Germany’s Sexual-Assault Chernobyl – Public Outraged As Media/Political Cover-Up Crumbles

A stunning story has developed and it is thoroughly embarrassing Germany’s (naïve) policy of welcoming everyone and anyone, from anywhere, and with little border control to speak of.

As the world has come to learn of the mass gang-sexual-attacks by mobs of men in Cologne during the New Year’s Eve celebrations, what we have in fact witnessed is the Chernobyl of sexual assault on women. No one imagined this possible in a civilized country.

See here for background.

All across Germany

The Huffington Post Germany reports here the mass sexual terrorism against women was much more widespread than just an isolated incident in Cologne, rather it extended to places like Hamburg, Stuttgart, Bielefeld, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Berlin.

14 and 15-year old raped

Now, according to the latest media report, two young teenage girls, aged 14 and 15, were also raped by a gang of four men in the Rhine town of Weil – so reports German public broadcaster SWR. The two teenagers allegedly were the victims of “young men from Syria aged 16 – 20“.

Media kept lid on story for days

Amazingly it took the German mainstream media 3 to 4 days to even begin reporting the mass crime, sparking sharp public anger and accusations of a cover-up.

Major print and public broadcasting outlets resisted reporting the Cologne sex assault catastrophe – that is until mass outrage exploded on social media and at a few independent outlets. It was not until January 4 did the mainstream media finally abandon their blackout. Earlier, over months, the German public had been put under psychological pressure by the media and political leaders with thinly veiled threats of being labeled racist or extremist should anyone express criticism of the uncontrolled refugee policy.

Spiegel bullies a critic

For example the massive pressure not to express criticism was yet again plainly demonstrated just yesterday as Spiegel journalist Christina Hebel, who in a commentary here, compared conservative Andreas Scheuer of the Christian Socialist Union (CSU) to right wing extremists – just because he dared criticize the media’s hesitation to report the story and their resulting squandering of the public trust.

Police first claimed Cologne NYE had been “peaceful”

At police authorities in Cologne, so far 122 150 victims have filed reports of sexual assault, theft or even rape. As the scandal spreads, a chorus of accusations that the authorities ignored warnings and simply stood helpless is growing louder.

Bizarrely on the morning of January 1, after the mayhem had simmered down, Cologne police put out the unbelievable press statement claiming that the city’s New Year’s Eve celebrations had been “peaceful” when in fact it more resembled D-Day.

(Note: NTZ does not share the views of the person(s) who uploaded the video at Youtube)

It seemed no one was in a hurry or dared to tell it like it was.

To make things worse, Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker later put some of the blame for the mass sexual assault on the victim themselves, telling at a press conference women should avoid standing too close to strangers, or traveling alone in order to avoid being assaulted. She said:

There’s always the possibility of keeping a certain distance of more than an arm’s length — that is to say to make sure yourself you don’t look to be too close to people who are not known to you, and to whom you don’t have a trusting relationship.”

With that it seems the mayor is telling German women they are now expected to do their part and change their behavior so as to accommodate men who cannot control their urges. Her poorly thought out comments were roundly and harshly criticized.

Europewide, “rape capital” Stockholm, Sweden

The public outrage has become so intense that even left-leaning feminists, such as Alice Schwarzer, are blasting the German immigration policy. The far left retaliated, accusing Ms. Schwarzer of being a “right wing feminist”. Other feminists and activists had long warned trouble was brewing. The mass sexual assault – arguably the terrorism of women – is not an isolated incident taking place in Germany, but has swept across Europe, writes conservative news outlet Breitbart here. Stockholm Sweden today is being called the “rape-capital of the world” because the problem has gotten so bad.

The question remains, and is becoming increasingly urgent: Will Europe’s leaders finally take their responsibility and the fears of citizens seriously, and take real action, or will they let the extreme right exploit it to the max? Failure here is not an option.

Europe has reached a very critical historical crossroad.


49 responses to “Germany’s Sexual-Assault Chernobyl – Public Outraged As Media/Political Cover-Up Crumbles”

  1. yonason

    The leaders of the world have collectively gone insane, it would seem. My sympathy to all unsuspecting decent citizens for what your (mine as well) leaders are perpetrating on you.

    I expect it will get worse before it gets better.

  2. Doug Proctor

    Who benefits?

    Not the rapes and assaults, but keeping quiet about it. It is improbable that the assaults are a one-off thing, but an expression of group social values (including hiding one’s abhorrent behaviour within a large group). So the more the group grows, the more stable will the core values become (look to the behaviour in Muslim immigrant, ethnic concentrations in Brussels or within certain British cities). So keeping quiet is not allowing the problem to drift away – a “muddle through” philosophy.

    So, again, who benefits from the silence? Those who want the cheap labour unskilled migrants represent? Too much noise and the immigration gets cut off?

    I don’t have an answer. But if 20th century history tells us anything, concentrated power at the top doubles down when its self-proclaimed wisdom doesn’t appear to be working out. The solution here from the top might be to announce the arrest of the “ten” who were responsible …. Problem solved, move on. That’s the doubling down solution.

  3. Walter H. Schneider

    The machine translation produces “Massive sexual assaults in Salzburg [Austria]” but a more accurate translation would be “Massive sexual transgressions in Salzburg, too”

    That is in the context of the sexual transgressions experienced by many women in Cologne, Germany, on New Year’s Eve.

    The machine translation of the article reporting and commenting on the sexual transgressions in Salzburg is passable and all the more interesting as it deals with the same sort of suspects:

    >>>The last New Year’s Eve has become a horror night for a lot of women in European cities. Assaults are so far known from Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Berlin, Bremen, Dortmund and Fulda. From Sweden and Norway there are identical reports from Malmö, Gothenburg, Lund, Stockholm, Oslo and Drammen. Only today, on January 6, login increasingly voices from Salzburg, the identical experiences Report: Massive sexual assault of persons exotic appearance to women of all ages.<<<

    Thereby it is apparent that the issue of such sexual transgressions by the usual sort of transgressors (men who must be considered to be "North-African, or Arabic-speaking refugees") is a problem that is far more widespread and far from being an isolated incident in Cologne, where it was at first attempted to censor reports of such sexual transgressions even having occurred.

  4. yonason

    New Year’s Eve fun in France just not as much fun as it used to be.

    “The number of cars set alight in France on New Year’s Eve fell significantly this year, the government has said.
    Some 12% fewer cars were set alight on Wednesday compared with 2013, in a measure of what has effectively become an annual event in French suburbs since riots in 2005 in Paris and elsewhere.
    The number of vehicles torched fell from 1,067 a year ago to 940, the interior ministry said in a statement.”

    Now, 2005, oh, them was the good old days.

  5. Mikky

    The parallel with “renewable” energy is clear, daylight robbery of bill payers in plain sight, most of the mainstream media does not question it, even when people die of fuel poverty.

    1. Mike Haseler (Scottish Sceptic)

      What I find so abhorrent is the sure knowledge that the media has always behaved this way – it’s just that now with the internet we are getting to hear about these things that were previously censored by the journalists.

      So, how many other people have suffered, how many groups, campaigns, injustices have been repressed by the mainstream media when I gullibly accept them as some impartial and unbiased report of what was happening?

  6. yonason

    And don’t forget Brussels

    Bastille Day in Paris (July 15, 2015 – because they just love to have fun.)

    So much stuff to break, so little time.

  7. Greg

    I am Canadian. My wife and I were planning a trip to Europe this year, something we have never done. We had not decided which countries yet. There is no chance now, we will stay in North America. I’m sure we aren’t the only ones changing our plans. Your economies will suffer pain from lack of tourism.

    1. Bernd Felsche

      Very sad indeed that the situation has deteriorated so much that potential tourists think that they will not be safe. Tourism is, for many towns and regions, a key component of the economy. It’s not like one was “ever” safe from pickpockets in a railway station; but this level of insecurity is unprecedented.

      In this piece of satire back in September, I hinted that all holiday accommodation would be forcibly filled with refugees; leaving no space for paying tourists. An unpreparedness to vet those arriving has however contributed to make the situation even more unattractive to tourists; so much so that they are fearing for their personal safety.

      Thousands of arrivals in Germany were awaiting deportation before the flood.

    2. DirkH

      Ah well. In the more islamized parts of Germany, which I call the Jihad crescent and star – the crescent going from Hamburg over hannover over NRW over Frankfurt, Mannheim, Pforzheim, Stuttgart, Munich, and the star being Berlin – even in the bad quarters it’s not worse than in Baltimore. Only the guns are replaced by knifes, sticks and boots, and even that mostly only at the train stations, in public transportation and at night.

      Just take care at what are the old workers quarters, identifiable by cargo rail stations, sometimes the main station, and around steelworks, around car factories, any big factory, chemical factories, you know, the cheaper parts of town. Industry harbours. Those are the no go areas.

      Rural areas outside the Jihad crescent are beautiful and just fine.

      Never interrupt a Muslim smoking in public transportation or wherever it is forbidden except if you want to test your martial arts skills.

      The tourist attractions? Well they’re completely overrun with Muslim gipsy Rumaenian/Bulgarian Tsiganis stealing everything that’s not nailed down. So have a bag ready to punch them in the face, you don’t wanna hurt them.

    3. Stephen Richards

      France was the most visited country in the world but with terrorism, wind turbines and solar farms i’m sure it has lost it’s charm.

  8. RoyFOMR

    Recently I read a report on the immigration services in Sweden in which it was stated that administrators at the Swedish Immigration Service had all been ordered to “accept the claim that an applicant is a child, if he does not look as if he is over 40.”

    It would be interesting to find out what the policy for other European countries is regarding how age is determined as preferential treatment is given to under 18s.

    I’d hate to think of cases where adult individuals are put into school or young offender facilities or that the young rapists mentioned in the post fall into this category.

    1. yonason

      That’s happening in America as well.

      Sadly, what you “hate to think” of is almost certainly a reality.

  9. Bernd Felsche

    The initial chinks in the wall of censorship seem to have been create by Police unions making media statements after complaints about poor Police response to incidents.

    It seems that there was severe under-resourcing of police and poor communications between different police forces (State and Federal) especially around railway stations which are the responsibility of Federal police. Victims and other members of the public indicated that the security situation had not been communicated to the public; especially the situation with trains and the platforms (deliberately?) jammed with hundreds of foreigners who jostled, stole from and molested others.

    One female news presenter on (WDR) TV asked why she should change her behaviour; to make “allowances” for those who will not respect that women are treated as equals in Germany.

    1. DirkH

      “One female news presenter on (WDR) TV asked why she should change her behaviour; to make “allowances” for those who will not respect that women are treated as equals in Germany.”

      As state media are all communists, this means that the love of the hard left for Islam has now collided with their desire for women’s liberation, and for the moment, the radical feminists have a tactical victory over the Muslim-lovers.

      While the sex thugs have been identified as North-African/Arab, later corrected by a leaked police inside report to be mostly Syrian (Though, doesn’t mean anything, they ALL CLAIM to be Syrians!), the Muslim-ness of them has not been identified yet as the common factor by the slow learners at the hard left that are our journalists.

      They’ll get the hang of it in a year or five.

  10. Mike Haseler (Scottish Sceptic)

    When I first heard about the massive increase in rapes in Sweden I forwarded the story to two well known womens activists in Scotland (Jo Swinson then minister for equality and my then MP and Lesley riddoch). I’m absolutely certain that if this story had involved anything near such a massive increase in rapes and had not involved immigrants then both these hypocrites would have been jumping up and down on prime time TV blaming all the men for the increase in rapes of women.

    But because it involves immigrants – they both for very RACIST** reasons declined to do anything about it at all.

    **It is just as racist to falsely attack a group on racist grounds as it is to falsely defend them on racist grounds, so I’ve no hesitation calling their action racist.

  11. Edward.

    PEGIDA we’re, are a peaceful organization, the frenzy whipped up in the German Media the TV and press scurrilously over the top defamatory reports, painting PEGIDA out to be, some sort of reincarnation of the SturmAbteilung or, the Brown shirts.

    Mutti Merkel’s supporters then, were busing in left wing agitators anti Fascist thugs, sent to deliberately stir up trouble and with the aim of besmirching PEGIDA and all their supporters and with the BPOL turning a blind eye to what was happening.

    Opening up Germany to all comers, was Merkel’s strategy but then, she always was an agitprop Commie and the EU policy of open borders -encouraging mass immigration and thus to bringing about the end of the nation state: is what she is ALL about.

    Rape, child molestation, forcing drink and drug addiction onto children and serial grooming, of course the German authorities desperately tried to suppress the truth. Covering up the truth and political correctness observe, what has happened in England. ………now, God forbid it, its sadly arrived in Germany.

  12. Keith Minto

    I think that your Chancellor decided that these immigrants were one desperate way to boost the population of german speaking people.
    This seems odd, as I thought that she said that the immigration programme years ago was a failure.

  13. sod
    1. RoyFOMR

      Dear Sod,
      As a UK resident I have to admit that your nom de plume does appear to fit you like a glove – it makes me chuckle anyway:)

      You’re clearly an all or nothing sort of guy/gal when it comes to posting here and irrespective of the subject matter you always attack.

      Sod, this is just for you:

      Happy New Year

  14. sod

    I am pretty shocked by this article and the comments. It is rather obvious, that we disagree even more on other subjects, than we do on climate change.

    1. DirkH

      “I am pretty shocked by this article and the comments. It is rather obvious, that we disagree even more on other subjects, than we do on climate change.”

      You are in the Freiburg area? And you manage to rationalize the local rape epidemic committed by Refugees away? Or are you a Muslim yourself?

  15. Germany’s Sexual-Assault Chernobyl – Public Outraged As Media/Political Cover-Up Crumbles | sentinelblog

    […] No Tricks Zone, by P […]

  16. DirkH

    sod keeps claiming that media are honest people.
    Well actually, the Lower Saxon criminologist Pfeiffer, known for his deep sympathy and understanding for migrant criminals, reports that after the Cologne cases, he got interviews by several state-run TV stations. Before they started they requested he should NOT mention the word “refugee”. Pfeiffer told them, in that case we do not have to start and the interview is over. So they relented.

    This is proof that the journalist class has an agenda and lies by omission constantly. Whenever they can get away with it.

  17. DirkH

    Even after the Cologne New Years Eve Sex mob attacks, the attacks CONTINUED IN THE FOLLOWING NIGHTS – though with smaller gangs, not large mobs.
    German police shows itself as entirely incapable and unwilling of securing the peace. Act accordingly.

  18. sod

    I love this comnment on a Zeit Artikel about this subject:

    “ch kann mich noch an die Kommentare bei brennenden Flüchtlingsheimen erinnern: “Das ist doch gar nicht klar, dass das Nazis waren”, “erstmal warten, welches Urteil gesprochen wird, davor sind die Leute erstmal unschuldig”.

    Wird hier mit zweierlei Maß gerechnet?”

    1. DirkH

      I totally adore that comment as well. It shows us how stoopid the Left is.
      1) There’s tons of video from the incident
      2) The refugees had notes with them : “Fucken! Ich will Fucken! Grosse Brueste! Gelegenheit! Ich will töte Dich küsse!”
      3) If you cared for reality you could have easily found out that for months now most burning “refugee homes” get incinerated by the “refugees” themselves – mostly because they can’t handle a stove or smoke in bed or whatever. But, you won’t find that out by reading German newspapers. Police reports though did report it and blogs reported it.

  19. sod

    If you want to look at something in this context that is really bad, then look here:

    1. DirkH

      Oh yeah, that’s really bad. Given the bonuses for the little brats (youth+culture+Islam+refugee+poor+traumatized) they should have been released immediately by the normal standards of the left-green judges.

      The left-green judges have turned full blown Belgian Kongo colonialists here!

  20. yonason

    “If you want to look at something in this context that is really bad,…” – sod

    And that should surprise us how?

    We are painfully aware that the judiciary everywhere lets perps go all the time, while more often punishing their victims.

  21. Edward.

    A comment from another thread printed in a serious English newspaper and worth repeating here, if you think that, you know Merkel – think again and then think – why do you keep voting for this poisonous woman?

    I see the state controlled mass media is now finally reporting this story. I think that Merkel was under the impression, that her policy of employing ex-Stasi and security agents to troll facebook/google/twitter and delete articles that criticized her Coudenhove-Kalergi plan and the rapes of the new arrivals was going to work. It did not work. The story was broken in the UK by Breitbart London and now finally even the likes of the Daily Telegraph have taken this story up in a rather sheepish way.
    I think the Authoritarian regressive left is getting a message loud and clear: You cannot shut down the internet, you cannot control the entire media. It may have worked in the pre-internet days but its not going to work now.

    Bonce here.

    1. DirkH

      “why do you keep voting for this poisonous woman?”

      We once voted for her due to the usual tag-team dynamics/dialectics of the two party systems, to prevent the greater evil, in this case, SPD+Greens. Little did we know that Merkel would turn functionally indistinguishable from the hard left. To wit: “No Borders No Nation” is traditionally the slogan of the Black Bloc and now the policy of the CDU.

      1. Edward.

        Thank you, it makes it easier but still incomprehensible if you know what I mean.

      2. yonason

        “Little did we know that Merkel would turn functionally indistinguishable from the hard left.” – Dirk H

        Yes, all too many of, as Edward writes, “poisonous” individuals who masquerade as Dr. Jekyll, but are really always Mr. Hyde.

        As I’ve posted elsewhere in the past, the “choice” we are being offered today amounts to how fast we want to see civilization destroyed: “Let’s see, do I want to take the local or the express?”

        Of course, by taking the “local” we may buy enough time to stop the madness and prevent plunging into the abyss, because hitting the brakes after the fact is no longer an option.

    2. DirkH

      I like this from the article:

      “Ralf Jaeger, interior minister for North Rhine-Westphalia, said of online chatter: “What happens on the Right-wing platforms and in chat rooms is at least as awful as the acts of those assaulting the women.” ”

      So Jaeger, SPD (a.k.a. Abu Ralewi Jagari), de facto says, that non-SPD-opinions should be punishable with 3 years in jail.

      That’s how we know and love our socialists.

      1. Edward.

        good grief.

  22. LL

    Who are the East Germans that Merkel employ?

  23. Wayne Job

    The police in the EU need to grow some balls, load up with rubber bullets and tasers, then show these a/holes what the rule of law means.
    PCness and directives from politicians that are against the laws of the land should be ignored.

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