Europe’s Colossal Refugee Shame …Leaders Let 15,000 Perish At Sea, Freeze To Death, Since 2009

When it comes to the treatment and handling of refugees, it turns out that European leaders are the very last people who should be preaching morality to President Trump. Their total incompetence have cost thousands of refugee lives, and the situation is only getting much worse. They own it.

A refugee from Afghanistan holds his young son and looks at the sea after reaching the shores of Lesvos island, Greece, in this 2015 file photo.   © UNHCR/Achilleas Zavallis, Source: UNHCR here.

Whopping 15,000 refugees have perished since 2009

The truth is that Europe’s handling of refugees coming from North Africa and the Middle East is a disaster of colossal dimensions. Since 2009, approximately 15,000 refugees have perished in the Mediterranean, right at Europe’s very doorstep.

Anger aimed at delays at JFK airport

Yet, Europe’s and America’s mainstream media, politicians and the hodge-podge of Soros-funded protest groups remain completely oblivious to this historic tragedy. Instead they are now rushing to condemn President Trump and his executive order, and expressing “outrage” over a few dozen refugees being held up inside an airport for a few hours.

What could Trump possibly learn from Europe on how to handle refugees?

The answer is absolutely nothing…unless he is looking for a case study on how to drown thousands of them each and every year. When it comes to “welcoming” refugees, Europe’s approach has been lethal and bungled like nothing we have ever seen.

Refugee crisis exploded after Obama/Europe meddled

Looking at the annual refugee deaths on the Mediterranean since 1990, the number each year until 2012 stayed relatively low, fluctuating at around 100 deaths each year. However, starting in 2013, just after the start of the Arab Spring, the Libyan Civil War, the Syrian Civil War (all orchestrated with the direct involvement of the US government and Europe), and the US withdrawal from Iraq, refugee deaths in the Mediterranean surged to 477 for the year — all without a finger of protest from activists.

From 1990 – 2013, a total of 3188 refugees died trying to reach Europe. With the beginning of Obama’s 2nd term, the number exploded. Source:

More than ten-fold jump, to 3500 drownings

In 2014 the number jumped more than ten-fold, with over 3500 deaths of migrants/refugees crossing the Mediterranean being reported, according to the UNHCR.

Number of Mediterranean refugee deaths since 2011. Chart source: Refugees/Migrants Emergency Response – Mediterranean“, UNHCR.

Europe allows 15,000 refugee deaths at its door

The death toll then climbed to a new record in 2015, to 3735, and then surged again to more than 5000 last year (2016).

Since the Obama/Europe-supported Arab Spring began in 2009, approximately 15,000 refugees have died trying to reach Europe over the Mediterranean. Europe has let it all happen.

Ignored and dithered

European leaders were well aware of the crisis long ago, yet did little to effectively respond to it — seemingly hoping the situation would somehow just go away on its own. Few, if any, efforts were undertaken to make passage for the refugees safer. Instead European politicians dithered and fell over themselves like pigs on a skating rink.

A system to better ensure safe passage of the refugees never got set up. The sinkings and drownings continued by the hundreds. There were no angry protests aimed at governments to stop the carnage. Pleas for help from Italy, Greece and Turkey were played down or flat out ignored. Activists and leaders even tried to blame it all on “climate change”!

Recall: this is the very continent that today is expressing its outrage at President Trump, because a few dozen refugees got held up at a New York airport for a few hours.

It wasn’t until 2015, after hundreds of thousands of refugees had poured into Germany, did Angela Merkel and other European leaders move to take the refugee problem a bit more seriously — and it wasn’t because Merkel wanted to do so, but because she had been forced to do so. Europe had totally lost control of the refugee flow, which they themselves had initiated through their disastrous Middle East and North Africa destabilization rampage over the past years.

226 already drowned, froze to death, in first January fortnight

Now that 2016 has come to a close and the first month of 2017 is behind us, one could expect Europe to have perhaps gained some degree of control over the disaster by now. Unfortunately you would be very wrong to think so. Europe’s refugee catastrophe has in fact worsened and become the shame of the world.

According to The Independent, already more than 200 migrants have drowned and froze to death in the first half of January 2017 alone. According to the Independent:

At least 226 asylum seekers have lost their lives attempting to reach Europe so far this year – more than double the figure for the same period in 2016…”

My God, freezing to death in “compassionate and moral” Europe. This doesn’t deserve outrage and protest?

Despite all the charges and outrage launched at Trump, it is clear that it is in fact Europe that is totally incompetent and nowhere near a solution for the refugee crisis. Refugees keep drowning by the hundreds. They’ll never fix it.

This glaring incompetence is precisely why the European Union is being increasingly rejected, and why Donald Trump was elected. There is a growing sense that the ones who created the huge mess will only make it worse. It’s time for Europe to get out of the way and to work with Trump, and not against him, and to do so for the sake of thousands of future refugee lives.


14 responses to “Europe’s Colossal Refugee Shame …Leaders Let 15,000 Perish At Sea, Freeze To Death, Since 2009”

  1. TedM

    And OH!!! the moral outrage from European countries when Australia (perish the thought) instituted policies that stopped the drownings in Australian waters.

    Now they are asking Australia’s advice on how to stop ththis illegal immigration.

    1. AndyG55

      Trouble is, as long as you are basically inviting them to come.. they will keep making the effort.

      You have to make it so that there is NO INCENTIVE, or even a negative incentive.

      That’s what Tony Abbott did. He took away the incentive to come, while at the same time turning attempted boat traffic back to where it came from.

      Work on improving their lot in their OWN countries, rather than wasting huge amount of money on green dreams and destroying your country.

      Might be too late for that, though.

  2. gnome

    Sorry, but I don’t think you can blame European pollies for this. They don’t ask the illegals to come and when they arrive they can’t handle the numbers, no matter how good their intentions.

    It isn’t Europe’s fault that Africa and the Middle East are predominantly stuck in the eighth century either.

    Nor is there any particular outrage in the source countries, because spare people is what they’ve got most of. Caring is such a European obsession.

    1. AndyG55

      But you provide all sorts of assistance when they do get there, FAR more assistance than they would ever get in their own country.

      That is a major incentive.

    2. John

      “Sorry, but I don’t think you can blame European pollies for this. They don’t ask the illegals to come”
      Maybe not, but remember what Angela Merkel said?

    3. harry

      Of course you can blame them; Merkel openly and publicly stated that all were welcome, how much more of a “come on in” do you want. she has the blood of thousands on her grubby hands.

  3. DirkH

    Well the EU dictators have given I thin 15 NGOs the licence to wait about 30km off the shore of Libya, where int’l waters begin, pick’em up and move’em to Sicily and Sardinia, without getting charged for trafficking.
    They are a constant ferrying service in the name of Brussels.

    That still 5000 manage to drown a year just shows how popular the service is. Actual risk of dying in the passage is lower than 1%. In other words, the EU dictators are pretty eager getting more Arabs and Africans illegally to Europe, building up pressure in Italy that is just waiting to boil over.

    Well actually it’s constantly boiling over and about 300k a year make it to Germany in a year. As that number is lower than the million the CDU imported in 2015, our media pretend that the problem’s fixed which it is not. They just stopped reporting.

  4. John F. Hultquist

    The observational technology of today should allow identification of any raft, boat, or whatever that is about to load or has loaded escapees from those countries. Likewise, it ought not to be difficult to put said floating craft out of commission – like drop a large chunk of concrete on it. Okay, that’s somewhat of a joke, and not a solution to the issue, but it would save the lives of some people. Further, it would get the attention of “Europe’s and America’s mainstream media, politicians and the hodge-podge of Soros-funded protest groups.”

    Willis Eschenbach has produced a summary about the Trump immigration regulation. Eschenbach on Trump’s regulation

    1. DirkH

      Those satellities and reconnaissance drones don’t do jackshit. Remember how Obama couldn’t hit an oil truck in ISIS territory for four years straight?

  5. CheshireRed

    1. STOP incentivising ‘refugees’ by granting automatic passage into the EU.
    2. STOP providing a free ferry service.
    3. RETURN every trafficked ‘refugee’.
    4. If we must take some, do so from official camps only.

    Solving this problem is not difficult, so the only conclusion one can sensibly draw is the EU actually WANT these people in Europe. It’s a pathetic betrayal.

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