New Hell Climate Change Gets Certified …Schellnhuber Prophesizes “End Of Civilization”

There’s capital to be derived from climate change, and now spiritual leaders and organized religion are getting in the act. And they offer a real Hell you can believe in – even certified by science!

Religion comes up with an all new, improved Hell

As enlightenment over the past decades and centuries have led the masses to doubt the once colorful concept of Hell — that fire-filled place reserved for the incorrigibly unvirtuous and run by reptilian demons — spiritual leaders have seen their clout in modern society erode. No longer is it so easy for them to control people’s behavior with feelings of guilt and threats of eternal damnation.

Recently, however, spiritual leaders have uncovered a new instrument to gain back some control over the masses: climate change – the new, and this time real Hell – yes, that’s been confirmed by 97% of the climate prophets – so disbelieve at your own risk!

Holy Words

This was demonstrated not long ago by Pope Francis’s Laudato si, His second encyclical. According to Wikipedia: “In it, the Pope critiques consumerism and irresponsible development, laments environmental degradation and global warming, and calls all people of the world to take ‘swift and unified global action’.”

The new Hell certified by “leading scientists”!

In a nutshell, do as they say or perish in climate hell. Laudato si was authored in large part by the Pope of Climate Doom himself, Prof. Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber of the ultra-alarmist Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK).

And just earlier this week, according to the online here  now the orthodox Christians are getting in on the act too. Once again Orthodox leaders too can let themselves stand morally above all others and preach to us on our sinful ways. And should we, the masses, not heed their Holy Science-Certified Words, then the new Hell (climate change) will ferociously engulf us as never seen before.

Hat-tip: a reader

Frustrated scientists: message “not reaching people”

According to The Courier, leading climate change experts and campaigners gathered in Greece so that they could “work with the leaders of the Orthodox Church and other religions to fight global warming”.

Apparently activists and scientists are frustrated that their message is not reaching people fast enough. The two-day conference was inaugurated by “Green Patriarch” Bartholomew.

If science fails – then move on to faith!

Of course in attendance was the former PIK director and now accepted prophet Hans-Joachim (John) Schellnhuber. He told those in attendance:

Faith can help us because we scientists have tried everything. We can’t say what’s happening in a more compelling way when we warn about the end of civilization.”

According to the Courier, “hundreds of islanders” greeted Bartholomew “upon his arrival by boat”. The conference also included “long-breaded Orthodox priests” who got around in “golf carts and horse-drawn carriages”.

Climate visionaries and dignitaries

Also in attendance was a climate adviser to the Pope: Bill McKibben of; Jane Lubchenco, former NOAA head under Obama; Patricia Espinosa, UNFCC replacement for Christiana Figueres; Christiana Figueres herself, now Mission 2020; WAPO journalist Juliet Eilperin; and Jeffrey Sachs, economist, Columbia Earth Institute and climate adviser to the Pope.

No word if they came in on row boats, or horse-drawn carriages.

96 responses to “New Hell Climate Change Gets Certified …Schellnhuber Prophesizes “End Of Civilization””

  1. BoyfromTottenham

    Birds of a feather.

    1. Henning Nielsen

      And profitable nest eggs of a holy father.

  2. Freddie Stoller

    “long-breaded Orthodox priests” bread in the beard?

  3. Yonason (from a friend's comp)


    How could it be otherwise, with greenies at the helm.

    If we continue down that road, we’ll return to the idyllic past, when we were so much more in tune with nature.


  4. McLovin'

    The conference also included “long-breaded Orthodox priests” who got around in “golf carts (CO2) and horse-drawn carriages (Methane)”. GUILTY on both accounts. It’ll be hell for ye!

  5. tom0mason

    Yep, with CAGW you’re Born again….

    Scientific priest Mann: “I said CAGW”
    Congregation: “We believe!”
    Scientific priest Schmidt: “I said, Climate change!”
    Congregation: “We have sinned with fossil fuels!”
    Scientific Cardinal Schellnhuber: “Repent my children, REPENT! As Sister Kathrine Hayhoho passes among you, give due reparations for your CARBON SINS”
    And throughout all lands echoed a great clanging as billions of coins fall into the bottomless bucket of UN-Absolution-Carbon-Tax.
    Soon there followed the ‘Sin Eaters’ of wind and solar generation intermittently powering the sanctity of political virtue signals flashing through the MSM, as each nation reached a “state of (dis)grace”.
    And the Earth reeled in UN-sustainable pollution.
    And the UN saw it was good, and exceedingly lucrative.

    Here endth the first reading!

  6. Bitter&twisted

    Carbon taxes are the new religious “indulgences” to ease the conscience of virtue signallers.
    And relieve the general population of their hard-earned cash to line the pockets of the “elite” who can effectively lobby governments with their green nonsense.


    Hi Pierre,

    Hope you are well.

    These fanatics will believe in catastrophic global warming until Hell freezes over.

    For the record, I predicted that natural global cooling would commence by 2020 to 2030, in an article published 1Sept2002 in the Calgary Herald. I am now leaning closer to 2020 for cooling to start.

    I hope to be wrong. Humanity suffers during cooling periods.

    Best, Allan

    1. tom0mason

      I’m right with you there ALLAN MACRAE, have a good day. 😀

    2. AndyG55

      Allan, the big question is, would humanity suffer more under a protracted cooling spell..

      .. than they would under a protracted implementation of the CAGW agenda.

      Trouble is, both look like happening !!


        I agree Andy – it’s the perfect storm: The damage and destruction of our energy systems to “fight global warming”… all in a cooling world.

    3. John Brown

      CO2 is a cooling agent of the atmosphere. What if the pontiffs of the climate church blames us to be the culprit of the cooling based on real science?

      1. SebastianH

        The net effect of CO2 in the atmosphere is not a cooling effect, John Brown. These kind of unscientific comments by skeptics is what also discredits possible valid points of criticism from your community.

        1. AndyG55

          The net effect of CO2 in the atmosphere is not a WARMING effect.

          These kind of scientifically unsupportable mantra yappings is what discredits the whole AGW cult religion.

          And John is totally correct, CO2 is part of the atmosphere, and the net effect is to cool the surface when it gets warmer than the gravity thermal based temperature gradient can sustain. ie net cooling effect.

          There is NO PROVABLE WARMING from enhanced atmospheric CO2.

          1. SebastianH

            If anyone needs to stop posting unsupportable BS it is you AndyG55.

          2. AndyG55

            darn, I was sure I closed the bolding after 2 words. 🙁

          3. AndyG55

            Poor empty seb.. desperate and petulant.

            There is NO PROVABLE WARMING from enhanced atmospheric CO2.

            Every time you saying anything about CO2 warming it is SCIENTIFICALLY UNSUPPORTABLE BS

            But that is all you are capable of.

            Do you really DENY that the gravity based thermal gradient exists ????

            REALLY ???


            You live in a la-la fantasy land that is for sure !!

    4. Sean

      “You are charged with preaching wrongful, pernicious, and misleading doctrine about anthropogenic climate change.”

      So with the hounding of the ‘deniers’, the AGC community is becoming the new Inquisition?

  8. Yonason (from a friend's comp)
    1. tom0mason

      Yonason (from a friend’s comp) very good 😀

      1. Yonason

        Thx |:-)

  9. AndyG55

    I suspect Shell-hubber knows exactly where he will end up for all his LIES and DECEIT.

    His mind is already in a Hell of his own making.. he is destined for the loonie bin.

  10. Robert Folkerts

    I suggest the word “hell” is another word which has been hijacked and given an altered meaning.

    “Hell” appears in the original, English translation of the Bible frequently.

    The Authorised or King James version.

    This is Olde English and in that context “hell” meant the grave as the place where the dead go.

    The idea of being “alive” in “hell”or the grave is somewhat weird!

  11. Steve

    McKibben was here in Oz spreading the word. I assume he flew in via a jet spreading chemtrails if one is inclined to believe that nonsense. And BTW who is paying those fares? Anyway its all a religion to the believers and of course the Pope has been sucked in to the mantra. How could he be wrong, he’s getting his info direct from God.
    Speaking of God,my parents used to send me off to Sunday School when I was about 8 yrs old. That was until I came home early one day and said to both of them ” that man up there cannot answer any of my questions and I am not going back there again”. Dad in his wisdom said ” that’s fine by me son ”
    So I say to anyone who does not believe the AGW mantra “that’s fine by me”

    1. Penelope

      My friend Carrie, aged 6, was being sermonized about the evils of alcohol: “And if you put a goldfish in it, it will DIE.”
      The imp said, “What would happen if you put it in milk?”

      1. Yonason

        lol – beautiful child.

  12. Mark

    I like the one about the rib woman and talking snake better… At least that version had better plot… The snake was cunning and deceitful and was envious of the rib woman and her old man

  13. Mark

    I like the one about the rib woman and talking snake better… At least that version had better plot… The snake was cunning and deceitful and was envious of the rib woman and her old man … The whole thing was a set up by the landlord who needed to evict them because he regretted the whole idea of them cutting in on his business so he curse’s them no more free energy you’ll have to burn wood coal or oil to stay warm. So they do a pretty good job of figuring out how to make life bearable when another group figures out how the original scam worked and upgraded to hell 2.0 claiming that the decendants we’re making a mess of things again so they would have to make a sacrifice to the huge windmill god who dwelt over the land. The sun who was envious of the windmill said to the women’s decendants make me an offering of solar panels and worship me and I will make a Paradise of earth again. But some of the decendants figured it out and told them all to go pound sand and they lived happily ever after…

  14. AndyG55

    Someone should tell the pope that its a church nave..

    .. not a church naïve.

  15. Penelope

    “and this time real Hell – yes, that’s been confirmed by 97% of the climate prophets – so disbelieve at your own risk!”

    Many believe in AGW & the Sustainable Development of which it’s a part because they don’t know the motive for the hoax. All those nice people on the tube, scientists, religious leaders– why should they lie?

    Science isn’t enough, guys. We’ve got to be more successful at explaining the motive for espousing anti-science.

    1. bonbon

      They might not like the explanation – see below.

  16. AndyG55

    I would love to see our resident AGW cultist defend this idiocy.

    Would be slap-stick comedy at its best. 🙂

    But it must be the weekend or something.

    1. SebastianH

      What exactly is there to defend? Pierre going into a tantrum because religious leaders are also concerned about climate change? Trying to paint a picture of climate science being a religion?

      Those are the last straws that pseudoskeptics are grabbing when their “facts” don’t work. Just call it a religion or cult and be done with it. Seems to work, since you are falling for it.

      Have a nice day

      1. bonbon

        Not so fast. Please see my comment below – the two Churches are linked by a cult indeed, from Windsor Castle. Perhaps these pragmatic leaders see Climate CO2 as a way to heal the Great Scism of 1054, however at the price of science, and creative reason. The imposition of licenses for all branches of the cult, ala Constantine of ancient Rome being one objective. Looks like the Vatican got its license with Laudato Si. Mt. Athos seems to be petitioning. Mann et. al. already got theirs.
        Question : are you certified?

        1. SebastianH

          I am an atheist, but to your comment I have to reply with “OMG” followed by “WTH”. Everything alright at your end?

          1. AndyG55

            No, you are an AGW cultist.

            Rejoice in the joining to a real religion, seb. !

            Both religions that just “believe”..

            Your flock of gullibility runeth over.

      2. AndyG55

        I knew you would think this idiocy from the AGW cabal was quite sane

        The religious leaders are not in the least concerned about climate change..

        .. other wise they would find out the facts. Something you have NEVER bothered to do either.

        AGW is a cult, a religion, and the poop is just the right person to lead it as all the others FAIL.

        These are YOUR people, seb

        They are where you belong.

        1. SebastianH

          You go on and believe whatever you have to to keep you (in-)sane. If that includes the fantasy of climate scientists trying to get their message out via the church, so be it … it’s only another addon to the myriade of non-sense you believe in.

          1. AndyG55

            Combined anti-science religions…

            Failed scientists using religion as a crutch.

            So sadly pathetic to see from both ends.

            Your people seb… wear it.

            REJOICE. ! 😉

        2. bonbon

          OMG from an atheist? To be certified AGW, an approval from apropriate Royals is required. Dr. John Schellnhuber got his CBE in 2004, the Pope’s with Laudato Si, and Bartholemu has likely got a seal of approval from Prince Philip’s Mt Athos Greek residence. Mann certainly sounds like he accepted foreign honors. Obama was forbidden such honors constitutionally and is now vetting the next election AGW candidates, paid for by Prince Philip’s WWF in his north D.C offices.
          WTH what the Hell is going on, indeed.

      3. AndyG55

        Your absolute PANIC and despair at the joining of these two base religious cults is a wonder to behold, seb.

        Tell us seb, in your AGW worships do you also use a pot of incense (or whatever) and wear weird robes and a funny hat?

        As I said.. expect slap-stick comedy..

        .. and you did not disappoint 🙂

        1. SebastianH

          My absolute panic? From what I am reading it is rather you who seems to in a constant state of panic …

        2. AndyG55

          Slap-stick comedy continues. 🙂

          You can’t help yourself.

          It all you have.

          You just don’t realise you are doing it.

          So Funny.. So sad. 🙂

          1. SebastianH

            So sad indeed … sad clown. I hope your troll performance is intentional. If not, well … Trump level incompetence.

          2. AndyG55

            poor seb

            reduce to a mindless parrot like non-entity.

            Please keep posting seb

            Its hilarious 🙂

          3. Yonason (from a friend's comp)


            Speaking of sad little clowns, Seb’s Leftist fellow travelers take the cake.

  17. Patrick healy

    Meanwhile back at the ranch(vatican) our Pope is demanding that oil companies (???) provide the poor people with windmills and plastic panels
    to cook their meagre rations. At the same time Legal and General investments are demanding total obsequiousness to the global warming goddess Gaia, otherwise they will not invest in such heathens.
    And yet the world goes around.
    Btw I must take my money out of L and G asap.

  18. bonbon

    There certainly seems to be a concerted Vatican – Orthodox green action going on. The only way to understand this is the involvement of Dr. John Schellnhuber dubbed in 2004 Commander or the Order of the British Empire by the Queen personally at the Berlin Empbassy, author of the Vatican’s “Laudato Si” – the encyclical from Hell. At the same time Prince Philip’s well known family affinity for the Mt Athos Orthodox Church. Here we have the culmination of the “World Summit on Religion and Conservation,” held at the Windsor Castle, under the personal direction of Prince Philip and Martin Palmer.
    Of course there are those that say all these events spontaneously ooze from society in an unknowable way – the alchemy of old.
    The only problem is this titanic under full steam just hit a Chinese iceberg, Confucianism in action with the Belt and Road initiative.

    1. Penelope

      “The only problem is this titanic under full steam just hit a Chinese iceberg, Confucianism in action with the Belt and Road initiative.”

      Aii, bonbon, I wish it were so. Rome also built roads to the conquered territories. China voted for Agenda 21 & Agenda 30. China has been most diligent in compulsorily resettling rural villages to all those “empty cities.” China has no tradition of democracy or rights.

      As a frequenter of used-book shops I can tell you that books of the 40s and even 50s were frank about including the Chinese in global governance as the regional rulers of Asia.

      Of course we “know” that China & Russia are opposing the West, right? And our source is the same media that lies to us about AGW. And the State Dept that lies to us about Syria and is a part of the govt that subsidizes AGW.

      To be sure there are economic rivalries, but some examples of the integration of China’s oligarchs w ours:
      –Rockefeller & Rothschild have important financial positions in China
      –A major portion of Western R&D is done in China.
      –Chinese own important US properties and run about 40% of our ports
      –Chinese control Panama Canal through ownership of its largest port

      The Belt & Road project, in a free world, would bring prosperity. But in present circumstances it is the physical integration of what is planned as compulsory political integration.

  19. bonbon


    1. bonbon

      Little Red Books from the 40’s and 50’s? It’s a long time since I heard that. China went through utter hell with the Gang of Four, recovered its ancient Confucianism that even Mao could’nt erase. Listen to the highly educate Premier and his predecessor – it is Frankin Rooseveldt , FDR’s New Deal, Chinese style, that is underway. The New Silk Road is an ugrade on a massive scale immediately shown to be New Deal style.
      It is the British Royals, and its EU (even Trudeau thought the Queens Canada was EU) trying to go backwards to Ancient Rome with an earth religion – Mithra. This plan in full swing over 40 years has been holed – its going down like another Titanic – get DiCaprio in for the sequel. Trump recognises a titanic when he sees one – the G7. It is compulsory to get off that Titanic, fast!

      1. Penelope

        bonbon, I don’t know what Little Red Books are. The ones I refer to were publications of the Council on Foreign Relations, in which they were more open about their desire for a global govt, and China was to head up the Asian region of it. They were behind the League of Nations.

        I love the Chinese people, but they are not in charge. A few oligarchs control everything, just as in Russia. The links I gave you tell of a meeting between the Chinese oligarchs in Chase Manhattan’s boardroom where the development of the Chinese economy was planned & huge Western investments were committed.

  20. Penelope

    Yonason 11. June 2018 at 3:56 PM
    Thank you for the thoughtful comment & very interesting links. Quite a connection between relativity & GPS. I’m not QUITE sure that appeal to relativity is necessary to explain the computation interaction between earth & satellites, but it’s a fascinating explanation.

    1. SebastianH

      Penelope, it’s not about the interaction between Earth and GPS satellites. It’s about the clocks on board the satellites. There are in a different reference frame and thus the onboard time needs to be compensated in order for GPS to work accurately. It works by sending multiple time and satellite location signals to your receiver, if those time signals aren’t accurate, you don’t get an accurate position (calculated from the durations of the signals until they reached your receiver).

      1. Penelope

        Yeah, I know it’s the clocks, Seb. Thanks.

    2. Yonason

      You’re welcome. And thanks again to you for tipping me off to that excellent article on the who’s who of AGW con artists.

      Also, here’s a fun read by Chris Booker on how manufactured “consensus” in certain scientific fields is maintained.

      “…science in our time has become hijacked by the politics of correct-thinking orthodoxies, turning any dissent into a ‘thought crime’.”

      Fortunately there are those willing to pursue the facts in spite of fascist suppression and noisy yapping of “true believers.” Eventually the facts will prevail.

      1. Penelope

        Actually, the Senate’s “Environmental Chain of Command” was just a snapshot of a brief period of the billionaire’s support of AGW. Obviously it continues, and can be seen by googling “environmental funding,” most of which is AGW. Worse still, “climate change funding.”

        The Spectator link was amusing, but of course is subject to its own political correctness, being published by one of the 6 megamedia companies.

        Hence it cannot identify that political correctness in science arises not from the culture, but from TPTB via money, power, and control of media & govt.

        “Eventually the facts will prevail.” They haven’t about 9-11, the JFK assassination, or the way the Federal Reserve/IMF system so greatly reduces development around the world.

        Or even a true rendition of the causes of WWI & II. Wm Engdahl is an eminent historian who documents his work thoroughly. I’ve read about 4 of his books. Of his videos this one’s the best:

        When they admit it’s growing cooler, the solution will be the same: We must live in small human habitation zones where energy and other services can more readily be provided.

        1. SebastianH

          I am smelling conspiracy theories …

          1. AndyG55

            “I am smelling conspiracy theories …”

            Why is it always you that brings up the words “conspiracy theory” ?

            What are you trying to hide ??

  21. Penelope

    Yonason,oops, the link was to an excellent Watt presentation.

    The Engdahl one is
    The first couple minutes is another guy then Engdahl. He;s an historian w specialties in economics & oil.

    1. Yonason

      Thanks, Penelope, for some interesting thoughts.

      Just a word of caution, though – be careful of Lyndon LaRouche. He’s a far Leftist and convicted felon.

  22. Penelope

    Yonason, agreed about Larouche. Engdahl was only slightly connected; has appeared on many people’s websites.

    Incidentally, Larouche was the first– about 1945– to propose the Asian Landbridge. His efforts were prodigous in the past 25 years, for what he called The New Silk Road.

    His organization has a lot of correct ideas, but he’s a bit of a megalomaniac. Still he correctly identified the strategy of the British oligarchs in the 40s, and that the “National System” economic strategy of Fredrick List was the correct opposing policy for her colonies and the world.

    1. Yonason


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