French Doctor Calls “Instrumentalization” Of Greta Thunberg “Irresponsible”, “Moral Error” …Revealing “Neuropsychiatric State To Media Should Be A Crime”

Laurent Alexandre: “Greta Thunberg instrumentalized by militant extremists

In a stinging commentary at Le Figaro here, Dr. Laurent Alexandre, surgeon-urologist, a graduate of Sciences Po, HEC and ENA, and co-founder of the Doctissimo website, asserts that teenage Nobel Prize nominee Greta Thunberg is being shamelessly exploited and “is playing into the hands of economic interests for whom climate protection is of little importance”.

Dr. Laurent Alexandre. Image:

The French physician blasts the instrumentalization of the special child as “irresponsible” and that “revealing her neuropsychiatric state to the media should be a crime.”

“Substitute for the Marxist dictatorship” and “liberticidal agenda”

Laurent Alexandre first comments that “the young people who follow Greta Thunberg are the useful idiots of the green dictatorship” much in the same way Lenin called left-wing bourgeois “useful idiots of the revolution” and that the failures of all Marxist models have “left the anti-liberals in turmoil.”

He writes that ecology today serves as “the ideal instrument to propose a new utopia that is a substitute for the Marxist dictatorship”. He adds: “By exploiting the youth, we are imposing a liberticidal agenda in the name of good feelings.”

Targets reachable only possible through a green dictatorship

Alexandre comments that Thunberg and the leftists are demanding that “we reduce our energy consumption by at least to a fourth, and believes that “imposing such a step backwards can only be achieved through the green dictatorship.”

The French physician even characterizes the militant activists as the “Khmer greens” and “green ayatollahs”, and reminds readers that the measures that are demanded by the greens will likely end up leading to more CO2 emissions rather than less because they are also demanding the shut down of nuclear power. If the nuclear power plants in France were to be shut down, fossil plants would need to be on standby and spring into action on sunless, windless days.

“Shamefully manipulated victim”

Alexandre implies that Greta Thunberg is unwittingly promoting “the interests of China and Russia” and that her demands would make us “highly dependent on rare metals needed for wind, solar and storage installations, of which China has a near-monopoly.”

The French urologist and book author describes Ms. Thunberg as “a shamefully manipulated victim” who needs to be protected, but adds that her radical ideas “must be attacked relentlessly”.

Criminal child abuse?

The tragedy of Greta Thunberg, Alexandre comments, is that “the child is all the more manipulable as her parents have made her disability public (which is irresponsible on their part)” and that as a doctor he believes that “revealing the neuropsychiatric state of minor children to the media should be a crime!”

He concludes:

We have known since Hans Asperger’s description of the syndrome in 1941 that Asperger’s children are sometimes brilliant but always fragile; instrumentalizing them is a moral fault.”

Movement of “deadly utopias”

Finally, Alexandre comments that following the green path will backfire because it would “aggravate global warming, increase the waste of public money, lead to a regressive green dictatorship and put us at the mercy of China and Russia. All liberal democrats, all Raymond Aron’s heirs, must combat the deadly utopias it conveys.”


43 responses to “French Doctor Calls “Instrumentalization” Of Greta Thunberg “Irresponsible”, “Moral Error” …Revealing “Neuropsychiatric State To Media Should Be A Crime””

  1. Yonason


    It’s child abuse. But then, with greenie fascists, the end does justify the means, after all.
    (from here: )

    Yet one more reason to add to the many we already have to distrust them.

  2. pochas94

    Greta Thunberg is a child. We usually ignore childish nonsense, but the press has picked up on it, which teaches that we should sometimes ignore the press.

  3. tom0mason

    So how can this child with Asperger’s discern what is normal and real, and what is modeled nonsense? Can she do such a thing when tutored to recite the AGW mantra?
    Will Greta Thunberg ever be able to understand that the climate is not ours to command? Or that humans have only small impacts on the climate system and that is mostly through land use changes.
    How will this child, with her childish certainty, react when the climate does not obey the AGW’s distorted version of the laws of physics, when the world cools instead of warming.

    The cult of AGW have captured this very special child and are abusing her to further their cause. A cult that willful wishes to cause hostility between the generations.

    I await comments from our very own ‘special mind’.

    1. SebastianH

      I pity you for writing such a comment …

      Grow up and get out of the state of mind you are currently trapped in by becoming a less hateful person. For a religious cult you aren’t obeying any of the usual commandments that come with those institutions, are you?

      What you write is just disgusting and sickens me.

      1. Robert Kernodle


        I’m speculating that you are a paid troll. I have no speculations about whom your employer might be, but, on his/her/their behalf, I must compliment you for doing a fine job.

        If I ever need an elite low-life to work for me in such a capacity, then I know exactly who to call.

        Fess up. Tell us who you work for. You are trapped in a dead-end job that will lead you nowhere. If you keep writing this crap that you write, then you will (or have already) talk yourself into really believing the crap that you compost [I mean “compose”].

        1. Yonason

          “You are trapped in a dead-end job that will lead you nowhere.” – R. K. to Sebastian the Hysterical

          Yes. As I’ve commented before about him, it would be a shame if he’s not getting paid for it. What a waste if he’s squandering such raw talent for free. //:o[

        2. SebastianH

          you are a paid troll […] elite low-life […] keep writing this crap

          The language of reason … apparently. Do I understand this correctly? You think I am a paid troll and your strategy is to behave like a troll in a reply? That’s is really weird, but expected from fanatic climate “skeptics”. I wonder how you profit from all this, or are you angry for no reason at all?

      2. tom0mason

        Yes SebastianH,
        But you would say that wouldn’t you. You’re such a child!

        As Robert Kernodle says above you’re probably a paid troll so no surprises from your usual vacuous nonsense.

        1. SebastianH

          Same question to you … you assert childishness in others and yet behave like an angry kid yourself? Why?

          P.S.: a very impolite one to be specific.

      3. tom0mason


        Keep you’re worthless pity, I need it not from a paid troll.

    2. Yonason

      BON VOYAGE, tomO!

      I didn’t know you were planning a guilt trip. Hope you enjoy your vacation. Don’t forget to write.
      Seriously, how does your concern for her being abused by the leftists, of which SebH appears to be one, turn into being offensive?

      Cue the poo throwing monkeys:
      “What you write is just disgusting and sickens me.” – Sebastian the HYSTERICAL

      At least now I know what the “H” stands for.

      1. tom0mason


        I do not feel guilt for Greta Thunberg, I feel sorrow for her being used.
        She is a child and has been indoctrinated, she had no way of thinking her way out of the situation she has put in. This manipulation of a young and vulnerable mind has and is immoral.
        The cult of AGW have captured this very special child and are abusing her to further their cause. A cult that willful wishes to cause hostility between the generations.

        This is in stark contrast to this site’s paid troll who insist he is an adult but all evidence points to him being a very ‘special’ childish one.

        1. Yonason

          Yes. I was make no fun of the drama queen who was trying to make you feel guilty for sympathizing with her. While Seb the hysterical is often a bad actor, that performance of his was particularly nauseating.

          1. Yonason

            CORRECRION – “I was make no fun of” should have read “I was making fun of” (stupid smart phone).

            Yes, that drama queen must have gradated first in pearl clutching school.

        2. SebastianH

          Rest assured, you are “very special” to me as well. Another sick comment of yours. Kids now get indoctrinated and “cause hostility”. Right …

          1. tom0mason


            And I take “Rest assured, you are “very special” to me as well.” as an indication that you do deliberately troll me just as I have always understood you to do.
            So please return to under your bridge, your deranged cAGW advocate comments are not sensible.

          2. SebastianH

            Yes, that reply was a deliberate play at your own words.

            So please return to under your bridge, your deranged cAGW advocate comments are not sensible.

            Watch your language old man! (since you regulalry call me childish, I think this is the appropriate term to refer to you now)

            You know, I would like to have a normal discussion with you from time to time and not exchange insults and having to read your (and others) vile comments. Be more like Kenneth, at least he tries to be polite even though his comments are kind of repetitive (“how much did the ocean warm by bla bla”, “it’s the cloud cover with so and so many Watts of forcing”, “many/most places are cooling”, “it has been warm before”, etc)

          3. tom0mason

            Yet again I hit a nerve, and you pompously try to order me around on a blog that is not yours! I do not have to do what you wish SebastianH go somewhere else and try that instead of trolling me here.

            Sheesh, what a buffoon!

          4. SebastianH

            You always hit a nerve, that is the point of your troll attempts, isn’t it? And nope, I am not trying to order you around. I am just notifying you of the difficulty to converse with you (and your buddy Yonason) on this blog. You are impolite, stubborn, not willing to learn and your default escape is to call the other side names and troll them. Frequently by asserting that the other side would be trolling … the irony of which is completely lost on you two apparently.

            Sheesh, what a buffoon!

            Why are you so angry wise man?

          5. Kenneth Richard

            You are impolite, stubborn, not willing to learn and your default escape is to call the other side names and troll them. Frequently by asserting that the other side would be trolling … the irony of which is completely lost on you two apparently.

            No words.

          6. tom0mason

            SebastianH, apparently you don’t look in the mirror much.

            I noted that yet again you do not deny being a troll.
            (I have called you that many times over the past year and you’ve never denied it 😉 )

            Kenneth Richard has spent many long comments with you, trying to set you straight but you’re unwilling, or just unable to learn. Personally I’ve concluded you are a lost cause, a sock puppet of cAGW advocacy.

            Oh, I’m not angry, maybe I should have just put —

            Sheesh, what a buffoon! HAhahahaha! 🙂
            (Yes I consider you a joke, especially when you comment here. So please keep commenting as I enjoy this kind of entertaining levity in an otherwise rather academic blog.)

          7. Yonason


            You’re in very good company.

            Here’s what Lubos Motl has to say about how Thunberg and her ilk are being psychologically maimed by the socialists in power.
            “The European Union is really producing a brain-dead generation on the whole EU territory. Unless the kids see the light, there will really be a “new European nation” on our continent in a few decades and it won’t be a nice view.”

    3. Yonason

      “…kids belong to schools on Fridays”.”

      So, the EU parliament wants nothing to do with her, either.

      Oh, what awful people. //sarc//

      1. tom0mason

        Off-topic a bit but you will no doubt be interested in this site —

        1. Yonason

          Have you posted that before?

          I have it bookmarked, but forgot I had it, and haven’t yet given it the attention it deserves.


          1. tom0mason

            “Have you posted that before?”

            I’m scurrying around on an old hard drive finding lots of things I’d forgotten I had 🙂

  4. BoyfromTottenham

    Thank you, brave Dr Alexandre for speaking out about this. I would love to know your thoughts on the likely (or perhaps already demonstrated) negative effects of years of AGW brainwashing on the tender minds of millions of school children across the West. As an example, a 5 year old relative of mine recently expressed great fear of the imminent ‘extinction’ of seahorses and other marine species. I tried to explain that this was exaggerated and not a likely to happen, which explanation she vehemently rejected and immediately became quite emotional(even for a 5 year old!). What sort of modern society considers it OK to instill this sort of fear and anxiety in the minds of our 5 year olds, and what will another few years of school do to her ability to cope with what, for us older persons, is mere trivia? I find it very worrying.

  5. henrik jensen

    “surgeon-urologist” – okay, so he is qualified to deal with mens prostate problems.

    Perfect poster boy for an era where everyone opines about stuff, he/she has zero knowledge of.

    1. Phil Salmon

      Maybe – but would you put your tackle in the hands of Mike Mann??

    2. hazere-tyuillope

      Al Gore and L di Caprio have PhD in climatology, right ?

  6. SebastianH


  7. Yonason


    “Perfect poster boy for an era where everyone opines about stuff, he/she has zero knowledge of.” – nesnej kirneh

    I know a few people with Asperger’s. They indeed are intelligent, sensitive and fragile, with the emotional age of children. All much more decent people than the trolls here. So, yeah, I’ll take his obviously informed opinion over that of some random internet parrot, any day.

  8. Phil Salmon

    Well said, Laurent Alexandre!
    “Instrumentalizing” – good word.
    We are dealing with a green extremist movement for whom the end always justifies the means. Even child exploitation.

    1. Yonason

      They are doing that in politics, as well:

      Be paid to be a tool of destruction of your own civilization.

      1. SebastianH

        I bet you guys also believed in the Alex Jones crisis actor nonsense. Right or wrong?

        1. John Brown

          What if nobody knows what you are talking about?

          1. SebastianH

            If you don’t know, good for you. I suspect Yonason knows 😉

          2. Yonason

            @Hohn Brown

            Basically, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and few, if any of us, care. None of his nonsense being of any importance, whatever.

          3. Yonason

            Oops, typo. Sorry, John Brown.

          4. SebastianH

            Your replies are super important though, right?

            The irony in these “conversations” … how can anyone become like this?

        2. Yonason

          Give me good odds, and I’ll take that bet and clean you out.

  9. sasquatch

    Instrumentalizing = tool.

    The weather has changed and a slow melt is occuring, not an always frozen state of winter, that is now gone.

    Temps are barely making it to 40 degrees F, where in years past, the record has been at 75 degrees F.

    A cooler than normal spring for the first 24 hours of it.

    However, the weather at Baffin Island is -29F at the moment.

    Not much of a warmup going on up there at this time.

  10. M E

    Children should be seen and not heard.
    A Victorian Motto.

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