Sweden King Carl XVI Gustaf (Who Resides In 1430-Room Palace) Proposes Banning Bathtubs To Protect Climate!

The online German-language FOCUS magazine here has an article on Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf’s latest idea to curb emissions of fossil fuels in order to rescue the climate: ban bathtubs!

Hat-tip DirkH

According to FOCUS, The King’s idea was reported this weekend in the Svenska Dagbladet, but has been met with a fair amount of backlash in the social media, with some Swedish citizens demanding the King first start by stopping his private jet travel and the many other royal excesses the King appears to enjoy, like his tax-payer financed residence shown below:

Swedish palace

The 1430-room Swedish Royal Palace in Stockholm, home to King Carl XVI Gustaf. Photo: Brorsson, CC BY-SA 3.0

FOCUS reports that before his interview with the Swedish daily, the King mentioned that he had been forced to use a bathtub instead of a shower at the place he was staying just before the interview. He thought it was a waste of energy.

FOCUS writes that The Swedish King is active when it comes to climate protection, drives a hybrid car, eats little meat and “tries to save energy in the Palace“. Carl XVI Gustaf says:

That’s not very easy in such an old house.“

According to Wikipedia:

The interior of the palace consists of 1,430 rooms of which 660 have windows. The palace contains apartments for the Royal families, representation and festivities such as the State Apartments, the Guest Apartments and the Bernadotte Apartments. […] A comprehensive renovation of the facade began in 2011, to repair weather damaged parts made from sandstone. The repairs are estimated to cost approx. 500 million crowns (about US $77 million) during a period of 22 years.”

The Wikipedia site has lots of photos of the interior and exterior of the King’s humble and low energy abode.


17 responses to “Sweden King Carl XVI Gustaf (Who Resides In 1430-Room Palace) Proposes Banning Bathtubs To Protect Climate!”

  1. KenW

    hehe, poor old guy. trying to be hip.

    We’re winning though.

    want more laughs?


    The desperation is palatable.

  2. S. Andersson

    His majesty the King of Sweden drives a Ferrari. He actually lives just outside Stockholm in another castle called Drottningholm. The Royal Palace is only used for entertaining guests! His people are very loyal. They follow him everywhere, but mainly out of curiosity.

    1. Kurt in Switzerland

      S. Andersson,

      Any idea how many days/nights a year Carl Gustaf and family actually spend in Drottningholm as opposed to traveling somewhere abroad for business or pleasure?

  3. Joe Chang

    I am not sure what the royalty situation is in Sweden. Presumably royal residences and various estates below to the king, rental income from the estates should fund his upkeep. I am sure how aggressive the king is in collecting licensing fees to use his likeness in trinkets.
    So there may not be any tax payer funding? The queen of England normally returns excess funds to the treasury? I suppose if he were hard up for cash, the palace could be converted to a hotel?

  4. Jonas N

    That indeed is one of his palaces, the one in downtwon Stockholm.

    However, since 1981 his permanent home residence is Drottningholm Palace, which can be seen here

    To be fair, the Royal family lives only in the southern (left) wing, the rest is a museum open to the public. As is the palace in Stockholm, and many other of his palaces, castles, pavillions etc.

  5. Recovering Lutheran

    Yawn. Another ultra-rich liberal dolt trying to bully other people.

  6. John F. Hultquist

    Reminds me of 8 years ago when Sheryl Crow thought using fewer pieces of toilet paper would save us:

    The Swedes have gone bonkers. Just so it doesn’t go unnoticed, my last name is of Swedish origin.

  7. Mike Spilligan

    It could be that the King is worried about sea-level rise. My guess is that the photo was taken at around a high tide – but if that frantic 8-metre guess is taken seriously in royal circles?

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  9. Loodt Pretorius

    Is this king related to Charles? Seems that there is a streak of madness in the royal bloodline of Europe.

  10. GP Alexander

    If he was a man of the people, he would offer to house a bunch of refugees there.

    Except that “being of the people” is the very antithesis of so-called royalty.

  11. fos

    The two Charlies have no sense of irony and no shame. We’re looking forward to the Nobel Prize ceremony on 10.12.2015…


  12. Dr Tim Ball-Climatologist

    Latest book and documentary.
    ‘The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science’.


    Debate between Dr Tim Ball and Elizabeth May
    Scroll down to Ian Jessop part 1

    1. GP Alexander

      Well Dr Ball, I am sure that you are as enthused as I am over our new Parliamentary Cabinet. /sarc

      Dr Kirsty Duncan as Science Minister, and Catherine McKenna Esq. as Minister of Environment and Climate Change. I am not going to bore others in this forum with their bios.. but…


  13. nightspore

    This is the wonderful thing about AGW. Because of AGW, all the Pod People are revealing themselves.

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