Climate Change Now Damaging Leo DiCaprio’s Love Life?

Caught at climate denial? Leonardo DiCaprio and model Kelly Rohrbach split
By Sebastian Lüning and Fritz Vahrenholt
(Translated/edited by P Gosselin. Note: Quotes by DiCaprio translated from the German)

On December 30, 2015, the Bauer Media Group made an important announcement with a press release:

Leonardo DiCaprio in TV movie: “My partner has to believe in climate change.”

Hamburg (ots) – In ‘The Revenant’ (Release: 6 January 2016) Leonardo DiCaprio plays the role of a hunter set in the year 1823 where he fights to survive in the wilderness. To make the movie as realistic as possible, director Iñárritu rolled the film in the most remote and harsh conditions. ‘We were constantly struggling with the cold temperatures”, complained DiCaprio in a talk with TV Movie (Edition 1/2016, EVT 30 December 2015). ‘Foremost our face and hands suffered under the extreme cold. At times the temperatures hovered around -40°C.’

One uncomfortable experience was the eating of bison liver. ‘That was pretty extreme, but of course it doesn’t compare to what they had to do in the wilderness back then,’ says the 41-year old. ‘But I already knew beforehand what I was in for. I didn’t expect I would have much fun during the filming.’ Shooting at other locations in other parts of the world were nicer. ‘Among the most impressive was a trip to the Amazon. It is beautiful there,’ admires DiCaprio. As a friend of nature and environmentalist, ecological commitment is a must in a relationship: ‘I could never be together with someone who doesn’t believe in climate change.’

Advisory to editors:

The complete interview with Leonardi DiCaprio appears in the TV Movie (Issue 1/2016, EVT 30 December 2015). The press release is free to publish with the provision of the source: ‘TV Movie’. For editorial questions, contact Rüdiger Rapke, Editor, TV Movie, Telephone: (+49) 40/3019-3666.” suspects DiCaprio recently split up with model Kelly Rohrbach because he discovered her climate denial:

Solo again? Leonardo DiCaprio: climate change the reason for calling it off?
With Leonardo DiCaprio things just refuse to work out on matters surrounding love: Now his relationship with model Kelly Rohrbach supposedly has failed. Were opposing views on climate change the reason for suddenly splitting? DAccording to Leo, it is a criterion for an immediate split.”

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14 responses to “Climate Change Now Damaging Leo DiCaprio’s Love Life?”

  1. Curious George

    “My partner has to believe in climate change.” Right. Avoid partners who say climate never changes. Even though Leonardo darling tempts me to say so.

  2. Stephen Richards

    Why would you want to live with such a half-witted hypocrite

  3. Pops

    All DiCaprio has to do is look in a mirror to see what is ruining his love life.

  4. yonason

    “I make the guy a star, and this is the thanks I get?!” – AGW

  5. Crowbar

    Kelly Rohrbach just went up in my estimation, and I don’t even know her.
    No more Leonardo movies for me.

  6. stewgreen

    Tip : Angela Merkel Diagnosed By Psychoanalyst As ‘narcissistic’, Verging On ‘mental Breakdown’ HuffPo Germany
    Breibart in English
    (Article is about her attitude to migration,but would also apply to climate.)

    1. stewgreen

      \\he suggested a “stubborn” Angela Merkel has “lost touch with reality”//
      well look at her Energy Policies, with nuclear plant closures and failed offshore windmill projects.

    2. yonason

      “…Diagnosed By Psychoanalyst…”

      All those years, and all that expense, of medical school to tell us the obvious? If they can’t tell us what to DO about it, what’s the point?

      and Merkel is just the ‘tip of the iceberg‘, as it were.

  7. Get Real

    And we all thought the Dodo was extinct!

  8. Edward.

    They all come crashing to earth when, narcissistic celebrity meets up with that adamantine wall called reality.
    Sensible Kelly Rohrbach, told him how it was, oh dear! poor lamb and old Leo just wants to believe in the twinkle toed Fairies at the bottom of the garden.

    Stick to entertainment sonny, at least with acting you know what you are talking about, somewhat, on all other stuff you’re best zipping it, especially figuratively.

  9. DirkH

    Kelly Rohrbach is the hottest climate denialist ever.
    Look how careful Big Oil selects us shills! No fugly Greenpeace granola eaters here.

  10. tom0mason

    Love Life Change Now Damaging Leo DiCaprio’s Climate advocacy?

    I live in hope…

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