Devastation Of Nature: North German Cultural Heritage Landscapes “Mutate Into Industrial Wind Complex”!

More large-scale environmental destruction by German Greens.

A photo published at the online vividly illustrates how the green energy movement has nothing to do with protecting the environment and restoring nature to how it was before industrialization began some 200 years ago. Ironically it is profoundly blighting it.

The photo in a commentary by Gernot Kühl shows a landscape near the north German town of Dagebüll (close to Eckernförde) which has been literally obliterated by industrial wind turbines which, according to the report, has made the place “uninhabitable”. Photographer and artist Heinz Teufel comments:

The pictured landscape has officially been declared no longer inhabitable.”

Moreover Kühl writes:

Anyone travelling the vast land behind the dikes and anyone searching for the endless horizon of the Wattenmeer will ask in a state of shock: Has everyone gone mad? Natural beauty and cultural landscapes have mutated into industrial complexes, chaotically blighted with an arsenal of wind turbines.  […] Landscapes that are thousands of years old have been aesthetically and ecologically completely destroyed.”

Europe is not the only place that has managed to fully ruin its environment with its “nature protection” programs. A reader just sent me a photo from Aruba. Here’s how this paradise looks today now that environmentalists have implemented their nature protection measures:

Wind turbines blight Aruba’s horizon (click to enlarge). Photo taken by Christine L.

Aren’t they just lovely? You just possibly couldn’t think of a better way to protect the environment.

10 responses to “Devastation Of Nature: North German Cultural Heritage Landscapes “Mutate Into Industrial Wind Complex”!”

  1. DirkH

    Just sell postcards to the tourists with the wind turbines photoshopped away. A business opportunity with a rapidly growing market!

  2. Colorado Wellington

    This looks half-baked but I understand that if they build enough of these wind parks it will do wonders for Aruba. The vacationers’ pressure on the local environment is devastating and anything that can kill tourism is good. They just need to reach critical mass.

  3. yonason

    Wind Kills

    What’s left of a wind turbine after a small plane crashed into it in the fog, killing four.

    So, to raptors and bats, now add humans to the ever mounting “green” death toll.

    But then, what would one have expected from something so ugly and unnatural, to begin with?

    1. John F. Hultquist
      1. yonason


  4. John F. Hultquist

    I tried to find an air photo or satellite view of the town/area shown at the linked to site. Haven’t been able to find one. Are those towers in the sea? Where?

    Because camera lenses can distort distance perspective, I wanted to find how close the towers are to the houses. We have towers (about 15 miles away) both east and west of us but the east one is far from houses; the one to the west has a few houses near some of the towers.

  5. tom0mason

    The environmentalists of yesteryear would be appalled by this industrialization of the landscapes.

    In particular the old Nazi “Alfred Toepfer (1894-1993) was an extremely successful German tycoon, an avid environmentalist, and a key influential supporter for the development of the European Union.” would have been very upset.

    1. yonason

      I was thinking the same.

      But I resolved the apparent contradiction by realizing that consistency isn’t a Leftist virtue, except when it comes to opposing progress, and imposing their will on others by practicing violence while preaching peace.

  6. sod

    Do we have any confirmation of any of the claims made by Mr. Teufel?

  7. tom0mason

    Rest assured that the industrial process of ‘fracking’ must be avoided at all costs but the unedifying view of seeing the industrial scaring of the countryside with vast numbers of windmill is to be tolerated.

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