Get Ready For the Big Sea Level Alarm Letdown!

Kenneth set to show in just minutes what a sham all the sea level rise alarmism really is. (Now busy setting the troll filter on high!)

NASA photo – public domain

Stay tuned! 🙂

15 responses to “Get Ready For the Big Sea Level Alarm Letdown!”

  1. SebastianH

    The troll filter? Will this be an article without comment function then?

    1. McLovin'

      What would the comment section be without your colorful fictions, Seb?

      1. AndyG55

        please, please, can we have another meaningless, irrelevant analogy !

        1. tom0mason

          What like something about heat energy is like the force of gravity.

          “‘ere Joules he’s saying you’re like Newtons.”

      2. John Brown

        Erm, wait a second. Are we allowed to feed the troll? Looks like bait to me and a bite too!

  2. @StormSignalSA

    The antici……pation.

  3. Bitter&twisted

    You’re too kind Pierre.

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