Early Winter: Deep Frost Rolls Over Central Europe …Heavy Snow Falls Over Poland, Romania, Slovakia!

A high centered over the Baltic states is pumping frigid air over central and eastern Europe, leading to widespread frost and snow this morning.

Here’s a list of the lowest readings recorded in Germany this morning:

Germany cold temps 12 OCTOBER

Source: www.wetter.com

You can also look at this map showing the cold centered over Germany. Right now warming is on nobody’s mind, and this current fall is exactly the kind people have seen generations earlier. The German climate has been hardly different than it was 30, or 60 years ago. The country is still getting its snow in the winter and frosts in the fall and spring despite the earlier predictions these events would be rare.

At Twitter Dr. Ryan Maui also tweeted a chart showing how southeast Poland and parts of Romania, Ukraine and Slovakia got battered by  snow earlier this morning, even “heavy” in some areas.

Poland Snow 12 October 2015

Also Poland snow photos here, and here.

Speaking of snow, it’s forecast to hit in Germany’s central hilly region later this week. According to WetterKonor here (my emphasis):

On Wednesady it will rain along the coast and over the course of the day a little bit over the far west. From Thuringia and Saxony rain showers will extend out to the northeast. Foremost in the low mountains there will be sleet and snow showers as well. Only in the south will it remain mostly dry, with a mx of sun and clouds. Weak to moderate winds will blow mostly from the northeast.
By the end of the week rain clouds will stretch over Thuringia and Saxony and to the south. There will be local sleet and snow showers in the bag.”

Dr. Ryan Maue at Twitter here presents a chart showing where the snow is most likely to fall in Germany on Wedenesday.

Eingebetteter Bild-Link

Austria looks to be hit by heavy snow, with some areas forecast to get a foot. One reader asked if such snow events are unusual for this time of the year. The answer depends on weather you are a skeptic or a global warming alarmist. For skeptics this is perfectly normal and is the sort of thing seen over the past 100 years – it’s weather as usual. For alarmists on the other hand, well, they said these events would be rare – even in mid winter. Snow is what we call for alarmists “inconvenient events”.

Is this the start of a brutal and protracted winter?

A number of forecasters have warned that the NAO has flipped, and thus will result in cold air dipping across the continent and bringing a bitter cold winter. Whether that pattern holds, however, is unknown. It could just let up and we could wind up with a mild winter.

But so far things are not starting off well. Already I’m sipping on a cinnamon tea of the kind popular around Christmas.


13 responses to “Early Winter: Deep Frost Rolls Over Central Europe …Heavy Snow Falls Over Poland, Romania, Slovakia!”

  1. mwhite

    I’ve at last found the Weather Bell page


    with the CFSv2 Global 2-metre temp anomaly.

    1. mwhite
  2. Moose

    Cheers on the tea!
    And, looking at the weather maps, the cold will be at least here for another week or so. Maybe even longer. The high pressure area near Sweden seems strong.

  3. David M
  4. Drymar

    The lowest temperature so far here in Finland is -14,5°C . 9th October in Kittilä, Lapland. This week temperature should be near normal. After a very or even unusually mild September, the first week of October felt very cool.

  5. DirkH

    4 day automated forecast for Brunswick, 150 km south of Hamburg, says temperatures will be rising over the next days.

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  7. DirkH

    I don’t know for how long, but the dying, broke Bertelsmann subsidiary SPIEGEL now has its eco-catastrophism news section sponsored by Zurich Insurance Group:

    The dying propaganda rags try frantically to get state money (like taz, SZ) or – in this case – private sector sponsors, that’s no news – but the blatant connection between an insurer who profits from panicking customers willing to pay prime premiums to the Eco-Malthusian endtimes reporting is just delicious.

  8. Adam Gallon
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  10. Hans-Dieter Schmidt

    I urge everyone to be very careful! In October 1974, there was repeatedly heavy snow in the Alps and the Mittelgebirge down to 300 m above Zero. In Middle Europe, the following winter 1974/75 was one of the mildest (!) in the 20. Century.
    However, there is a big difference: October 1974 was the warmest October in the Russian Capital ever! The flow of warm air reached even the northernmost region of that country. In contrast to that, this year Russia faces an onset of winter so early as not seen during the last years. So you can’t compare these two events, but as well one should keep in mind that it is not that easy to conclude months ahead.
    On the EIKE-Website, there soon will appear an article (in German) laying out everything in this context.

    Dipl.-Met. Hans-Dieter Schmidt

  11. Mervyn

    The best demonstration that an hypothesis may be valid is by observing what is actually happening. Seeing is believing.

    Unfortunately, for some years now, we have all been observing something that is simply not in accordance with the UN’s IPCC hypothesis on dangerous man-made global warming.

    Well, if the hypothesis is not supported by what is actually happening in reality, one does not need to be a PhD scientist to know the hypothesis is a crock of s**t!

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