German Mainstream Parties In Collapse, Take Huge Blow In Municipal Elections…. Face Election Debacle In Baden Württemberg!

Germans often express dismay at the fact that American public is making Donald Trump a front runner. I’m often asked: “How can Americans be so stupid?”

To answer that, lately I’ve been telling them to just look right at home in Germany. When elected officials don’t take the public seriously, then political heads roll. Welcome to democracy.

Last Sunday the German state of Hesse, home of financial center Frankfurt, held municipal elections. The results were (for some) eye-popping. Like in America, mainstream politicians are taking massive blows.

Not only are people fed up with the arrogance of the political mainstream in USA, but so it is in Germany as well.

Over the past weeks and months there’s been a lot of grumbling among the German public amid accusations the mainstream parties have stopped taking their worries and concerns seriously. The biggest issue of concern, among many, is the mass immigration of Muslims into Europe and the continent’s security.

Voters in the state of Hesse have made their voices heard

Angela Merkel’s CDU party took a major blow in a number of cities in Hesse. The anti-immigrant, rightwing AfD party won 13.2 percent of votes in Hesse on Sunday, making them the third largest party behind Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Social Democratic Party (SPD), who won 28.2 percent and 28.0% respectively. The German Green party lost almost one third of their voters.

Over the years Angela Merkel has shifted the party to the center, making it almost indistinguishable from its traditional rival center-left SPD socialist party on a number issues. This naturally left the right political spectrum wide open for the taking. Today mainstream Germans politicians are aghast that the AfD has rushed in to fill the massive political void. Last Sunday’s election showed this in the clearest terms.

German mainstream parties in collapse

And things are only getting even worse for the mainstream parties. Today Germany’s once traditional CDU and SPD parties find themselves in full blown collapse.

This coming Sunday the rich southern state of Baden Württemberg will be holding state elections, and both mainstream parties are expected to see astonishing losses. Merkel’s CDU is forecast to pick up only a miserable 28.5% of the vote, a whopping 10.5% less than 5 years ago. The socialist SPD party faces total ruin, projected to pick up only 12.5% of the vote, which is 10.6% less then the already miserable 23.1% they got in 2011. The hard right AfD on the other hand, is expected to haul in 12.5%.

German Minister scolds the public

Many leaders of the old mainstream parties are now lashing out at the latest results of democracy, some even taking it upon themselves to scold the citizens. An angry Sigmar Gabriel of the SPD party said Monday, for example, “There is, damn it, a responsibility by the citizens for this democracy.” In other words, Gabriel’s view of democracy is one that does not offer any options. Vote for what we say, or shut the hell up.

Mr. Gabriel is the German Minister who recently warned that Americans should not be voting for Donald Trump!

Is it any wonder these old crusty politicians are losing relevance faster than immigrants are coming in? It’s not the citizens who need to take their responsibilities seriously – rather it’s the political leaders themselves.

64 responses to “German Mainstream Parties In Collapse, Take Huge Blow In Municipal Elections…. Face Election Debacle In Baden Württemberg!”

  1. Pops

    Go Trump!

  2. yonason

    “German Minister scolds the public”

    Show me a gracious loser, and I’ll show you someone who probably should have won.

  3. Colorado Wellington

    “… even taking it upon themselves to scold the citizens.”

    Our elected officials are also very annoyed by the citizenry, with President Obama being especially disappointed in Americans. I’m ashamed to say it but I think we will never be up to his standards and expectations. We let him down. The only consolation I have is that so did everybody else. I admire this great man’s ability to deal with such adversity.

    Stephanopoulos to Obama: Are You ‘Disappointed’ in Americans for Losing Confidence in You?

    Obama Biographer: ‘The World Seems to Disappoint Him’

    It’s Official: Barack Emo Obama Disappointed By Entire World

    1. DirkH

      “It’s Official: Barack Emo Obama Disappointed By Entire World”

      That explains the dronings.

      1. Colorado Wellington

        Yes, that is a plausible explanation. Receiving a preemptive Nobel Peace Prize has something to do with it, too. It must have been exhilarating to know that all of his future actions have already been judged by all the right-thinking people and found good. I wish my wife would adopt that approach with me.

  4. Leonard Lane

    Nice article. Instead of scolding voters for exercising democratic processes. “the crusty old” establishment politicians should be thanking them for voting. The alternatives are demonstrations, riots, civil disorder, assassinations, long knives, etc that have happened in many, many countries. They should thank God that there has been no violence and the democratic processes worked.

  5. Gentletramp

    Hi Pierre,

    The German federal state around Franfurt/Main is spelled “Hessen” not “Hesse”.

    Regards, GT

    1. DirkH

      Hesse is the valid english translation.

  6. DirkH

    “Mr. Gabriel is the German Minister who recently warned that Americans should not be voting for Donald Trump!”

    Under Gabriel the PA, the Progressive Alliance was founded by the SPD as replacement for the Socialist International, which was too corrupt to keep around for longer. US Dems instantly became members of the PA.

    Gabriel is also a “Young Leader” of the Atlantic Bridge, a Berlin club founded by the international Banker Warburg. The Atlantic Bridge breeds our top politicians in SPD, CDU and Greens to tie Germany into the transatlantic slavery, excuse me what’s the word, ah, partnership.

    That’s why SPD and CDU are both fighting for signing TTIP.

  7. DirkH

    Tsl. Now you can’t even say anymore that Gabriel’s SPD founded the Progrssive Alliance as replacement for the corrupt S 0 0 cialist International , and the US dems immediately became members. (Because wordpress hates that word. Hey *I* didn’t name it!)

    So, Gabriel is like our MSM desperately fighting for, hold your barf bag, Hillary. You wouldn’t believe the GLOWING endorsements she gets by German journalists.

  8. sod

    the important information about the upcoming election in my home state “Baden-Württemberg” somehow got lost in this post.

    The green party, with an extremely conservative Ministerpräsident Kretschmann has showed up in polls ahead of the conservative CDU party, which was used to always win the elections and which ruled the country (partely alone with 50+%) for the last 60 years.

    Going second place would be a disaster. But even these poll numbers are utterly unbelievable, as people were constantly told that the election success of the greens in the last election was only caused by the Fukushima effect (the nuclear accident happened just before the election).

    In the real world, the greens rule several important towns in our conservative state (main town Stuttgart and the important University towns Tübingen and freiburg, which also are the centers of the 3 of the 4 “counties” in the state).

    1. DirkH

      “The green party, with an extremely conservative Ministerpräsident Kretschmann ”

      The extremely conservative Mr. Kretschmann is of course also known as having started his career as a Maoist.

      So, sod, your movement profits from the full scale treason by the CDU. And you can’t believe it? Wasn’t this perfectly clear since September when the CDU lifted all borders, doing a Black Bloc No Borders No Nation policy? The CDU will die; as nobody needs ANOTHER Green party. That’s not an if or a but, they WILL. They’re a dead brand.

      1. sod

        We are discussing facts here. And the fact is, that the green party is ahead of the CDU in polls.

        And refugee policies can not really explain this, as Kretschmann is actually having very similar ideas as chancellor Merkel has.

        It also doesn t help to call Kretschmann a Maoist, when obviously his party is geting the highest numbers in polls (unless you think there is a maoist mainstream in conservative Württemberg).

        Basis of his success is simple: The industry in the industrial heartland of Germany has learned the hard way, that a green government is not killing them but instead is helping them. The obvious future are greenish products. Like it or not.

        1. yonason

          “It also doesn t help to call Kretschmann a Maoist…” – sod

          How about Homosexual, child molesting, druggie?

          Hmmm, no, that doesn’t help either, does it?

          1. yonason

            Oh, wait, that’s the Greenie Volker Beck. My bad.

        2. DirkH

          sod 9. März 2016 at 10:28 AM | Permalink | Reply
          “It also doesn t help to call Kretschmann a M., when obviously his party is geting the highest numbers in polls (unless you think there is a m. mainstream in conservative Württemberg).”

          It doesn’t help to deny reality. K. started as avid fanatic for totalitarianism, and it is probably only due to separation of powers that his Culture Revolution in BW is a bit on the slow side. I’d call introducing homosexuality lessons in Kindergartens social-revolutionary, wouldn’t you? Well I know, you call that “extremely conservative” – a tactical lie from you as you hoped to be able to sweep K.’s deeply worrying tendencies under the rug. K. might actually be sicker than Methbeck.

    2. DirkH

      For the non-Germans: don’t be deluded by sod calling the ex Maoist Kretschmann “extremely conservative”. Kretschmann is very eager to introduce genderism and introduction to homosexuality into Kindergartens and primary school.

      One source:

      Only a deluder like sod runs around calling this extremely conservative. He wants to lie about the policies of his radical anti-civilisatory movement.

      1. Analitik

        It may just be that sod finds Mr. Winfried Kretschmann to be extremely conservative. He’s entitled to take that view if he is extremely progressive/liberal in comparison

        1. yonason

          “He [sod] is entitled to take that view if he is extremely progressive/liberal in comparison.” – Analitik

          Except that he says “We are discussing facts here.”

          If it’s “facts,” then facts he’ll get.

          1. Colorado Wellington

            It is a known fact that an individual’s position determines what he sees as conservative and extreme. I know radical leftists in Boulder that call The New York Times extremely conservative.

            So by describing Kretschmann as such sod defined himself and that is a fact.

          2. yonason

            @Colorado Wellington


          3. Analitik

            Facts/sod? Perish the thought.

            Watching him get pummelled on the Euan Mearns, Energy Matters site due to his denial of facts continues to be a source of amusement.

      2. yonason

        Mao knows best, after all.

        Typical. Lefties act unilaterally and undemocratically everywhere. They use deceit and treachery to advance their destructive minority views against the wishes of the majority, and when we object, they are “disappointed” with us.

        Yes, as you wrote elsewhere, he “might actually be sicker than Methbeck.”

        1. DirkH

          Ironically, K’s idol M. wasn’t very ecologically minded.

          Obviously, K’s eco-credentials are just a smokescreen for his real goals.

          1. yonason


            Mao didn’t need eco-cred to get what he wanted, so why waste time on it.

            The closest he came to that wastearing children away from families to learn how to be peasants. Pretty much what all dictators do to their people, to keep ’em barefoot, ignorant and dependent.

            If the K’s of the world ever get what they want, they’ll shed their seemingly high-minded pretenses like a snake sheds it’s skin.

  9. Hoi Polloi

    Let them eat cake…

  10. yonason

    “The green party, with an extremely conservative Ministerpräsident…” – sod

    Green Conservative??!! COMPUTER! Help me out here.

    Does that make ANY sense?

  11. gallopingcamel

    More than 70% of GOP primary voters in the USA are going for two non-establishment candidates (Trump/Cruz).

    The GOP elite brought this on themselves by reneging on the promises they made in 2014, 2012 and 2010. Instead of declaring “Mea Culpa” the elite is planning to “parachute in” their own candidate into a brokered convention. If they have the cojones to do it you won’t recognize the GOP a year from now!

  12. yonason

    Nice bunch, those Greenies

    And, in addition to the drugs, the article reminds us that…
    “In 2013, he raised a furor in Germany when he called for decriminalizing sexual contact with children.”

    Sadly, America has a lot of that type in the Democrat party.

  13. ottokring

    The Greens’ success in the last elections in B-W was due to the Stuttgart 21 debacle and the backlash against the way that the “people” were being trampled on by the main parties in an unholy deal with Deutsche Bahn. The SPD had to bite its tongue on that subject, as they had been cheerleaders for S21.

    memories a bit short there.

    I was disgusted to hear a flippant comment on “quer” in Bayersichen Rundfunk last week, where the presenter was talking about Trump and an anti-establishment vote “Just like the German people voted anti-establishment in 1933.” I like “quer” and often find it funny, but Christoph Suess’ “hilarious” leftist commentaries often leave me biting the edge of my TV set.

    1. sod

      “The Greens‘ success in the last elections in B-W was due to the Stuttgart 21 debacle and the backlash against the way that the „people“ were being trampled on by the main parties in an unholy deal with Deutsche Bahn.”

      I agree with this analysis. But most people put the blame on Fukushima.

      Now we know, that neither of these events is a good explanaton for the extreme numbers for greens in the polls to this election.

      1. DirkH

        And lets just add for completeness that the moment K grabbed the power he turned around and let S21 go through, being, well , just a power grabber (with funny ideas about children’s education).

  14. yonason

    „I was disgusted to hear a flippant comment …’Just like the German people voted anti-establishment in 1933′.“ – ottokring

    Yes, not only disgusting, but revealing that, like Americans, Germans are also not being taught history. It wasn’t the German people who overwhelmingly voted for national suicide, but the establishment itself that opted for it, with a little help from intimidation and deceit.

    But Trump? No. Obama much more closely fits the bill.

    1. yonason

      “…nobody can even imagine Kretschmann using drugs.” – sod

      Winfried Kretschmann / Volker Beck.
      Might as well be Dr Jekyll / Mr. Hyde.

      If they belong to the same party, they share the same ultimate goals. If one appears “good,” and the other not, how can you not suspect that appearances are probably deceiving? The Kretschmanns of the Left get them in the door, and once inside the Becks ransack the joint.

      So, who should you vote for? None of my business, especially since you are faced with the same dilemma as we Americans, no decent candidates to choose from. The “Conservatives” aren’t, and the “Liberals” are all too. So we are faced more with who will do the least harm, as opposed to the most good.

      IMO, it’s political theater, and probably always has been. Bottom line, a sobering thought all round, we get the leadership we collectively deserve. The best I can wish for you (and us) is that we all come to be deserving of better than we’ve been getting.

  15. sod

    Please watch the video with the Maoist Kretschmann:

    The drugs affair will have no influence, because nobody can even imagine Kretschmann using drugs.

    And you are right, i am not happy with him. He is much too conservative for me.

    1. DirkH

      Introducing homosexuality to Kindergarden kids is too conservative for you.

      So I take it you want sadomasochistic rituals for preschoolers.

    2. AndyG55

      Mao Zedong and Karl Marx would have been too conservative for you.

      You have just positioned yourself on the far, ultra-loonie left….. again. !!

      1. DirkH

        Both of them were very much for closed borders. That’s why Karl demanded in his manifesto to strip all emigrants from the soc. state off of all their wealth. Doesn’t make sense if there are no borders.

    3. AndyG55

      “because nobody can even imagine Kretschmann using drugs.”

      No wonder you are disappointed with him.

      Certainly doesn’t fit into your leftist mould then, does he.

  16. posa

    For 25 years the Americans have waged genocidal wars in the Middle East creating an vast army of desperate refugees from a region that is nowuninhabitable. It baffles me that the Europeans refuse to call out the US and force the Americans to pay for the refugees. That would mean kicking the US out of NATO bases so refugees can be housed there and begin repatriating them back home; seizing US assets to pay for this effort and joining Putin to finish off ISIS and push Erdogan out of office and into jail for supporting ISIS. Amazing.

    1. AndyG55

      Everyone know the refugees are fit, young non-men that left their unworthy females back in Syria etc for ISIS to play with.

      I’m betting that YOU are one of those COWARDLY fit your men. !

      Thinking you can INVADE, correct.

      Expect retribution soon.. the locals are getting restless about you heathen behaviour.

      1. yonason

        Posa does have that “irrefutable Islamic logic” air about him, doesn’t he!

        1. AndyG55

          The logic of a backward developed 12 year old.

          So yes.. probably an Islamic.

    2. yonason

      “For 25 years the Americans have waged genocidal wars in the Middle East creating an vast army of desperate refugees…” – posa

      i.e., interference in M.E. is bad.

      NATO should join “… Putin to finish off ISIS and push Erdogan out of office and into jail for supporting ISIS.” – posa

      i.e., interference in M.E. is good.

      Proof positive that one doesn’t need a brain to survive.

      1. posa

        Perfectly fractured logic worthy of racist War Criminals. The proposition at hand is not “interference” but instead, it is twenty-five years of mass murder by the must now be stopped and it is being stipped by Putin.

        In any case it’s hard to understand your complaints about war refugees if you think genocidal wars are fine.

        1. yonason

          Your Islamic “logic” is perfectly clear…

          America was killing the wrong kind of terrorists (the ones you like).

          Putin is killing the right kind of terrorists (the ones you don’t like).

          Yep. No doubt about it. You still haven’t a clue what you’re ranting about.

        2. lucklucky

          Posa a typical Marxist. To lie is a necessary condition.

          First of all “genocidal” trope. I see population in ME increasing…more to follow.

          Second who doing most killings are Muslisms to other Muslims…Of course Posa doesn’t say it.

          And if there are any genocide attempt are from Muslims against Arab Christians.
          That is a subset of population that is disapeering from Middle East.

          So radical muslisms that are into a genocidal war in Middle East killing Christians.
          And Jews would to if not for their defenses.

          Of course a Marxist like Posa wants to destroy West.
          So nothing of that upsets him.

        3. yonason


          _____”there is no moderate islam.”

          I couldn’t agree more.

          _____“Muslims cannot commit genocide.”

          I couldn’t agree less.

          Nevertheless, despite sharing the same “logic,” posa hates Erdogan because he’s the wrong kind of terrorist supporter.

          This is not about logic, or caring for fellow humans. It’s about choosing sides in a 1400 year old ideological battle between rival Muslim sects. Saving Bashar Assad’s Syria from Sunni ISIS terrorists is only a “solution” if you are a Shiit terrorist.

          Now, after wasting my time on his foolishness, maybe posa can explain what his nonsense has to do with the German election or German politics?

  17. Patrick Collins

    People who are “dismayed” at Donald Trump’s popularity have perhaps not fully appreciated his commitment to stop America’s endless wars on other countries. This is why he is now hated by the “political establishment”, which is controlled by warmongers from “behind the curtain”. Of course it’s difficult to judge to what extent Trump will keep his promises (!) But I believe he’s sincere in his stated intention to stop demonising Russia and work together with President Putin. For me this is far more important than whether he makes some offensive remarks about people of different races from himself. Freedom of Speech – the ultimate bedrock of civilisation – permits this!

  18. Colorado Wellington

    Some readers here are trying to pick real world events and make them support their favorite single parameter model of the world in which the U.S. is assigned a role similar to that CO2 has been given in climate models.

    1. posa

      Unfortunately the causal chains the lead to the US as the “control knob” of world events in the Middle East are indisputable… In case you were sleeping, these operations began in Iraq in 1991 (“Desert Storm”); then the WMD hoax and “Shock and Awe”; the Afghanistan invasion; then the destruction of Libya; the destruction of Syria; the destruction of Yemen.

      See a pattern here?… the cause and effect data are 100% solid.

      1. Colorado Wellington

        But of course. The history of South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa started in 1991. The climate history of the Earth started in 1979.

        It’s a settled thing. 100% cause and effect. Everyone who has not been sleeping knows that.

        1. DirkH

          Well posa is right here; it’s just silly to deny it as the perpetrators have documented their plans a long time ago; the PNAC / 7 countries in 5 years plan by the NeoCons; ridding the ME off old Soviet client regimes including Assad (at which point Putin said Njet).

          The NeoCons continue to run the foreign policies under Obama. It is what you would call the RINOs or the establishment or the progressives in both parties; and the same people who defend US policies here call for a non-establishment figure be it Trump or Cruz – well how anti establishment they will really turn out is anyone’s guess – so make your decision.

          Do you defend the DC Deep State or do you want to get rid of it?

          1. Colorado Wellington

            I am just as opposed to unaccountable Deep State operatives as I am to simplistic one-dimensional historical models. Neither can work in the long run and the latter will not help to get rid of the former. Besides, there are plenty of other dangers in the world that have nothing to do with it.

            I don’t know how anti-establishment Trump or Cruz would turn out—I’ve been wrong before—and even if we succeed we will only learn about one of them. I’m pretty sure the “progressive” alternatives are worse.

            It seems we are in the same boat.

        2. yonason

          Looks like posa’s “control knobs” need major adjustment.

          1. Colorado Wellington


      2. lucklucky

        The only cause and effect are the failures of Arab Socialism:
        Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, Lybia.

        One more Socialist experiment, seems the “new man” didn’t breed from the regimes that Posa supports. He don’t asks why.

        PS:WMD were found in Iraq.

        1. yonason


          “PS:WMD were found in Iraq.”

          Not only that, but this from the lead investigator, David Kay.

          I think Baghdad was actually becoming more dangerous in the last two years than even we realized. Saddam was not controlling the society any longer. In the marketplace of terrorism and of WMD, Iraq well could have been that supplier if the war had not intervened.

      3. yonason

        And the connection between posa’s ranting and German politics, or climate change is herein explained,….wait for it.

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