bukti terupdate mengenai Permainan Bandarq

kebenaran teranyar berkaitan Permainan Bandarq! Bandarq merupakan game terkenal yg dimainkan oleh tidak sedikit orang di semua dunia. Dibuat sudah menciptakan aku polar oleh kemajuan tehnologi. Bandarq menawari jumlahnya opsi pembayaran, maka kamu mampu percaya bahwa kamu dapat memperoleh kemenangan bersama serentak & mudah.

kamu bisa pilih utk tentukan kemenangan di bank kamu. Atau mampu serta dalam wujud token yg sanggup kamu pakai di situs-situs. Inilah argumen kenapa tidak sedikit orang pilih Bandarq & memainkan permainan yg sudah mereka sediakan.
Ada tidak sedikit kasino di internet disaat ini, yg membuatnya susah utk menemukan yg serasi utk kamu & biaya kamu. sesudah kamu mengunduh penerapan Bandarq & menciptakan akun buat kamu sendiri, tinggal mengawali & menyaksikan game mana yg yakni pilihan sesuai utk Anda.
kamu kemungkinan mau main-main poker reguler kalau ini yaitu permainan yg biasa kamu sukai & gemar main-main, atau kamu kemungkinan mau cobalah poker domino baru utk kamu sendiri. bandarq mempunyai tidak sedikit pilihan utk pemain.

Permainan ini mempunyai keseluruhan dua puluh delapan card. tiap-tiap card mempunyai poin yg tidak serupa. Di tiap-tiap putaran permainan, masing-masing pemain mulai sejak dgn empat card. sesudah kompetisi berhenti, juara jadi pemain bersama poin paling signifikan.
Itu mampu gampang atau susah. Ini tergantung terhadap gimana seorang melihatnya & memainkannya. tidak sedikit orang sudah cobalah peruntungan di game ini. Beberapa sudah sukses sementara yg lain kalah. menjadi apa yg menciptakan kamu menang atau kalah dalam game ini?
Sudahkah kamu main online & kehilangan sebahagian gede duit kamu dalam perjudian ini? kenapa kamu kalah? jikalau tak, ini yaitu beberapa petunjuk yg bakal meringankan kamu utk membunuh dalam perjudian ini.

mulai sejak bersama Game Gratis
Iya nih. jangan sampai sempat terburu-buru bertaruh dgn duit hasil jerih payah kamu kalau kamu belum menguasai seni permainan. Ada tidak sedikit web online yg dapat kamu memberi peluang ini. Mereka bebas. kenapa tak mengahdiri mereka? tak dapat menghabiskan tidak sedikit disaat Anda.
Apa bukti teranyar dari Permainan Bandarq?
tetapi, kamu mesti lumayan bersabar. jangan sampai terburu-buru. Luangkan saat kamu buat menuntut ilmu & menghindari menciptakan kesalahan. main-main game cuma-cuma ini bakal menopang menciptakan kamu pintar maka waktu kamu mulai sejak main-main game nyata, kamu sanggup bersama gampang menang. kenapa tak cobalah web free hri ini?

terus Fokus
umumnya orang kalah dalam permainan ini sebab kurangnya perhatian & fokus yg dimanfaatkan. kala kamu memutuskan utk memainkan game ini dengan cara online, kamu mampu memainkannya di mana saja. kamu cuma butuh koneksi internet yg serentak & andal.
Tolong janganlah sempat memainkannya di daerah di mana ada tidak sedikit nada & ganjalan. jenguk ruangan yg dingin & mulailah main-main. hunian, kereta api, & kafe kemungkinan bukan lokasi paling baik lantaran tidak sedikit kebisingan di sekitarnya.
type nada ini menciptakan kamu kehilangan fokus. dgn begitu, kamu tak dapat berada dalam posisi buat memantau lawan kamu. bila kamu bakal memainkan game ini, saksikan utk menghindari risiko taruhan Anda.

Lihatlah aktivitas Lawan Anda
dimanfaatkan konsentrasi kala kamu tak main. Ini berikan kamu peluang sempurna buat menonton wajah lawan kamu. Bisakah kamu membaca langkah kemudian yg paling barangkali? Ini teramat mutlak. Ini meningkatkan kesempatan kamu utk menang. Apa yg dilakukan lawan diwaktu mereka bermain?
bagaimanakah bersama disaat mereka tak main-main? teramat gampang utk memastikan apa yg dapat berjalan bersama paling menyaksikan ini. lihat Ini Erat.
seandainya kamu satu orang Pemula, senantiasa pakai Tabel Kecil
janganlah serakah diwaktu main Bandarq. menggali ilmu yakni satu buah proses. janganlah sempat membawa risiko berfokus terhadap tabel yg lebih akbar. bisa jadi akbar kamu dapat kalah. Dianjurkan utk menempel terhadap meja mungil. Ini dapat menciptakan lawan kamu nyaris mustahil utk mengalahkan Anda.

16 responses to “bukti terupdate mengenai Permainan Bandarq”

  1. bonbon

    Acquaintances tell me that Irish climate is complicated. There’s plenty to worry about. To understand the media hysteria, here is a typical forecast :

    Pat Shortt – The Weather Man


    There is a reference to serious global warming there, but its a mixed bag.

    1. Yonason


      Move over NASA. The Irish Weather Man is about to eat your lunch. 😉


  2. Regional Cooling | Pearltrees

    […] Climate trends are moving the other way. Now that February has ended, the 2018/19 winter is now in the books. We’ve tabulated the winter temperature data for Japan going back 32 years. The following chart tells a story that was not supposed to happen: Japan’s mean winter temperature has been falling for more than 30 years, according to the data from the Japan Meteorology Agency (JMA). While alarmists insist it’s heating up everywhere, the reality is actually just the opposite, and not just in Japan. Finland is cooling The Scandinavian country of Finland, which extends up into the Arctic, also shows no signs of warming at all since December, 1988. Data Source: JMA The six stations with complete datasets in Finland are plotted above. Great Lakes winter ice cover rising Chart source: NOAA. Chart: NOAA. “Global Warming” Leaves Ireland In The Cold …Emerald Island Has Been Cooling Over Past 3 Decad…! […]

  3. Patrick Swords

    Armagh on the Border between the North and the South of Ireland has one of the longest instrumental temperature records and is a location which has not changed much in character in 200 years. See document below and figure 7 on page 1073:


    Clearly we have nothing to worry about, what significant climate change which occurred over that 200+ year period occurred in the early 1800s and life went on then as normal. Also interesting to see the clear undulation in the record corresponding to the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation, which the researchers in our own weather service (Met Eireann) tells us is responsible for more than 90% of the decadal variations in temperature and precipitation. I’ve personally seen more that 50 years of varied weather, but if there is any change in climate, it is absolutely minuscule, and in this regard I didn’t see a decent snowfall in Dublin until I was 16, while in the last 10 years there has been quite a number of winter snowfall events in Dublin.

    Climate change only exists in computer models which have no bearing on reality and the evidence in front of us, because they are completely and utterly incapable of represent it. It exists also in the minds of those who want to believe it, who for many it is a new quasi-religion as they ditch the religion of their forefathers. Unfortunately the Irish have a dreadful tendency towards group think and herding and after the appalling financial crash in 2008, the Finnish economist Nyberg, who wrote the official report, stated:


    “It is clear that a widespread consensus formed in Ireland around trends, assessments and policies that participants should have realised to be unsustainable or unsound. This section briefly presents two concepts (“Herding” and “Groupthink”) that may help understand why and how so many institutions in Ireland simultaneously made imprudent decisions”.

    “Groupthink occurs when people adapt to the beliefs and views of others without real intellectual conviction. A consensus forms without serious consideration of consequences or alternatives, often under overt or imaginary social pressure. Recent studies indicate that tendencies to groupthink may be both stronger and more common than previously thought”.

    Sad to say, the bulk of the population never read it and as they say, if you don’t learn the lessons of the past, you are domed to repeat them, which is what is occurring here at the moment. There have been some great independent thinkers, who have come out of Ireland, Gulliver’s Travels being highly relevant today as it was 300 years ago, but this has often been due to the fact that the majority of the population here drove them demented……

    1. bonbon

      As far as the remark banking crisis and climate alarmism, it applies right accross the entire transatlantic – from Northern Wreck, Barclays, AIB, to Lehmann, AIG and now Deutsche Bank after all the LAndesbanken were bailed out. The repeal of the 1934 Banking Act, Glass-Steagall, in 1999 in transatlantic lockstep is the reason for the the chaos. Even Nyberg was in favor for banking seperation. See the London Economist campaign for the repeal and WallStreet’s Greenspan. To dump the bailout then on hapless citizens takes committed politicans like Bush, Obama to then say its groupthink – its their own fault!
      What a precedent for Greta to say the end of the world in 12 years is people’s own CO2 fault! Notice the choice or words – it’s from the same horse’s mouth. Notice Davos inviting Greta – these are the bailout gangsters. Trump is having fun reminding Macron of the Paris accord, and campaigned on Glass-Steagall. Sure, he is getting unmitigated flak for that. When the next banking cris hits – (corporate debt) he will have no choice to apply Glass-Steagall – his base would never accept another Obama bailout. London is hysterical at the prospect!

  4. SebastianH

    Ireland temperature data without lots of cherry picking: https://www.met.ie/climate/what-we-measure/temperature

    1. A C Osborn

      Tells us absolutely Nothing.

      1. SebastianH

        Click on the “Climate Change …” link on that website and find some graphs. Downloadable data is available as well.

        You can find more in “Irelands climate: the road ahead”: https://epic.awi.de/id/eprint/34010/1/IrelandsWeather-13092013.pdf

        Graphs like this one: http://www.askaboutireland.ie/_internal/gxml!0/2ocqn930ubywvi8z0wl9dhefnm6z926$re6ugt02q2nqk8b4ewk3jggt4rr0q5o

        So one of the central points of this blog post (“Obviously global warming never made it to the island.”) is a lie. The other one (“There has not been any warming since 1986”) is a lie as well. Or maybe that’s to harsh a word for this … it is a deception based on presenting cherry picked data. Better?

        1. Yonason

          IF they have lied before, they’ll lie again. I don’t trust them anymore than I would some random troll.

          Show us the UNADJUSTED data, SebH – not the propaganda.

  5. Patrick Swords

    To refer to Johnathan Swift again, the author of Guilliver’s Travels: “There is nothing so useless than to attempt to reason a man out of something he did not reason himself into”. While there is currently unfortunate climate hysteria and associated intolerance in Germany, it is still a ‘bit rich’ to be lectured on the Irish situation, by somebody who clearly does not understand our history, politics, economy and weather. Furthermore, Ireland is a complex place requiring one to read between the lines, which is not a recognised Teutonic skill.

    When Ireland joined the then EEC in 1973, it may well have been on the Western side of the Iron curtain, but its economy and the level of State control exceeded many of those countries on the Eastern side. This had unfortunate consequences, namely the place was an economic basket case. The level of centralised State control, with decision-making concentrated into the hands of a few alpha personality Ministers is still frightening. There is no effective justice system to challenge the State, while the decision making ability of local and regional administrations is effectively zero. It is also fair to say that a major reason why so many in the Republic of Ireland are so pro-EU, is that they see it as necessary to put manners on their own Administration (the reality of this being for another day).

    Official Ireland is now in ‘grooming mode’. We already have punitive taxation (the highest in Europe) and no effective influence on our administration (economic units not citizens), but clearly the administration is enamoured with: (i) The potential to raise more State income through carbon taxation and; (ii) the ability to move energy systems out of the free market and back into State controlled and State run organisations.

    The biggest influence on Irish weather is the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO), where there is an approx 30 year warm period in the Atlantic followed by an approx 30 year cold period.


    During the warm phase our winters are milder and wetter, while so too our our summers. Colder phases are characterised by more high pressures, leading to cold snaps in winter and warmer summer periods (summers of 1974 and 1976 were wonderful).


    The temperature record for Ireland shows this, see below from the link you referred to and open the graphic under “Climate Change and the Long Term Average (LTA) 1961-1990”


    The data on Met Eireann’s site also shows that as the economy and population grew from the 1980s on, temperature readings from urban stations such as Dublin started to diverge significantly from those in rural areas, such as Valentia:


    Given that a significant number of our temperature measuring sites are in urban areas, we would expected this to drive up the mean temperature as shown in the graphic in your link. After all the population in the Republic was 6.5 million mostly rural farmers in 1841, then crashed to about 3 million due to famine and mass emigration by the time of independence in 1921. It was just under 3 million in 1971 as the economy was still a mess and many were still in rural areas, by 1991 was only 3.5 million even though in the 1980s half the population was under 25, as a lot of these subsequently emigrated due to the economic mess at that time. Then the economy took off and we reached 4.6 million by 2011 and we are now over 4.8 million with a huge urban increase and a significant rural decrease.


    Despite this ubanisation and heat island effect, the recent trend in the 2100s in the Irish temperature record is one of a degree of cooling and while there are signs of the AMO going negative again, it has not happened yet.

    As Yoggi Berra so famously put it: “Making predictions is difficult, particular about the future”. Official Ireland has in particularly always being getting it wrong (as it is politicised and not evidence based). So I look at amusement at the report you Teutonically refer to from Official Ireland “Ireland’s climate:
    the road ahead”. As it says and one doesn’t have to read much: “The observed warming over the period 1981-2010 is expected to continue with an increase of ~1.5 degrees in mean temperatures by mid-century; the strongest signals are in winter and summer”. The years of the 2100s are actually showing a decrease, while summer temperatures have not increased since temperatures were measured in Armagh in the 1790s and in fact even with urban heat, we have not beaten the highest recorded summer temperature set in 1887.

    Irish people have nothing to fear from what are quite minuscule and natural fluctuations in the weather, not least as the weather is always constantly variable here. However, they do need to fear as usual the destructive nature of their own State administration, which yet again is clearly ‘on the make’.

    1. John Brown

      Thanks for a very considerate, educational and knowledgeable post.

      It supports the original post with facts and depth and should humble and silence those Teutonic critics of which you speak.

    2. Dee

      Very informative, thanks

  6. Dee

    The big movement in Ireland now is to decarbonise. Its all that the lefty talking heads can talk about.

    But NONE of them can explain what affect it will have on global warming scenarios.

    It is rife and no one is shouting stop.
    I know people can be stupid but didn’t realise how stupid they can be or how easily influenced until I began following the Irish high priests on climate action on Twitter.

    The same few names are whipping people in to a frenzy 247.

  7. “Global Warming” Leaves Ireland In The Cold …Emerald Island Has Been Cooling Over Past 3 Decades!
  8. Yonason

    It’s been known for at least 2 decades that CAGW is wrong. (well, that’s about as long as I’ve known, so it has to have been longer, because what I read was already well known)

    Here’s an article from just 7 years ago.

    “The Belief That CO2 Can Regulate Climate Is “Sheer Absurdity”

    Puls: Ten years ago I simply parroted what the IPCC told us. One day I started checking the facts and data – first I started with a sense of doubt but then I became outraged when I discovered that much of what the IPCC and the media were telling us was sheer nonsense and was not even supported by any scientific facts and measurements. To this day I still feel shame that as a scientist I made presentations of their science without first checking it. The CO2-climate hysteria in Germany is propagated by people who are in it for lots of money, attention and power.”

    Now consider the trolls here who “parrot” the warming narratives, never supporting their assertions with anything more than a link to other parrots, always telling us “it’s science,” when they wouldn’t know what science was if it bit them on their nose.

    1. Yonason

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