Central Europe April 2016 Comes In Somewhat Cooler Than Normal …As Cold Lingers Into The Start Of May

It’s early May and most of the oaks in northern Germany are just beginning to see their leaves come out.

Spring has definitely arrived late this year. Fortunately that is about to change as warm temperatures are forecast for upcoming long holiday weekend.

Germany’s DWD national weather service has published the preliminary weather results for Germany for the month of April 2016. Data recorded by its approximately 2000 weather stations placed across the country show that the month was 0.3°C cooler than the 1981 – 2010 long-term meteorological mean.

The month started on the warm side, but the second half deteriorated as air Arctic plunged across the country, delivering unexpected late April snows and frosty .conditions.

Yesterday, May 1st, even saw half a meter of fresh snow at the Northern Italian Prali Ski Area!

The bitter cold has hit southern Germany’s winemakers hard, so reports the online SWR here:

The cold nights of the past week have damaged the blossoms of the vineyeards across vast areas of Rhineland Palatinate. In unfavorable areas massive losses are feared.”

Precipitation for April 2016, the DWD reports, was exactly normal with 58 liters of precipitation falling per square meter. All in all April was an entirely a normal one with no sign of any climate change. If anything, it was right colder than it is supposed to be.


17 responses to “Central Europe April 2016 Comes In Somewhat Cooler Than Normal …As Cold Lingers Into The Start Of May”

  1. sod

    Sorry, but the article says ecxactly the opposite of this summary.

    It clearly says:

    “Doch die Durchschnittstemperatur in Deutschland lag mit 8,0 Grad Celsius (7,4 °C) um 0,6 Grad über dem Wert der international gültigen Referenzperiode 1961 bis 1990. Schaut man allerdings auf die Vergleichsperiode 1981 bis 2010, war der April um 0,3 Grad zu kalt. Hier zeigt sich der Wandel unseres Klimas. ”


    The average temperature was ABOVE the long term average.

    and that the number in comparison with a more recent time period gives a lower number is actually confirming climate change.

    again: This April would have been considered to be pretty much too warm 30 years ago. for now, it is about normal, perhaps slightly colder.

  2. LukesAreWrongToo


    In an email Hans wrote …

    “The essence of science is to be able to have a discourse and discuss pro and cons about hypotheses and theories especially if you claim that the organization you represent has the intention to reach a standard that is at a scientific level. I have found that leading members of PSI show little will to discuss scientific matters and to leave out personal emotions making it close to impossible to have a meaningful dialog.

    “Doug Cotton might behave in a miserable way showing his anger towards certain scientists and PSI. Still, the book he has published contains many arguments which deserve a serious and thorough investigation. This is why I have recommended a number of Australian politicians to read what he writes. Much of it is essential in the debate of the IPCC false claims and even the future economies of western countries and even more. ”


    You can’t assume (like Postma and Bright-Paul) that the mean of 168W/m^2 could produce a mean temperature above 233K (-40°C) just because the radiation is variable and can reach over 1,000W/m^2 for a very small portion of Earth’s surface. The variability actually leads to a LOWER mean temperature than that for steady flux. How would you explain Venus surface temperatures with your conjecture anyway?

    That’s why the correct paradigm had to be discovered, as I did – https://itsnotco2.wordpress.com

    IT’S ABOUT TIME all you CLAUSIUS FANS got it into your heads that (for NON-RADIATIVE HEAT) the Clausius corollary of the Second Law* only applies in a horizontal plane wherein gravitational potential energy does not change and thus does not affect entropy. THIS IS OVERWHELMINGLY IMPORTANT IN REGARD TO PLANETARY TEMPERATURES.

    It is NOT radiation that supplies all the necessary thermal energy to maintain a planet’s surface temperature – it is free (or “natural”) convective heat transfer happening at the molecular level and carrying out the SECOND LAW* process of MAXIMUM ENTROPY PRODUCTION. But you will need to study my paper that arrogant people at PSI rejected in 2013.

    * Second law of thermodynamics: “In a natural thermodynamic process, the sum of the entropies of the interacting thermodynamic systems increases.” There’s nothing in there about heat from hot to cold.

    1. AndyG55

      Another Doug Cotton SOCK-PUPPET. !!

      1. yonason
      2. Analitik

        Nah, another Doug Cotton fake id

        1. yonason

          “Nah, another Doug Cotton fake id” – Analitik

          I thought they (his “sock puppets” and his many “fake ID’s”) were the same thing?

          Where and when will he pop up next?

          So much entropy to raise, so little time.

  3. sod

    sorry, but does a -0.3°C anomaly in April mean “Winter Buries Germany’s Spring Under … Cold”?


    What then about February 2016, with a +2.4°C anomaly (against your preferred period up to 2010)? That is 8 times as much!


    Would “German winter turned into Sahara summer” have been the headline, IF an article about this relevant abnormal temperature had appeared here?

    And what about December 2015 (another month not mentioned in temperature discussion on this blog), with a mere +5.3°C Anomaly (against the same period)?


    That is taking the 0.3°C anomaly (which turns spring into winter for some people) and add 5°C. If we consider 03°C to be “one season step” (turning spring into winter), then we are dealing with 19 season steps here, and we are seriously running out of seasons..

  4. AndyG55
    1. AndyG55

      A quote from the link

      “Siemens has confirmed it illegally used isocyanates during the manufacturing process for wind turbines from 2003 to 2011.”

    2. yonason

      Sacrifices must be made for the good of the world,
      …for humanity, not so much.

  5. sod

    April was no winter, rather normal. Now May looks like summer, but somehow there is no post about it. Why?


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