Glimmers Of Hope Amid Longshot Odds. Can The People Overcome The Corrupt Establishment?

I doubt many are focused today on climate and energy right now, so today I have a few thoughts on the election.

Sorry, Hillary, but I was not able to cast my vote for you: too many scandals, too much corruption, bad positions on fundamental issues and too many phony promises.

You are really just a pawn of Wall Street, Big Media, Hollywood, globalists, the Saudis and Soros. My message to you:

Concerning the election itself, I learned the hard way back in 2012. A few signs that Romney would win got the best of my optimism and I ended up disappointed. Obama won handily.

This time I’m staying sober about the outcome of this election. Trump is the clear underdog, as he’s up against a formidable line-up comprising the string-pullers mentioned above. It is truly unbelievable that he has gotten as far as he has.

What indicates Hillary will win?
1. She is leading (slightly) in the polls.
2. The electoral college favors her as well. She only needs to pick up a few of the toss-up states.
3. Voter fraud favors her.

Some glimmers of hope for Trump:
1. He’s well within striking distance.
2. He appears to have mobilized the base: impressive huge rallies nationwide.
3. Polls are often wrong/manipulative.
4. Republicans tend to turn out on election day.

In the end, the election will be probably decided in the swing state counties with large ghettos (Dade, Broward, Cuyahoga, Philadelphia, etc.) where there are signs of rampant voter fraud of the sort we see in banana republics. Moreover there is little to discourage the fraud from being carried out, like who is going to do anything about it? The DOJ?

Those who put up with banana republic elections ought not wonder why they find themselves living in banana republic conditions.

But who knows, Trump just may pull it off. It’s up to GOP voters to turn out.

My advice to those long suffering in these ghettos: Why do you keep voting for the same hucksters, election after election? How many more decades will it take before you realize you’ve been swindled?


21 responses to “Glimmers Of Hope Amid Longshot Odds. Can The People Overcome The Corrupt Establishment?”

  1. Bernd Felsche
  2. sod

    There are no signs of rampant voter fraud. Why are people making such false claims and why do people believe them? This is a lie!

    not a single one of the Clinton scandals is even close to the few things that we only know about Trump (cheating bancruptcies, cheating taxes, Trump foundation, Trump university, pussys..)

    Comey did serious damage to the Clinton campaqing and even worse to the senate. Let us hope the US political system survives this mess and that we do not see violence tonight.

    1. Bill P

      …Dade, Broward, Cuyahoga, Philadelphia…

      Trump won those states.

  3. Sunsettommy

    Blacks don’t seem to realize they are chronically voting for the party that has long been the anti-black party. It was the Democrat party that pushed for a Confederacy in the first place,that led to the Civil War.

    Here is a post I wrote a while back showing the abundant evidence of the anti-black Democrat party.

    Democrat Party dominated the south for many decades


    It is apparent that many Democrats fail to realize that the Democrat party itself dominated the south for over 80 years as shown in the below.The same southern states that originated the KKK,Jim Crow laws and other suppressive tactics that were very prominent in the southern states that were dominated by the Democrat PARTY.

    From Wikipedia is this entry about Jim Crow laws and that Liberal Democrat Woodrow Wilson pushed segregation with appointments of people into his administration who agree to keep blacks suppressed and separated in American society:

    This is what the Republican party has to fight against,the lies and stupidity,that surrounds the black people who for some amazing reason thinks it is the GOP who are the anti-black party.

    It was the Republicans who encouraged blacks to run for office back in the 1870’s, with a few winning them. But after the era of Reconstruction ended,the Democrats reasserted control of the South,pushed the few blacks from office and erected barriers to vote over the next few decades.

  4. Mikky

    What a ghastly choice, Trump reminds me of CEOs of companies I’ve worked for, they get trained to … speak … very … slowly, and repeat everything twice, whilst saying nothing. Hillary just shouts like a mad woman.

    Like many aspects of modern life, politics is now deeply superficial, and dominated by personalities, rather like FIFA scaled up to the size of a country. This will only change when the electorate votes according to policies, clearly articulated by a spokesperson. At present we are suffering badly from The Cult of Leadership and Management, being led nowhere by charlatans.

    1. sod

      ” Hillary just shouts like a mad woman.”

      no, she does not. have you watched a single debate?

      PS: it is really cold here tonight, so i hope that is not a bad omen 🙂

      1. sod

        here is Hillary speaking (thanks to Samantha Bee). Hear how shrill her voice was in the past..

      2. yonason


        A visual to overload sod’s neuron.

        She has a public persona to fool idiots like sod, and another for dealing with everybody else who has nothing offer her financially.

      3. yonason
      4. Bill P

        Yes she does. Have you ever listened to her speak?

  5. sod

    i am calling it a night and i expect that trump has won this one. Utterly insane.

    1. AndyG55

      HUGE glimmer of hope to rational thought and science.


      Suck it up, sop !

      The climate change SCAM will die ..

      …first in the USA.. then throughout the world. !!

      1. The Indomitable Snowman, Ph.D.

        The climate scam was a big loser tonight. President-Elect Trump (gosh, that sounds GOOD) has already said that he’s going to stop all the billions of US federal dollars going into the whole climate scam. AND, if you look at the map, the real “flip” was in the old-line Midwestern industrial states – coal country and such.

        Even in Pierre’s silly old home state of Vermont, there was a great deal of sanity. The outgoing android governor (who made one of this “in ten years” predictions in April 2007) tried to hand things to a pants-suit (?!) wearing protege who was going to continue all the green cr*p – but she lost (VT will have a Republican governor again). And somewhere down in southern Vermont, two town got a chance to vote on whether or not to allow the construction of a new monster windfarm – and the windfarm went down in flames.

    2. ClimateOtter

      Hey, no one expected Claudius to be emperor of Rome, either. Nor how much good he managed to do while he had the chance.

    3. gnomish

      ahaha. i guess sod off, then.

  6. tom0mason

    BBC just got a comment from Simon Shama ( their often use TV historian, and he just compared a Trump win to the fascist take-over of mainstream politics in Europe during the last century. He (Shama) said that ultra right of US Nationalist and the KKK are rejoicing over a Trump win.

  7. yonason

    The only thing that is “utterly insane” is…

    1. Someone as evil as she is and as corrupt as she is could get as close as she has to become “leader” of America.

    We have dodged a bullet+ by not electing a lifetime criminal and will, if Trump succeeds, bring prosperity not just to America, but to the world, at least those to who want to be a part of it.

  8. AlecM

    The 5 basic scientific errors in the Climate Fraud are obvious to any professional scientist. Ultimately, it comes down to failure to understand that Planck (1913), then Bose and Einstein (1923) analysed radiative equilibrium between two emitters in a vacuum.

    Not only is the atmosphere not a vacuum, it is in each self-absorbed GHG band a virtual IR emitter in contact with our planet’s surface, at the same temperature on average, except for morning and evening transients. So, there is zero mean IR heating of the atmosphere by the surface. Partially self-absorbd bands allow energy to go to Space, either directly, or indirectly via clouds.

    Furthermore, the ‘Clear Sky Atmospheric Greenhouse Factor’ is based on another failure when R D Cess in 1976 claimed Earth’s emissivity is the ratio of OLR o surface exitance despite them being at widely different mean temperatures. This is a junior high school level failure.

    As for the Pyrgeometer supposed to prove the ludicrous bidirectional photon energy transfer claim, the Russian version measures the difference between up and down radiant exitances. Enjoy your kip and wake up realising you have wasted your life pushing fake science.

    1. David Appell

      Where do these kind of people come from?

  9. David Appell

    Pierre Gosselin wrote:
    “Sorry, Hillary, but I was not able to cast my vote for you: too many scandals, too much corruption, bad positions on fundamental issues and too many phony promises.”

    Are you an American? Or just talking out the top of your hat?

  10. David Appell

    Trump is already backing away from his campaign promises:

    “President-elect Donald Trump’s ‘big, beautiful wall’ may end up just being a modest, double-layered fence,” NY Daily News 11/10/16

    “Trump Suggests ‘Amending’ Obamacare Could Be An Alternative To Repealing It,” Huffington Post 11/11/16,

    “In the same interview, Trump also avoided answering whether he would follow through on a campaign vow to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of state. “It’s not something I’ve given a lot of thought, because I want to solve health care, jobs, border control, tax reform,” he said.”

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