Another Wet Central European Summer In The Works, Threatening To Make Climate Models 86% Wrong!

Germany’s DWD national weather service in Offenbach has released data and results for the month of June 2016 in its latest press release.

Germany and much of Europe have seen plenty of rain in June – all flying in the face of earlier computer models that warned climate change would lead to scorchingly hot summers with protracted periods of drought. The opposite has in fact happened since the predictions were made.

Climate models 86% wrong

So far a vast majority (11 of 13) of Central Europe’s last summers over the past 13 years have been normal or wetter than normal. The current one has started off very wet, and is likely to make it 12 of 14 summers that will be normal wet or wetter than normal, thus making the climate models 86% wrong!

Last summer was drier than normal, receiving 85% of the normal rainfall. The current 14-day forecast for Germany sees rainy weather for the first part of July, with no signs of a dry period in sight.

June temperature in the normal range

June came in warmer than normal, as measured by the DWD’s 2000 measurement stations. The preliminary mean for June was 17°C, 1.2°C above the 1981- 2010 mean.

Precipitation was significantly above normal with an average of 115 liters per square meter falling – some 35% above the mean of 85 liters. Numerous severe thunderstorms and hail hit wide areas of the country.

Somewhat less sunshine than normal.

In June 2016 Germany saw a mean of 181 hours of sunshine, which is 9% below the mean of 198 hours. The northeast region of Germany saw the most sunshine – with areas near 300 hours.  The south and the west regions of the country saw far less sun with many areas seeing well below 150 hours of sunshine.


4 responses to “Another Wet Central European Summer In The Works, Threatening To Make Climate Models 864 Wrong!”

  1. yonason

    “Climate models 86% wrong”

    Ahah! EXACTLY what AGW predicts!


  2. Richard of NZ

    Come on now, they cannot be right until they are 97% wrong.

  3. Raining Sky

    I wish the author would not use the word “normal” when he means average. It is perfectly normal for the rainfall, temperature, etc. to be above or below average. Environmentalists, television weather reporters, and so on, always make this mistake and claim that deviation from average is a CRISIS when it is not.

  4. sod

    There is a pretty strong trend in rainfall in certain german states:

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