Greenland’s Linear Trend “Bare Ice Area” Rises 36% Since 2000

Just a short post today, following up on yesterday’s polar ice update, where the data show nothing unusual happening at the earth’s poles.

The globe’s surface has warmed over the past 140 years by almost 1°C, but that too is well within the natural range of variability over the Holocene.

Schneefan (Snowfan) here posted a chart on the Greenland ice cover, noting that “bare ice area of Greenland has been rising since measurements began in the year 2000″:

Source: DMI

The linear trend shows that bare ice area over Greenland has risen from 110,000 square kilometers in 2000 to close to 150,000 square kilometers in 2019. That’s a rise of 36%!

Note: “Bare ice” appears to have a lower albedo than snow, and so may in fact be absorbing heat from the sun rather than reflecting it. So actually this post is one for the warmists!

4 responses to “Greenland’s Linear Trend “Bare Ice Area” Rises 364 Since 2000”

  1. plazaeme

    It seems to me they call “bare ice” to the old ice without snow, and thus with more albedo. If this is right, this wouldn’t mean a growth of Iceland ice, but less surface of permanent snow over the old ice.

  2. John F. Hultquist

    Your title:
    Greenland’s Linear Trend “Bare Ice Area” Rises 36% Since 2019

    Note: ” 2019 ” ==> 2000 ?

  3. Walter Schneider

    Re: ““Bare Ice Area” Rises 36% Since 2019” That should be ““Bare Ice Area” Rises 36% Since 2000”.

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