Prominent German Meteorologist Thomas Globig Dismisses Climate Forecasts, Claims Of Consensus

Question. What happens when the German public television puts out a report that happens to be honest and skeptical when it comes to climate change? Answer: Viewers are so surprised that they actually take the time to upload it at YouTube!

Hat-tip: here.

The above clip by MDR German public television features seasoned meteorologist Thomas Globig, who somehow managed to get his message broadcast during a recent weather report. He begins by asking: “Is CO2 a climate killer, or not?”

Surprisingly his response was what we typically expect to hear from the skeptic side. It’s a surprise he hasn’t been fired by now.

Scientists are in dispute

At 0:35 he tells his viewers that the scientific opinions on CO2 and its impact on climate are in fact split among the experts. “The opinion of climate scientists are totally divergent.” Contrary to the 97& consensus that often gets claimed, Globig tells us there is no consensus and that the subject is in heated dispute. He adds that the global warming theory is far from being clear.

And there are good reasons there is no consensus, Globig explains. At 1:25 he reminds us that CO2 is only a trace gas that makes up only 0.04% of the atmosphere and that over the past 160 years atmospheric CO2 increased only 0.01%. In the past Globig reminds that the earth at times saw “much higher concentrations of CO2“, and that even at times of higher CO2 concentrations the earth saw ice ages.

Globig: Man cannot stop climate change

At 2:22 he says that climate change is normal and that it is never constant. Man trying to stop climate change can never work and it would be like trying to stop the next storm.

At 2:40 he poses the real question that needs to be answered: Is the warming caused by man, or by nature? Globig says he cannot answer that question in the segment but points out that both weather and climate are non-linear, chaotic systems and thus neither can be predicted. “Neither can the climate be accurately forecasted over 20, 30 or 50 years.

Also last year on MDR television Thomas Globig questioned the intensity of global warming. Below he is shown presenting a temperature chart for his viewers in the city of Dresden:

Meteorologist Thomas Globig last year showing that the city of Dresden has in fact been cooling over the past 15 years. Image: cropped from MDR television


21 responses to “Prominent German Meteorologist Thomas Globig Dismisses Climate Forecasts, Claims Of Consensus”

  1. sod

    He is very careful with what he says.

    In case folks here have not noticed, most “dissenting” voices on climate change do not come from climate scientists. Mostly it is people who study geology or weather.

    I will offer two explanations:

    1. Geologists and weather forecast people just know more about climate, that those who study the climate.

    2. Geologists are unhappy, because climate scientists are changing many things they thought they knew. Weather people are angry, because climate scientists are telling us things decades in advance, while they struggle with what is 10 days ahead.

    1. DirkH

      “In case folks here have not noticed, most “dissenting” voices on climate change do not come from climate scientists. Mostly it is people who study geology or weather.

      I will offer two explanations: ”

      There is a much easier explanation that you know very well: It is impossible to convince a person of a fact if his livelihood depends on not understanding it.

      Which in turn tells me that YOUR livelihood depends on the warmunist pseudoscience.

    2. Stephen Richards

      Complete and utter twoddle. You clown.

    3. ClimateOtter

      A huge portion of the IPCC team are geologists, sod. So what’s your point?

      1. The Indomitable Snowman, Ph.D.

        For a long time, the IPCC was headed by a railroad engineer (until he was forced out due to, um, behavioral problems).

        Neither of these facts ever seem to bother the cultists.

      2. sod

        “A huge portion of the IPCC team are geologists, sod. So what’s your point?”

        Most geologists accept climate change. But among the few scientist who claim to be “sceptical” about it,we find mostly elderly geologists and weather experts. There is an obvious reason for this!

        1. ClimateOtter

          I don’t believe you, sod. Links please! From every single geological group on Earth. Containing member-by-member polls.

    4. GP Alexander


    5. jhbibin

      your most is nonsense and has NO point

  2. DirkH

    Saxons prove again that they will not take a dictatorship lying down.

    1. Bernd Felsche

      Saxons “invented” the rule of law (Domboc/Sassenspiegel), limiting the power of government (Magna Carta), property rights, freedom of expression, separation of church and state, …

      Many of them took centuries to deliver despite strident objections of church and other oppressors who lost power as it transferred to individuals.

      The rule of law and the right to own property paved the path to widespread prosperity. Freedom of expression was essential to protecting rights. Originally that freedom only extended to the influential (former robber barons and the like) who were first to build up their personal prosperity through “exploitation”. However, the increasing dependence on the increasingly educated “exploited” for labour produced a slow shift to egalitarian freedoms where the opinions of the unwashed were largely “tolerated”.

      When the British and Germans built their empires, they took many of those ideas around the world; but without the centuries of background, those ideas have largely failed to take root. Classes and under-classes prevailed; in part because neither the Germans nor the British had fully shaken off Napoleonic/Norman/Roman structures that are the seeds of bureaucracy, and power without merit.

  3. DirkH

    The German equivalent to the EPA doesn’t suffer from any doubts like skeptics do. They say, Global Warming WILL hit pensioners in big cities hardest. Of course they intentionally confuse Global Warming pseudoscience with the completely unrelated Urban Heat Island – but hey, if you want to fool all the people all of the time, you better lie fast, big, and hard!

    We SOOO need to get rid of this government. THey are not only idiots but dangerous and damaging every day of the week, on every single topic.

  4. Edward.

    “Saxons prove again that they will not take a dictatorship lying down.”

    Aye and Anglo Saxons think the same.

    It’s time to part the shield wall and march on, to attack and then cut down the alarmist chaff.

  5. R2Dtoo

    It is encouraging that more folks are speaking out. The number has to increase to the point where skeptic numbers are great enough that they are not vulnerable to personal retribution. Then we can all make an impact. It is still very risky to speak out publicly, so those of us who are retired must lead the way.

  6. M E

    I quite agree with R2D2 27. I often point the New Zealand Radio to alternative more scientific views on climate, which I see from an archaeological point of view having been educated in a time when past changes of climate were not of political interest.. Media “Persons” have usually had education in sociological studies and political studies and not in basic history, where they would have come across various instances of cold years,drought, bad harvests,starvation and plague noted at the time of occurrence.
    BTW Talking of history maybe those of you who can cast your minds back to World War II will remember hearing Lord Haw Haw , surely an ancestor of the esteemed ‘sod 26’ and maybe working for a similar government with a similar agenda of disinformation?

  7. Gregory Despain

    Sorry for the huge review, but I’m really loving the new Zune, and hope this, as well as the excellent reviews some other people have written, will help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

  8. Mervyn

    Honestly, Thomas Globig should be given a bravery award. Sadly, it seems, not many are prepared to be upfront about this global warming nonsense for fear of losing their jobs.

  9. Dr Tim Ball-Climatologist

    I would like to tell you of my latest book and documentary.
    ‘The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science’.
    My latest documentary and video of my presentation.
    My website is
    Thank you.

  10. Kelly Carter

    I am a geologist, and am certainly not old school. I know several other geologists who share the same opinion. The problem with climate research is it concentrates on the last 100,000 years or so of climate record. When you look at the rock record many of the climate theories fall apart. There are any instances in the geological history where co2 was much higher, and the climate much warmer. The Carboniferous for instance was characterized by warmer temperatures higher co2 large plants and extensive forests, and massive insects.

    Climate research uses computer models that are only as good as the input. There are many things that influence climate that are poorly understood and constantly changing as well. Ocean currents being one. One large volcanic explosion can also change everything. The little ice age in the 1400’s was caused by increased volcanic activity.

    The climate scientists and those selling climate change have theories that are too simple and do not consider accurately the complexity that is weather on Earth. CO2 emissions as a causal factor is extremely misleading. My personal opinion is concentrating on climate change for better environmental policies is barking up the wrong tree. We will spend tonnes of money for pretty much no benefit. There are so many other things we could spend our money on and leave a much healthier environment behind instead.

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