German WiWo Magazine Warns Of Green Madness… “Annihilating Landscape To Rescue Global Climate”

German WirtschaftsWoche (WiWo) journalist Ferdinand Knauss comments here how Germany’s energy policy amounts to “nature anihilation” through climate protection and warns of the environmental madness of green energy obsession.

In his commentary, Knauss writes that if we wish to understand climate and environmental protection, we need to “look back into the history of the ecological movement” and how the major players today “are largely blind to their own history of origin”.

According to Knauss, the German Greens arose from “the Marxist would-be revolutionaries of 1968 who had failed” to start a world revolution and then discovered how to use ecology as a means to reach their targets.

Blind ideologists

Climate is the ideal vehicle to achieve this, Knauss writes, commenting: “Climate protection is undoubtedly the most universal, largest possible field of activity of the new globalized ecology” and adds “eager rescuers […] do not see the small and concrete in the face of the big picture – even though it is directly before their eyes.”

Destructive experimental plan

Krauss cites a very recent report issued by the German Office for Nature Protection (BfN) where on page 4 it actually admits that the German Energiewende will indeed involve destruction of nature:

The transformation of the energy supply system towards renewable energies is of great importance against the background of the upcoming climate change and in the sense of climate protection – also for the conservation of biological diversity and cultural landscapes. The decentralised character of the expansion and the large number of plants required have enhanced, however, the ongoing change in land use and landscape is also a major factor. This means that the expansion of renewable energies can at the same time adversely affect species, habitats and landscapes.”

The head of the Federal Office for Nature Protection, Beate Jessel, repeated almost the exact words in a news conference where she released the report.

Mad experiment with uncertain outcome?

WiWo journalist Knauss concludes, putting her words it in a nutshell:

The transition to renewable energies is a gigantic project that aims to save the environment – and destroy nature in return.”

Moreover, Knauss explains how Ms. Jessel and the BfN are not even certain about the outcome of the adventurous Energiewende. Jessel states that the energy transition to save the climate without destroying too much nature “is possible”.

Ecological absurdity

It’s little wonder Knauss writes: “The German Federal Office for Nature Protection makes public the ecological absurdity of the Energiewende.”

Clearing nature reserves to make way for wind parks

Already today, Knauss writes, 25% of Germany’s 30,000 wind turbines are operating in nature-protected areas and that “this is just the beginning” should Germany attempt to install enough wind capacity to meet its ambitious 2050 CO2 reductions target.

Krauss warns that Germany is on the verge of leaving the country’s children and grandchildren a completely ruined landscape, one blighted by industrial rotating machinery as far as the eye can see. The main driver behind it all is ideological, and not rational.

7 responses to “German WiWo Magazine Warns Of Green Madness… “Annihilating Landscape To Rescue Global Climate””

  1. bonbon

    The main driver is, as Ocasio-Cortez let all hang out on Twitter, is eugenics, population reduction, nothing new in Europe, what?

    The Green New Deal (Green New Death) is not new and not green at all.

    For the unfortunate “debating” discredited scientists, that intent is their nemesis.

    So Ocasio-Cortez of NY Westchester actually did a public service.

    Now let the “Energiewende” bandwagon here deal with this.

    It should send nervous shivers through the entire academic and political spectrum in Germany. And don’t try the anti-Ami trick.

  2. Jollygreenman

    Soon after the wall came down in Berlin, I remember an article in the Economist that stated: If you think the Communists in the West have been defeated, think again. This motley group will come back under the guise of Greenies. They will use environmental issues, real or perceived, to reach their ultimate goal, to control you and your actions to achieve their goal, world domination. How prophetic that article was, and do you know what, in their current liberal guise, you cannot access that article anymore.

  3. DMA

    This movement to expose the absurdity of the rush to renewable energy needs to put Harde 2017 at the center of its argument. Harde, Salby, and Berry explain how human emissions have only a small effect on atmospheric CO2 in contradiction to The IPCC position that all of the recent increase is due to humans. Munshi ( confirms their finding by showing no statistical response in atmospheric CO2 to human emissions. Not only is this rush to renewables destructive of nature, it has no meaningful effect on the atmosphere.

    1. Kenneth Richard

      You can add atmospheric physicist Dr. Smirnov to the list:

      Smirnov, 2018
      “Because anthropogenic fluxes of CO2 in the atmosphere resulted from the combustion of fossil fuels is about 5%, the contribution of human activity to the […] temperature change as a result of the doubling the CO2 amount is 0.02 K…not important for the greenhouse effect.”

  4. John F. Hultquist

    journalist Ferdinand Knauss

    He seems to be a firm believer that Earth is in great danger from climate change (global warming).
    He seems not to like the idea of trying to continue with a robust economy, and also that trying to use wind and solar make matters worse.
    Not being able to read the German works, I’m making some leaps with this notion.

  5. Derek Colman

    A recent study found that had Germany spent the same amount of money which they have spent on renewable energy, on nuclear energy instead, they would now have a nuclear capacity of more than 100% of current demand. As of now they still get 51% of power from fossil fuels, including 36% from coal. The same study also found the same result for California which also gets 51% of its power from fossil fuels. I think the above article explains why the greens reject nuclear power.

  6. tom0mason

    Go for the green energy obsession Germany, for the commercial competitors are waiting. They are waiting for the bulk of Germany industry to falter because of your adventure with Energiewende, so that they can make large profits at your expense.

    So go for it Germany! Show the rest us you still have that world renowned in engineering efficiency, and apply it to de-industrializing while installing even more intermittent solar and wind generation. Your commercial competitors are waiting.

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