Four Major Body Blows Now Shattering Clinton Backbone, And …The “Top 100 Damaging Wikileaks”

Whether Hillary wins or not, things are looking grimmer and grimmer for the Democratic Party with each passing day. The Hillary organization is now taking four major blows, simultaneously, and likely will shatter the Clinton backbone to pieces.


Four of Clinton’s biggest nightmares: Jonathan Gruber (Photo: MIT); Julian Assange (Photo: Free Assange); James Comey (Photo: FBI); James O’Keefe (Photo: Project Veritas). Also add a relentless Trey Gowdy to the mix.

The Democrats would be doing the country a huge and honorable favor in withdrawing the Clinton candidacy – or making sure she does not get elected. This would spare the nation a great crisis. Some even warn of a Constitutional crisis.

The four back-breaking body blows:

1. Skyrocketing Obamacare costs

The runaway costs of healthcare insurance are turning into a grand debacle, one that will plague and enrage Americans for months to come. Nationwide Americans are bracing for an average 25% increase in healthcare premiums starting next year. The authors of this debacle: Obama, Clinton and the Democrats. The upward spiral is only the beginning.

2. Wikileaks

The whiz hackers behind these “illegal” leaks will wear down the Clintons for many more months. The e-mail exchanges expose the inner workings and shady dealings of the Clinton circle. You can view The Top 100 most damaging Wikileaks emails – so far – hat-tip Andrew Bolt.

Wikileak dump number 25 just occurred, and very few of us know how many more are on the way and what’s potentially in store. This alone will be a slow political death by a thousand paper cuts for the Clintons. Clinton’s problems are only beginning.

3. FBI reopened investigation

Right now the 650,000 e-mails discovered on the device of sex pervert (ex-husband of Clinton top aide Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner, are likely only the tip of the iceberg.

Moreover, one senses there’s a real desperation to keep the e-mails concealed, and that the dam of corruption is about to break. This is a classic situation where when one digs deeper, the more one finds massive rot. Therefore Hillary’s troubles risk growing exponentially. And not only is the scandal reaching the very top levels of the US government, it has the potential of expanding internationally and ensnaring the UN, foreign governments and institutions. And once key players start feeling the heat, they’ll start ratting each other out and cause the dominoes to fall uncontrollably.

One thing is already clear: Clinton illegally managed confidential e-mails, lied to the FBI, and obstructed justice. The rest is just more icing. She is a lawbreaker no matter how you look at it.

4. Project Veritas revelations

The hidden cameras of James O’Keefe reveal voter fraud, intimidation and corruption within Democratic Party. The sleaze uncovered by James O’Keefe only further tarnishes whatever may be left of Clinton’s reputation.

We’re looking at many months, even years, of corruption-caused chaos and scandals. The only hope that the Democrats might overcome the tsunami may be to boldly implement a massive crackdown of the sort are now witnessing in Turkey. That’s a hugely tall order. We wish Hillary and the Democrats lots of luck with that, should they decide to go for it.


33 responses to “Four Major Body Blows Now Shattering Clinton Backbone, And …The “Top 100 Damaging Wikileaks””

  1. Joe Public

    The link to “The Top 100 most damaging Wikileaks emails” is broken

  2. ClimateOtter

    One can only hope that some (more) of these emails tie into the climate change scam. And that millions upon millions of people catch on to what skeptics already know on the political side of climate science, once those are revealed.

    1. David Appell

      Hillary accepts the consensus. Of course.

      1. ClimateOtter

        Yes, DA, we know that a corrupt, lying elitist believes in the consensus.

  3. yonason

    It’s hard to “shatter the backbone” of invertebrate parasitic worms.

    1. lance

      Your being very rude to invertebrate parasitic worms!! 🙂 /sarc….

    2. PeterF

      The solution is to acquire such a thick skin that you don’t need a backbone any more!

      1. yonason

        So, you are saying it’s more like a chitinous exoskeleton?

  4. Harry Dale Huffman

    The “Insane Left” (my term) will not even look at these indictments seriously, and the media continues to be very slow to paint the clear picture you have done with this one post. I expect you will get a lot of thanks for this, from honest folk at least.

  5. Climate Change Chronicle

    FBI/CIA in rebellion against Globalists, refused to destroy Clinton’s computers and phones, and they are held in secure secret location and are intact with all the files. Weiner computer has evidence of sex blackmail ring involvinmg Clintons, Abedin, and high level Democrats & Republicans. Rvidence of foreign espionage. Obama being told to instruct Hillary to concede to Trump, either before or after the election, by high level US Military & US Intelligence & FBI & NYPD. [allegedly]

    Must see Alex Jones Show & Guests
    2 November edition … 3 hours long !

    See it NOW !!!

  6. sod

    The only relevant point of those 4 is the Comey comment and boy will he suffer for it.

    Point two on the “100 top wikileaks mail” is the utterly moronic quote of her wish for open borders.

    Veritas is completely fake and everyone knows that by now and obama care has more good news than bad news, it was not even a topic in the election.

    So the Comey attempt to influence the election is the only one that can change something, and it will be hell if it does. There will be a clearly visible changing point in the poll numbers and HUUUUGE problems for everyone involved. This is the stuff that ruins democracies.

    But i am thankful for this post, as it is giving me a lot of help for understanding, why people here do not understand anything.

    You really have to stop living in a Fox/Breitbart news bubble.

    If you think for only seconds about sources, this whole thing falls apart: Comey was a life long republican. His assessment in summer was right, but he had to add some bad talk about Hillary, to appease the right wingers inside the FBI.

    The current pressure on him also comes from the right inside the FBI. These leaks are not acceptable and boy will these folks get punished.

    The Comey comment was attacked by both the left and the right. Are you too blind to see the problem with this?

    1. Dave Ward

      “You really have to stop living in a Fox/Breitbart news bubble”

      Says the person living in a WWF/Greenpiss/RealClimate bubble…

      1. Climate Change Chronicle

        “sod” may be “green” in other ways apparently ?

        See this “Hillarious” video montage !

        It is really a very very serious business,
        this endemic corruption in the Whitehouse,
        but you can’t help but to laugh out loud,
        at the Trump & Clinton video mashup pieces.

        “Hillary cying over wikileaks
        – FBI Investigation taking its toll
        – Trump pulls ahead in the polls”

    2. AndyG55

      Yet another unsubstantiated meaningless rant for sop.

      You have nothing by lies and misdirection as usual, you poor little non-entity.

  7. PeterF

    Isn’t that odd: if the Germans could vote, the outcome would be 90:3 in favour of Hillary (one example here:

    In the US, whatever it will eventually be, the outcome is near 50:50! How can we Germans be so far away from it? As much as it has to do with German news and tv taking side for Hillary almost exclusively, I find this judgement also with colleagues of mine, who -like me – have lived in the states for many years.

    There is no appreciation for wanting to be self determined (and refusing e.g. medical insurance) and rejecting government peddling, as we are so enshrined in the government taking care of all of our needs.

    What amazes me – and I also have not seen it mentioned on this NZZ site – that Hillary appears to be a trigger happy lady. With her as president, I see a much higher risk of another war is started against Russia. And German government would behave a willing servants. That risk of war does not seem to play a role in the US election campaign.

    1. Analitik

      Too many sods – not enough Pierres and Dirks. But the Germans seem to be coming around as well. sod will be lonely in the end.

    2. DirkH

      Germany is covered with propaganda 5 miles thick.
      German newspapers though are dying with an average speed of 10% a year.

      1. David Appell

        “Germany is covered with propaganda 5 miles thick.”

        I guess that’s an improvement from 5,000 miles thick, huh?

    3. sod

      “In the US, whatever it will eventually be, the outcome is near 50:50! ”

      yes, we have a lower number of deplorables. Most people would consider that a good thing.

      It is utterly insane that people who call themselves “conservatives” or even worse “religious” would support Donald Trump. Just to grab the power.

      “Germany is covered with propaganda 5 miles thick.”

      Most people here can still read and occasionally open a book. Donald Trump has not read a single one in his entire life, not even the once he is supposed to have written…

      1. AndyG55

        And sop comes up with yet another load of far-loonie-left fantasy and BS.

        He is stuck in that fantasy realm because it is all he is capable of comprehending.

      2. DirkH

        sod 4. November 2016 at 12:09 PM | Permalink | Reply
        ““Germany is covered with propaganda 5 miles thick.”

        Most people here can still read and occasionally open a book. ”

        Then why are all Germans forced to hand over 8 bn EUR a year for state propaganda?

        One of my sick amusements: Going to and checking the “news”. Germany is the first CRIME-FREE NATION! Go there! Look at it! NO CRIME IN GERMANY IS REPORTED.

        Even the DDR propaganda was more realistic.

        1. David Appell

          Germany would have to go a thousand years crime-free before the debt is repaid.

          1. AndyG55

            They will have to go a thousand years to pay off the moronic idiocy of the Green ANTI-CO2 agenda.

            A weight around the neck of any any country or state that is stupid and gullible enough to fall for the socialist anti-development scam

            Thankfully, countries like China, India, Indonesia and other developing (rather than regressing like the AGW scam wants) will continue to massively increase their CO2 output for at least our lifetimes. Atmospheric CO2 will continue to climb for many, many years

            That means that the world will be safe and productive food-wise for at least a few generations..

            And guess what , rotten appell..


            And that FACT really makes me SMILE , big time 🙂 🙂

    4. DirkH

      PeterF 3. November 2016 at 12:19 PM | Permalink | Reply
      “Isn’t that odd: if the Germans could vote, the outcome would be 90:3 in favour of Hillary”

      It turns out that that was indeed another MSM lie, helped by the SPD-linked FORSA pollsters.
      Radio Gong just had an online poll in Würzburg with the result of 53% Trump.
      So – enough of Hillary’s six trips to Epstein’s sex slave island (Bill had twenty) – has leaked through the censorship wall of the MSM to convince a majority of Germans that Hillary is a dangerous, satanist freak.
      as to the Satanism, google “Podesta Spirit Cooking” or watch THIS:

      It’s THAT bad. It’s bad on a Marc Dutroux order of magnitude.

  8. David Appell

    And Pierre, which taxpayers pay for your health care?

    1. ClimateOtter

      You mean including himself?

    2. AndyG55

      Which taxpayer is paying for your dole, appell?

      And why do you and your ilk want to DESTROY the American economy?

      You do know that NOTHING any of you do will slow down the rate of global CO2 emissions, don’t you?

      China, India and many other developing countries will see to that.

      The very most you twerps will manage is the part destruction of the economy of countries stupid enough to follow the anti-CO2 scam. Its already happening. So much wasted money that could have been spent on something worthwhile. Sheer idiocy !!!

      You are already at the very bottom of USA society, appell, so where do you think you will end up if the green slime agenda continues to degrade the USA economy.

      From your grandma’s basement, to a rotten park bench.

      Enjoy 😉

  9. sod

    the one single “body blow” that had even a tiny bit of meaning has utterly collapsed.

    The right wing hacks inside the FBI have done serious damage to democracy without any reason. A utterly horrible series of event ..

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