a flood of welfare claimants and the extra debts on top of the renewable energy disaster could well tip Germany, and a lot of the EU, into deep depression.

    1. Stephen Richards

      My bet is that germany is already on the way down. It is well hidden for the moment. Like here in France, it is clear to everyone that the economy is a disastre but they keep putting out growth figures for our economy.

    2. DirkH

      Graeme No.3 28. September 2015 at 1:45 PM | Permalink | Reply
      “I don’t know what the coverage is in the EU but in Australia there seem to be a majority of young men, all well informed about the Social Welfare, free medical treatment and the delay until they can get the rest of their family to join them.”

      Same here. They get their information e.g. from W2EU, a George Soros group.

      George Soros behind Hijra (well, surprise)
      “George Soros W2EU Group Is Giving Handbooks
      to Fake Refugee Invaders
      Welcome to Europe

  3. Arsten

    This…teetering on the edge of ridiculous annoys me so very much.

    On the one hand, I can certainly see that a drought would exacerbate the turmoil in the middle east as creating the additional stress of “Man, I’m HUNGRY.” isn’t going to make your political stresses any easier to bear (especially if you see the political class eating without regard).

    On the other hand, prove climate change caused that drought you pompous wind bag. Or, failing that, get your sorry rear-end to the German countryside so that wind power will start producing a benefit while at the same time making it so no one can actually hear you.

  4. Stephen Richards

    I’m so disgusting that one of their minions said he would pray for me. I supposed that will work as well as all their other prayers to the pixies at the bottom of the garden

  5. mwhite

    Nothing to do with have barrel bombs dropped on top of them then?


    1. DirkH

      I keep hearing about those barrel bombs. Barrel bombs sure sounds mighty scary compared to Terror Bombing (Official term, US UK bombing campaigns over German/Japanese cities), or Atom Bomb. Man, an exploding barrel! Scary!

      I mean, Assad is so poor he has to fill BARRELS with what, gunpowder?

      Remember the Sarin scare (which turned out to be Sarin smuggled in via Istanbul by “Moderate Rebels”)? Remember how Assads forces raped everything in sight? (YES! NATO PsyOps trotted out that old canard for a few days in the early days of the campaign to remove Assad, back in 2011! Because, nothing wins a war like letting your soldiers go rape someone!)

      Search through the google news timeline to watch a fascinating history of everything the Western media tried out.
      Somebody already did it for you. Use google translate.

    2. Stephen Richards

      No. 80% of them are NOT syrians.

  6. m e wood

    I seem to remember that in the Encyclical the Vatican reminds Catholics that the Church doesn’t pronounce on matters of Science. We should not base your attitudes on media reports as we would like the media to base their Scientism on real scientific findings.

  7. Dan Pangburn

    Climate has always changed…naturally. The latest change is that it stopped warming. The last 542 million years demonstrate carbon dioxide has no effect on climate. http://agwunveiled.blogspot.com

  8. me wood

    I meant to include this as I’m not sure if you are aware of it.
    Insurance has it’s own agenda in insuring against sealevel rise for instance. if you don’t have this about no conflict between religion and science

  9. sod

    The globe has warmed by over 0.5°C, even when you look at satellite data and ignore what is happening on the ground.


    Regional changes are bigger, and seasonal changes in the regions even more so.

    The effect of global warming on local agriculture is real and will be extremely hard to deny in the near future.

    So while the causal chain might be beyond proof in this case, this will change soon.

    1. Moose

      “The effect of global warming on local agriculture is real and will be extremely hard to deny in the near future.”
      Indeed, there will be more plant growth.
      Ever take a look at the planet and noticed where the most vegetation is?
      In warmer areas!

      1. sod

        “Indeed, there will be more plant growth.”

        that is wonderful! And then people will simply move from the places that get try and barren to the places that have better plant growth now. And there they will be greeted with open arms!

    2. DirkH

      “Regional changes are bigger, and seasonal changes in the regions even more so.”

      …in both directions… which we all know as we know that more averaging dampens more noise… sod, you don’t actually gain credibility by speaking like an idiot journalist…

      1. sod

        “…in both directions…”

        This will not help. There is a nice post on the blackboard explaining the lukewarmer position.


        And this is one of the sentences, that i have most problems with:

        “Fourth, it involved a belief that humanity’s slow, jerky progress in caring for each other will continue. Regions benefiting from warming (or benefiting from disproportional emissions) have an obligation to aid regions that are detrimentally affected. We have that social obligation to each other whether the problem comes from climate change, disease, earthquakes, zombies or whatever. We’re all in this together. Perhaps I’m too optimistic about society but I think we’re getting there.”

        This does not happen at all. We are living in a capitalistic world. If one region is able to grow more food and another one less (for example because of climate change), we will not see aid moving from one place to the other. Instead the region growing more will take advantage from higher food prices in the region suffering from drought. And this is even true, when both regions are in the same country, but it gets much worse if it is two different countries.

        Unless you can guarantee very positive circumstances (like the positive effects outnumbering negative by a high factor like 10) you will see nearly all changes to have negative effects in comparison with holding a status quo.

  10. Oswald Thake

    Graph says 0.28 degrees, sod.

    1. sod

      “Graph says 0.28 degrees, sod.

      Roy Spencer is using the time up to 2010 as the number to compare to, to make that number look low.


      If you want to know the temperature change since the beginning of the record, you have to look somewhere at the start and somewhere at the end.

  11. sod

    On a interesting side note: Sceptics love to talk about the UHI effect, as a reason to dismiss surface temperature record.

    But in topics like this, they prefer to ignore the effect. Mankind is not only causing a change of global temperature. We also change local temperature (for example by the UHI effect) and do other bad stuff to the environment (for example bad use of water).

    So the “warmist” or environmentalist approach is to cure multiple factors, which all can lead to famine and, scarce water, war and refugees.

    A serious part of middle east “policy incompetence” is caused by the burden of oil. A money source, that uses little work resources and provides money to a small group of people, often people with strange ideas. If we had moved away from oil earlier (for example by an early move into solar PV and electric cars), we could have avoided a lot of disasters and trouble.

    1. DavidS

      If you want to start talking about genuine environmental problems (yes, the ones that being ignored and going to rot because of the AGW obsession), that is fine, but don’t try to give credibility to your warming fantasies by association to those. People who look at data and have the ability to analyze it correctly will see through it. So likewise, trying to associate informed skepticism with mid-eastern oil backed tyrants is slick but equally bogus. Furthermore, your particular so-called solutions are part of an attempt to implement a socio-political agenda. That agenda of tax, regulate, destroy the middle class, stifle free thought and any dissent under an undemocratic world government and associated predatory bureaucracy and security apparatus would never fly unless it is sold with manipulative hyped-up catch phrases like “we need it to save the earth”. Humanity did not quite fall for the previous attempts and hopefully will not buy into this one. When you drop the transparent nonsense content from your arguments, you might be taken more seriously. Start over.

  12. roger

    Hello Sod, still promulgating your drivel?
    Not ignoring but paying particular attention to what is happening on the UK ground,5500 turbines are producing 1.23GW out of a total demand of 32.83GW.
    We would require 137500 turbines to cover the demand on what is right now a belated summer’s day, with temperatures rather more than .5C above the CET average for late September.
    Despite this wild aberration, the sky remains, for now, firmly in place.

  13. Manfred

    The UN post-2015 development goals (aka ‘The Agenda) seek among many personally invasive and detailed propositions to regulate individual demand and national production.
    You will not require that which is not produced.

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