Germany’s DWD Gets Caught (Again) Warming Its ‘Preliminary’ Monthly Climate Reports

Here’s more from Schneefan at his climate and weather site here where he reports on mischief by Germany’s DWD national weather service.

The now climate-activist DWD has developed a habit over the past years of issuing warmed up “preliminary” monthly summary reports to describe the month’s weather.

Usually these reports get issued 2 or 3 days before the end of the month, and so Germany’s mean temperature for the month is an estimated value, and later gets revised after the final data come in. So what better opportunity for activists to fudge the preliminary figures on the warm side, and feed the press with them? Later of course the temperature results get quietly revised downward.

One especially egregious example is the DWD’s press release for the preliminary summary of the April 2017 weather. In it they write (emphasis added):

The high pressure conditions of March continued at the start of April, with nearly all areas of Germany enjoying very warm and dry weather. Then, moister and increasingly cold air from the north arrived for the second third of the month. The middle of the month and Easter brought slight to moderate frost and, in some cases, snow even in lowland areas. Overall, temperatures and sunshine duration in the middle of the month were within the normal range.”

In the press release the last 10 days of April, which were bitterly cold, get left out. Schneefan writes that the last ten days of April “were totally left out and they reported on the first 20 days, even though only the last three days of data were missing“.

The media of course act accordingly, and report of warm, balmy conditions. This is how communication of science gets (intentionally?) distorted by sloppy, irresponsible and warming-obsessed officials.

In the DWD press release you have to read down a ways to find out that the mean temperature for April, 2017, in Germany reportedly ended up being 0.8°C below the 1981-2010 mean value, making it the coldest in 16 years.

And lo and behold, later that figure was indeed revised downward: Schneefan writes:

By the way: April 2017 in Germany in contradiction to the – as always hasty and mostly false –  DWD press release of April 28, 2017 a mean temperature of only 7.4°C instead of the given 7.5°C.”

Europe springtime ice box

Not only Germany was icy, but many other countries in Europe as well. The following chart shows the temperature anomalies for the 2nd half of April (mostly ignored by the DWD’s April 28 preliminary report).

Schneefan also reminds that January 2017 in Germany was among the coldest in 20 years, coming in 2.7°C below the 1981-2010 mean.

Also October and November 2016 came is colder than the mean, recording an anomaly of -0.7° and -0.6°C respectively, according to the data from the DWD.

Overall spring has not been arriving earlier in Germany and Central Europe, as many like to have us believe. March mean data has been trending slightly downward in Germany over the past 30 years:

Germany’s comprehensive 2000 stations scattered across the country have been showing no warming over the past decades.


6 responses to “Germany’s DWD Gets Caught (Again) Warming Its ‘Preliminary’ Monthly Climate Reports”

  1. Sean

    Seems like an odd way to make a point given that the weather is what’s outside your window at a given point in time. The cold being experienced is a more powerful message than the warmth is a story which diminishes the credibility of the story’s author.

  2. tom0mason

    Maybe Germany’s DWD is hoping that the short term memories of the German population are so addled by substance abuse that their statement would just be accepted.

  3. Graeme No.3

    “March mean data has been trending slightly downward in Germany over the past 30 years:”

    That won’t do, Climate Change© requires rising temperatures. The DWD should get in touch with the australian BoM and ask about ‘smart cards’. Insert one in each weather station and inconvenient minimum temperatures disappear.

  4. Germany’s DWD Gets Caught (Again) Warming Its ‘Preliminary’ Monthly Climate Reports – Infinite Unknown

    […] – Germany’s DWD Gets Caught (Again) Warming Its ‘Preliminary’ Monthly Climate Reports […]

  5. AndyG55

    OT, Apparently France aims to phase out quite a few of its nuclear reactors.

    Where will the EU get its electricity?

  6. SebastianH

    Germany’s comprehensive 2000 stations scattered across the country have been showing no warming over the past decades.

    That’s what you get when you believe guys like Mr. Kowatsch.

    Go to:

    Choose “Jahr” in the “Monat” dropdown and tell us how exactly the temperatures decreased over the past decades? 😉

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