Warming Not Global… Joe Bastardi: “Most Of The Global Warming Is Happening At The Arctic And Antarctic.”

At his Satuurday Summary, veteran meteorologist Joe Bastardi looks at August global temperature (starting at about the 3:30 mark) and serves up a few intersting observations.

“Global” warming confined to the poles, in wintertime

First he reminds us that the “global” warming is pretty much confined to the poles, and that during the winter time. Warming during the summertime has been very small, “much to the chagrin of people who want the Arctic ice cap to disappear … Summers are not getting warmer in the Arctic”. He summarizes:

Summers are not getting warmer in the Arctic, and they are not getting warmer in the Antarctic – their summers. The winters are getting warmer and that’s where most of the global warming is. […] Most of the warming is happening in the Arctic, and in the Antarctic during their winters, not in third world countries… “

He then tells listeners that warming is hardly occurring 20° North and south of the equator. In summary the warming is mostly confined to the poles, and it isn’t even year round.

“Phony ideas” about how warm it is getting

The veteran meteorolgist then scoffs at the claim that 0.02°C warming per decade is going to cause mass migrations of populations:

Do you actually think that people can detect, and get migrational patterns, because people detect 0.02°C increase in temperatures? Cut me a break!”

“Probably one of the least ice melt seasons on record”

At 6:10 he looks at Arctic sea ice, saying that it is not going to reach a new record low, as many were hollering about earlier this year. The ice melt rate over the summer has been too slow. Joe says:

Chances are that we had probably one of the least ice melt seasons on record.”

Joe_SatSum 0827

One reason this is so, Joe adds, is because summers have not been warming up there.


9 responses to “Warming Not Global… Joe Bastardi: “Most Of The Global Warming Is Happening At The Arctic And Antarctic.””

  1. Graeme No.3

    Years ago the Technical Director told me that by his calculations of the latest health scare that if anyone drank 780,000 cans of soft drink in a year, then they Might be affected. He pointed out that “this was serious” because previous scares had needed over 3 million cans a year.
    All the scares assumed that the can lining would be readily decomposed by saliva and/or gastric juices, but as there was 50+ years of evidence that this did NOT happen, it seemed to us an unlikely event. Nevertheless the BPA free nonsense is still being used by fools.
    The similarities with the AGW scare are there; the faulty and unproven assumptions, the beat-up on the effects and the demand for things to change because stupid, gullible or unqualified spokesmen claim that they want to save the world. The claims in the article should be treated with scorn, along with those who repeat them.

  2. Ron Clutz

    Of course, alarmists claim that the Arctic is warming and the ice is melting, their “canary in the coal mine.” The facts on the ground do not support them.

    Here is the story on Eureka, Nunavut, Canada’s “Last Station above latitude 65N”


  3. Ron Clutz

    The claim that Arctic warming is extreme is not supported by the weather station records.


  4. AndyG55

    Hey? Where did Joe get that mis-information from???

    Here is UAH SoPol for the whole satellite period.


    And here is UAH NoPol this century before the El Nino


    And UAH NoPol from 1980 to before the 1998 EL Nino


    No warming anywhere.

    Only warming in NoPol came from EL Nino effects.

  5. AndyG55

    Also if you look at the seasonal trends in UAH SoPol, you get this


  6. Ric Werme

    Oh, so that’s where JB’s videos wound up. How did you find them?

    1. mwhite

      Go to their Face Book page


      The daily updats are there too.

  7. yonason


    1. yonason

      BUT – They do have him conned enough on AGW to keep him on the fence on that one. But after listening to him, he seems to still have an open enough mind to be able to dump it when the doomsayers are proven wrong.

      I guess if one is a part of the system and wants to remain a part of it, one mustn’t rock the boat so much that he falls out of it.

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