Europe Cold Only A Preview: Meteorologist Bastardi Warns Of “Weather Headlines Coming Out Of Europe”!

At today’s Weatherbell Daily Update, meteorologist Joe Bastardi looks at the forecast over the next 15 days for Europe. The following chart depicts the forecast accumulated snowfall by January 27, 2017.

Image cropped from Weatherbell 11 January 20017 Daily Update.

As the chart makes clear, plenty of winter snow is in the pipeline. The cold that Europe experienced earlier this month was likely just a preview of remains ahead for the continent. The widespread snow cover threatens to send nighttime temperatures to harsh levels. Bastardi even goes on to say that the snowfall over Europe will be “a big headline maker”.

Bastardi, a veteran in the forecasting business, also shows the GFS temperature outlook for January 22-27, which will follow 10 days of below normal tempertaures:

Almost the entire European continent will gripped by cold during the period. Joe promises that we are going to be seeing weather headlines coming out of Europe, and may well be similar to what happened in 2013.

That likely means a very late spring. The gardening industry should take note.


7 responses to “Europe Cold Only A Preview: Meteorologist Bastardi Warns Of “Weather Headlines Coming Out Of Europe”!”

  1. AndyG55

    Darn this Global warming !!

  2. Sunsettommy

    When will the IPCC ever have a successful winter based projection?

    They keep saying it will be LESS snow and MORE rain,Freezing rain into the future. They said that in 2001 report,while Mother Earth from that time forward,cranks out more cold and snow than usual,Rutgers Snow Labs show it is strongly increasing in Autumn and Winter and small decline in Springtime.

    Where I live there is currently a FOOT of snow on the ground,which translates to 30cm,which is above the ENTIRE Winters snowfall’s average of 10″,about 26cm.

    1. David Appell

      Sunsettommy wrote:
      “When will the IPCC ever have a successful winter based projection?”

      So much misunderstanding…. {sigh}

      1. The IPCC doesn’t do any science — they sponsor scientists who periodically come together to assess science done by others.

      2. Climatologists don’t forecast seasons.

      3. Really, isn’t this by now obvious??

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  4. gnome

    The weather prediction we’re all looking for now is the one for Washington on 21 January when a number of women propose to march to have the results of last November’s US Presidential (and presumably also Reps and Senate)election overturned.

    We’re all hoping it will freeze off all those bits they haven’t already had frozen off.

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  6. tom0mason

    It appears to be that most forecasters and many models this cold winter dragging on a bit — till the end of the month at least. I wonder how correct they’ll be.
    Typical forecast (CANSIP modeled) at the about 2:30 point shows continuing European cold. But one quick solar event and everything could change.
    BTW this UK based guy at Gvsweathervid uses many models (including the GFS — see the links page), and always gives the caveat of long term forecasting from the models are not that accurate. As most of these models have some inputs and processing similar to (or the same as) those used by the IPCC models — that makes me very skeptical of any model being accurate for ‘projecting’ or predicting years or even decades into the future, including the IPCC climate ensembles.

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