Sea Level Rise At German Coast Slowing, Contradicting German DWD Weather Service Hysteria

Manfred Knake here at the European Institute For Climate And Energy (EIKE) writes that the sea level at the German coasts is not rising as fast as Germany’s DWD national weather service would like the public to believe it is. lately press releases related to climate by the DWD have been bordering on hysteria.

For example in June the DWD reported that a “tornado” over Hamburg, which quickly morphed in the media as a devastating weather event. Today it would be easy to argue that with some aspects, the DWD has turned into a political Organisation.

Just recently in the run-up to the G20 summit in Hamburg, the DWD issued a press release warning of dramatic peril from sea level rise coming stemming from global warming. It wrote that coastal cities will see “considerable risks for living space for hundreds of millions of people. built structures and insfratsucture worth trillions of dollars are imminently threatened by sea level rise. Today’s emissions will lead over the long term laxtensive coastal strips of land being being below the sea level.”

The DWD then went on to call for urgent “fact-based” action to be taken by world leaders.

The DWD in its press release mentioned that Germany’s coasts has seen sea level rise 10-20 cm over the last century, which is correct.

However the current rate of rise has in fact slowed down, according studies by the University of Siegen: 1.7 mm/year [5], Knake writes. Before that officials had assumed 2.5 mm/year. That means German coastal sea level rise is a full one third below what was previously thought.

The tide gauge at the Cuxhaven-Germany port shows no dramatic rate rise at all:

Quite to the contrary, sea level rise at Cuxhaven has in fact slowed down slightly. Source: Bundesamt für Schifffahrt und Hydrographie Hamburg.

Another huge fear is rising storm surges. But here too Knake shows that they have been decreasing signficantly over the past quarter century:

Another point of alarm (mis)used by the DWD is the increasing frequency and intensity of thunderstorms, but Knake also shows that the trend has been more the opposite of what the public is often to believe:

The trend for the number of thunderstorms in the summer (lower trend line), and the number of thunderstorms each year (upper line) have been slowing in Germany since 1900. Chart: by Stefan Kämpfe

If people and institutes want leaders to do the right thing, then a good place to start is to get back to reality and away from hysteria promotion.

9 responses to “Sea Level Rise At German Coast Slowing, Contradicting German DWD Weather Service Hysteria”

  1. David Johnson

    Another inconvenient truth.

  2. clipe
  3. yonason

    Well, they were technically “correct.” As we learn in physics, a negative acceleration is still an “acceleration.”
    . . . .
    Yeah, doesn’t help.

    1. Colorado Wellington

      We must be very careful here before we apply conventional physics.

      The most worrisome aspect of climate change is the diminishing volume of Arctic sea ice. We were already told that it is rapidly heading towards zero but that’s not the worst part of it. The catastrophic loss of volume is said to be so unprecedented that normal rules may not be applicable. We must use the precautionary principle and ask ourselves what will happen at zero volume. What if the ice loss created its own momentum? What if the trend continues and the Arctic enters a period of negative values of sea ice volume? What would that do to worldwide sea levels? And can we stop the unhelpful skeptical arguments so climate scientists have time to create computer models to predict the range of possible outcomes?

      Standard physics textbooks don’t even consider such a catastrophic possibility. We are in truly unchartered waters when it comes to conventional science in the Arctic.

      1. yonason

        Why, the employment possibilities are endless! 😉

        1. AndyG55

          “the employment possibilities are endless!”

          Hey, you guys……….. shhhh..

          I’m working on it !

        2. Colorado Wellington

          Does modeling the negative volume phenomenon count as those green jobs I’m hearing about?

  4. Craig King

    Thanks for taking the trouble to put this up in English Pierre. It is always amazing, but not unexpected, to see how the alarmists are distorting the truth and their friends in the media helping them distort unquestioning brains.


  5. tom0mason

    Of interest here may be NASA’s supposed ‘facts’, sea-level rises have apparently leveled off and fallen.


    Warming since the end of the last LIA and sea-levels necessarily rise, however now they’ve stalled signaling what I wonder?

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